While they are still running very cold, some of Victoria's alpine streams are fishing well for resident trout on bait, lure and fly. With some snow still gracing the top of nearby mountain peaks, clear, cold water is pushing down with some good flow. Staff member Dylan spent Saturday fishing some of the smaller streams up in the alpine country around Bright with a few mates. The guys were predominantly flyfishing, with the odd lure getting thrown around as well. 

Most of the trout were rainbows in the 150g size range, with the odd bigger fish mixed in. The most effective method for the day was to fish dark coloured bead head nymphs in size 12-14 under a strike indicator around some of the deeper runs and pools. Some of the action came from small 'pockets' in around knee deep water where the small rainbows were holding. 

Port Phillip bay is starting to produce a few nice snapper. While water temperatures are still down the fish are starting to switch on and give anglers opportunities or bite 'windows' Generally early in the season the most productive time is first light through to about 8am. Getting out earlier rather than later and locating fish, berleying and baiting up is the go as most anglers who locate feeding fish will be back at the ramp by 8:30am. A few nice fish have been taking plastics and lures as well. Customer Luke fished out in the shallows over on the western side of the bay from his kayak recently to land fish to land a nice fish of around 5kg. Luke was fishing a Gulp Jerkshad on a 1/4oz head, in around 7m of water.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also been getting a few early season snapper while out on the bay. James hasn't really started full blown snapper trips but he is noticing that they are becoming more and more active every week. James was out with customers early in the week fishing some shallow ground on the eastern side of the bay where he landed a couple of nice fish up to 78cm in length. Pilchards and squid strips have been his favourite baits at the moment.

Many local lakes have received stockings of rainbow trout prior to the school holidays, and have been producing these trout for the last few weeks. While most of these fish are around 200g in size, they have been responding to baits like powerbait and maggots. A bit further afield the Yarra River around Warburton has also been producing brown trout to 350g on a variety of methods. Customer Jordan has been flyfishing the river and has found the fish to respond to small bead headed nymphs fished under an indicator. Dark brown and black bead heads in around size 12 have been excellent. Baits of maggots and scrubworm have also been good when left to drift through runs and into deeper pools. 

Further up around Eildon, the pondage has been producing some quality trout but is still hit and miss. The Goulburn River is running at 3500MLD which is very high, and almost unfishable in some areas. Staff member George went and fished the pondage with a few mates earlier in the week in tough conditions where they managed a couple of smaller fish. George found anglers fishing without berley did not catch any fish, as a fine grit/pellet mix is key to keeping the fish around. George found the best rigs comprised of feeder cages filled with berley mix, and baits of maggots and powerbait fished on both trebles and size 12 mosquito hooks. 

While Melbourne's snapper season hasn't really fired up as such, there have been fish caught from the shoreline of both bays. As the fish enter the bays they can be caught from points close to the entrances of both bays, such as Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale in PPB, and areas around San Remo and Flinders in WPB. 

Customer Ferdi has taken a liking to targeting snapper from the shore and recently he has caught some nice fish. Ferdi has been fishing rock ledges and small points near the entrances of Westernport where he has caught quite a few school sized snapper, right through to fish around 75cm. Ferdi has been using powerful graphite surf rods for casting a long way from the shore, to entice the bigger fish in close. Fine berley and baits of pilchard and squid have been doing the job for him.

Squid fishing around the bay continues to be pretty good, up until the rough weather we've had at least. The rough winds will shut the squid off for a few days while the water cleans and settles again. Plenty of squid reports from the shore and boat-based anglers, with Frankston-Mt Eliza producing a few, along with Sorrento and Blairgowrie. Customer Tony was fishing from the shore along the Bay's north during the night earlier in the week when he managed some nice squid. Tony wasn't fishing for squid at the time, but he caught an eye on a lone squid with his headlight so he decided to rig up a light rod with a Shimano Keimura jig. After working the surrounding area for while Tony caught 4 nice squid on the same jig. These squid were fairly aggressive and really hit the white jig hard in the shallows.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been catching some quality squid before the rough weather came through. James has been fishing the southern end of Port Phillip bay from Mt Martha through to Portsea, where he has seen some quality squid. Many customers have been wanting to go out and learn how to catch squid properly for food and also for snapper and whiting baits. James has been fishing the shallow water around weedbeds and moorings, and when the shallows are quiet he is getting his squid from out along the deeper channels and drop offs. One of James' best jigs recently has also been the Shimano Keimura in 14T and 61T, which are both UV white. 

Squid and whiting fishing in southern Port Phillip has still been excellent over the last few weeks, with some large spawning squid coming in to the shallow reefs and thumper whiting being caught in the deeper water. The southern part of the bay from Rye through to Portsea has been the stand out areas to target this fish. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been out on both species, and has been catching whiting in the 40 - 45cm size range. James has been using squid and mussel on the whiting and has found these baits to be the best. Most of the fish have been caught out around the 10m depth area.  

On the squid front, the same areas as the whiting have been worth fishing - Rye through to Portsea, especially if you're after a few of the larger models. Large fast sinking jigs have been the most productive on these squid, with size 3.5D being the best option. Customer Danny fished out around Sorrento recently where he caught some cracker squid during the outgoing tide. Danny started fishing in the shallows and progressed out towards deeper water where he landed some real thumpers. 

Customer Casey, who lives in Noosa sent this photo in of a recent catch from the Noosa River. Casey was fishing with various baits when he caught one of these fish - which we're unsure if they're a northern species of flathead or crocodilefish. The other one turned up in a crab pot tied off to the jetty. 

Both bays can be excellent for anglers fishing small baits and soft plastics on light tackle. There are heaps of options in terms of locations and plenty of different species to tackle. Customer Tony fished with some mates recently to stock up on snapper and gummy baits out in Westernport. Tony fished around Tortoise Head in 5m of water and with strips of fresh squid the salmon came thick and fast. Tony used a light graphite rod with braid and 8lb leader to catch all his salmon, which were mostly 30 - 40cm in length.

Customer Ryan fished the top end of Port Phillip bay around Williamstown in search of a few pinkies and bream, and he ended up catching both. Ryan was fishing 3 inch Damiki Armor Shads in clear motor oil colour on 1/8th jig heads around small patches of reef, poles and drop offs. Ryan found that most of the bream and pinkies were in the 30 - 40cm size range. 

There is some decent trout fishing close enough to Melbourne for anglers not wanting to drive too far. Many urban lakes have been stocked with trout within the last few weeks, which is perfect timing for school holidays. A few good options are Karkarook Park in Moorabbin, along with Devilsbend Reservoir on the Mornington Peninsula. Both lakes have redfin and trout in them, but most anglers target the trout. Young customer Callen fished with his Dad down at Devilsbend just recently, where the guys threw all sorts of lures out. With fish frustratingly following all the way to the banks, Callen changed to one of his lures that he made himself. Within 2 casts Calen was on, and he ended up landing a nice rainbow of around 700g.

There are some streams within around the same distance from the suburbs that carry small numbers of wild trout for anglers to trick and trick on lure or fly. These streams are only small, and aren't so much suited to bait fishing - but can be fun on lure and fly. Staff member Dylan went out over the weekend for a quick session on some local rivers to try and entice a fish on the fly. With plenty of water pushing down the streams the fishing was fairly tough, but a few small rainbows were caught fishing small nymphs through the runs. Dylan found that black bead head nymphs were the most productive.

Customer Jordan also fished for trout on the fly on the weekend, with the Yarra River his intended destination. Jordan found the river running fairly well but not as discoloured as it's usual self. Jordan fished out above Warburton in search of a trout and in a short time he landed a few smaller fish and had a better size brown jump off. Jordan fished a small nymph under an indicator and found this got their attention. 

The Goulburn River has been fishing well over the past few weeks for bait, lure and fly anglers. While earlier in the fortnight the river was regulated at around 500meg and is now running at 2500meg, so angling will be a bit trickier. There are some slower sections of the river in between Thornton and Eildon which can be accessed, and these will be ideal to fish with bait and lure. Fly anglers should be able to fish nymphs through the slower runs also. 

Customer and trout advocate Ross got dressed up in some of his finest threads and hit the river in search of a few trout over the weekend with a mate. While the fishing was tough, Ross managed to land a lovely coloured rainbow from the river on a 75mm hardbody.  

Just a few kilometres downstream of the pondage customer Terry has been catching some nice fish on lures. A mixture of both browns and rainbows up to around 3lb in weight have been taking small shallow running hardbodies. Smaller minnow shaped hardbodies are easy to imitate small galaxia, blackfish and trout that larger trout prey on. The most effective colour on these fish was a chartreuse trout pattern, in a lure that ran to about 2 feet.