Reports from the Portland region have been good this week, with lots of anglers making the trip down to have a shot at the bluefin tuna. While the bluefin have been caught in good numbers, there have been more albacore tuna caught. Most of the fish are being caught around the shelf in 400-100m of water, with the horseshoe as popular as ever. Customer Andrew headed further west to Port Mac where he and some mates caught SBT to 17kg around the edge of the shelf, with all taking bright green coloured hardbodied on the troll. Rapala's Xrap 30 in dorado colour is an excellent option when a bright colour is needed. 

Customers Vito and Zoran fished with a few mates over the weekend in search of the tuna and they found both bluefin and albies out around the horseshoe. A mixture of different coloured skirts caught the albies, while Xrap 30's in pilchard and redhead patterns claimed all of the bluefin. 

Staff member Harley fished with a mate out around the horseshoe and further into the 1000m area where they landed 18 albacore up to around 20kg. Best performing lures included Xrap 30's in brown squid and petrolero as well as Richter soft grassys in UV blue and pink/blue, along with the Black Pete Dougal and bluefin candy in black and pink patterns. 

Customer Johnny and mates fished around the shelf over the weekend and found all albacore on the Saturday, and then bluefin on the Sunday. Most of the fish were in the 15 - 20kg size range and most productive lures were Xrap 30's in brown squid and redhead, while the Richter soft grassy in 502/506 and UV blue were the best producing skirted lures. 

Customer Jarrad fished out from Portland on the weekend with a cousin of his who was out from Canada. Jarrad and his cousin managed to land their bag of albacore out around the 1000m area. The most productive lure for the guys was a purple coloured tuna clone run in shotgun, with a few more fish taking jetheads and Xrap 30's run closer to the boat. The pilly coloured Xrap has been a good option for many.  

Customers Milena, James and Damien had a leisurely session out around the horseshoe region over the weekend. After a late start they managed to get their bluefin and albacore on the inside edge of the horseshoe on a variety of lures including Xraps and skirts in lumo, pinks and blacks.  

There has been plenty on offer around Westernport Bay recently, whether from the shore or the boat. Around the full moon the gummies were good, with anglers up around Stockyard Point and also across at Balnarring getting into a few. Staff member Dylan fished from the shore around Corinella during the week to target a few table sized gummies. In a short 2 hour session two smaller table fish around 4kg were landed, on a mixture of fresh yakka and trevally strips. Both of these fish were pinned in the corner of the jaw on 4/0 octopus circles and fought well in the 2m of water they were caught in. 

Customer Andrew also fished around Corinella on the weekend to land a real mixed bag. In 5m of water Andrew caught slimey mackerel, yakkas, couta, flathead and pinkies along with small gummies, schoolies and hammerhead sharks. Around low tide the action didn't stop, with pilchard and trevally strips working the best.

While the whiting reports have slowed down this week, some anglers out there have still been catching them. Customer Zak caught some thumper whiting earlier in the week while fishing the western entrance. Zak was targeting whiting and leatherjackets and he managed to catch both, with the whiting measuring around the high 40cm mark, and some of the leatherjackets were similar size also. Zak was fishing around small sections of reef with baits of squid and pilchard. 

Last week customer Norm fished Lake Mulwala for his first time targeting cod. For those who didn't read last weeks report, Norm had a ripper session, over 2 days around 15 cod were caught on a mixture of lures including floating hardbodies and spinnerbaits, with fish ranging from 58cm right through a 110cm monster that Norm caught and released again safely. Norm brought some photos in for us for this weeks report. Good work Norm!

Customer Nick has been fishing the local dams in search of reddies. Nick has found fish to around 35cm in the deeper areas of the dams by using lipless crankbaits. Controlled sink rates and slow hops and twitches have gotten the redfin to respond. Adding scent like SAX scent has also helped the fish find the lure in the dark water.  

Port Phillip has been fishing well for pinkies and squid over the week, especially along the eastern side of the bay. The reefy areas from Brighton right through to Frankston have been holding larger numbers of school pinkies, with average fish around 30 - 35cm, and some larger fish up to 2kg in the mix. Customer Nick fished for the pinkies from the shore just recently with soft plastics. Nick was using 'creature' style soft plastics to imitate smaller shrimp and crabs around boat moorings and drop offs, and he landed pinkies to around 40cm. A few larger fish took off around reef with his offerings, and in the mix he also found a few nice flathead. 

Staff member Dylan also got stuck into a heap of pinkies out from Black Rock on the weekend. Dylan landed fish to 41cm with most around the 33cm mark. Dylan fished plastics on these schooled fish, and with a 10-15 knot southerly wind these fish were actively feeding. The best depth areas were between 8 - 11m of water, with schools of fish moving around a bit.

110mm Squidgy flickbaits worked well, and as the fish shut off a bit switch baiting to smaller 100mm Squidgy wrigglers in silver fox colour got more bites. Jighead weight of 1/6 oz helped keep the plastics down in the strike zone while the wind was up. The photo of the sounder screen shows that the bulk of the schools were down around the bottom so the lure had to stay in contact with them to get a bite from them.

On the squid front, the hotspots at the moment have been around Frankston and Mornington. A few have been caught further up around Brighton and Black Rock but with less consistency. Dark coloured jigs in the size 2.5 - 3.0 have been the go up around the top of the bay, with black and gold foil being two of the better colours to pull out out the box for this area. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been giving the squid a real hiding this past week. He has had lots of clients booking charters to catch squid, and he hasn't failed to deliver. The better areas for him have been around Sunnyside, Canadian Bay and Mornington. Again in this area natural coloured jigs have been more productive than brighter colours, with browns, greens and red foils doing the most damage. Combine the two colour patterns and you have a killer jig for this area. A good example of this is Yamashita's ROLA colour. 

Around the pier at Mornington there have still been a few smaller squid getting caught, especially after a warmer day. Size 1.8 Yamashita Naorys in solid pink and solid orange have been producing for anglers here at the minute. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been putting clients on to some quality albacore and bluefin over the last week, with the depths of around 400m+ being preferable. Most of the fishing is still out along the edge of the shelf and further so for inexperienced anglers it is a fairly long run out so make sure your boat and safety gear is up to speed. Natural coloured skirts have been working well for James along with Xrap 30's in blues, silvers and blacks. Customer Nick and mates fished out in the same area around the horseshoe and found similar sized blues and albies on Xraps and Richter Soft Grassy skirts. Lumo colours along with pinks worked the best on the day.

Customer Danny has done a few trips of the tuna so far and hasn't been disappointed. Danny has been fishing out in the 'horseshoe' area and has been working both east and west from here. Danny has been catching fish on hardbodies and skirts and favours the Xrap 30 in Redhead colour along with bright yellows and reds in 6 inch skirts. Bluefin tuna and albacore have been caught with most of the fish being albies at the minute. 

The southern end of the bay has been buzzing with kingfish reports, and while they still a take a level of knowledge to target and successfully catch there have been plenty of reports of anglers catching them. The 'rip' area has been the main hangout for these fish, and most methods have been catching fish. Customer Danny fished the area recently to land fish to 87cm on fillets of slimey mackerel. 

Danny also had a crack at the Autumn snapper that are normally on the bite around this time of the year. Danny fished out from Frankston in 19m of water to land a couple of nice fish to 4.5kg on whole silver whiting. More of these snapper should come on the chew as the water temperature starts dropping a few more degrees, which should be soon. 

The squid have been firing for anglers fishing the eastern side of Port Phillip bay recently; with the area around Frankston and Mornington fishing well, along with the southern end of the peninsula. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some good sessions on the squid around Frankston and Mornington, with his customers racking up decent bag of squid in no time. The shallow grass beds have been fishing well with natural coloured jigs in size 2.5-3.0. Around Mornington pier the small squid have still been around and are taking small jigs in the 1.5-1.8 sizes. Bright colours like pinks, oranges and lime have been good, and when the squid shut off a bit more natural tones like silver and browns have been catching. 

There have been some quality squid and cuttlefish caught along the southern end of the bay over the last week or so. Customer Ryan is a keen squid angler and he got into some crackers while fishing with family friends last week. The area around Queenscliff and Portsea has been good for large squid using deep sinking size 3.5 jigs. Natural colours that imitate grass whiting, yakkas, pilchards and small reef fish have been the go lately. 

Still plenty of gummies about in Westernport Bay for anglers after some flake. There have been a few nice models hanging around throughout the western entrance lately as well. Customer Shane went out on Friday night and fished the entrance channel targeting a big gummy. He was using a mixture of freshly caught baits to land gummies like this one last week.

Customer Christian also had some gear out to target a gummy further up towards middle spit on Thursday night. Christian fished in around 12m of water along the top of the spit to land a few gummies with this one the largest. Baits of fresh slimey mackerel worked best during the run out tide just on dark.

Customers Vito and Zoran got out from Hastings on the whiting last week where they put together a good bag of solid fish. Pipi, mussel and squid worked well around the middle spit in 6m of water and over towards Tankerton bank as well. Customer Christian fished around Vetnor on Sunday to land some nice whiting in the 37-43cm size range. Pipis worked well in 5m of water on the run in tide. 


Autumn can be a great time to target Murray cod on baits and lures in the lakes and rivers. As the water temperature drops and the water levels rise with rain the fishing can turn on. Cod will happily sit in the snags in the cooler water, and move to the depths once the shallows become too cold. Knowing this can give you hints as to where to look for them in your local waterways. 

Customer Chris fished the Murray a bit and on tuesday night he landed this ripper fish at 95cm in amongst a few small trout cod and carp. Chris managed to land, photographic and release this fish by himself in the river below Yarrawonga. All the fish Chris caught took fresh shrimp. 

Customer Norm also did well on the cod last week, during his first session on Lake Muwala with a mate. Norm was introduced into the world of lure fishing for cod and had a ripper session for his first. Over 2 days around 15 cod were caught on a mixture of lures including floating hardbodies and spinnerbaits, with fish ranging from 58cm right through a 110cm monster that Norm caught and released again safely. 

Customer Ves fished the river up around Barmah last week where he landed 4 nice cod ranging from 58cm through to around 70cm. Ves caught fish during the night and day and found that cheese wrapped to a baitholder style hook using Black Magic Bait Buddy worked the best, and also stopped the baits from being picked off. 

There have also been a few smaller cod caught in Lake Eildon this week. Smaller floating hardbodies like Halco Poltergeists have been working well when trolled around timber and rocky outcrops, and other fish like trout, redfin and yellowbelly will also hit this size lure as well. 

While a lot of fisherman zoom straight out to the deepest water they can find, there is also some quality fishing to be found in the shallower sections of the bay. Customer Angelo and mates went for a walk throughout some of the shallow water across near Geelong last week where they came up with some lovely flounder, sole and flathead. Garfish and salmon were also seen in the area. Angelo said that water up to chest deep was productive. 

If you're going to give this style of fishing a shot, invest in a good quality LED light. The Perfect Image CREE LED Prawn lights are one of the better lights out there, as they emit a bright light for floundering and prawning while drawing very little power, and these lights take AA batteries straight into the handle - no more dragging batteries around in the water. 

In the shallows over around Frankston there have been a few gars showing up. The gars aren't super thick in numbers but they have been decent size. Customer Ronnie reported catching a good bag of them from the pier during the week, with silverfish being the better bait. There have also been plenty of salmon around the area, and usually if the gars are on then the salmon won't be around. Working between Oliver's Hill and Mordialloc will usually see you find the salmon somewhere in between. Bluebait and salted whitebait fished deep under a float has been effective, and for the lure casters River2Sea sea rocks in 14 - 40g have been the best. Most colours are working but whites and blues are hard to beat, just remember to retrofit them with in-line single hooks.