Port Phillip Bay is still producing some quality snapper for most anglers, however the fish have been a little bit fickle over the last week. A few more reports have come from the deeper areas, with the Frankston - Mt Martha area starting to fire up as well.Customer Edly has been have mixed success while out on the bay, with the fish going off on one day and the next not even a touch. The inconsistent weather/barometer levels at the moment will be the main effect. Customer Marco fished with his son Lucas out from Seaford recently where the landed snapper up to 6kg using silver whiting.

Customer Jun fished aboard a charter out from Mornington recently where some lovely snapper were caught. The 2 pictured weighed in at 7kg and 5.9kg and were caught not far out from Mornington harbour on pilchard.

Customer Ivan fished out from Chelsea on the weekend where he caught some nice fish to 5kg in 16m of water. Ivan found silver whiting to be the best. Customer Damien fished with some mates out towards Aspendale in 14m of water just recently where reds to 4kg were landed. Damien found unweighted pillies to work the best, and he also said that you unless you have a rack full of Stellas you'll never be a snapper master!

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has still been getting a few decent snapper for customers recently. James has found a few more fish out from Mornington - Frankston recently, with some good action out wide. Areas that have been holding good numbers of fish like 17m have produced up to 10 way hookups for customers at times! Most of the fish in these big schools have been in the 2.5 - 4.5kg size range, with the odd fish over 6kg coming aboard also. Pillies, squid and yakka have been working well in conjunction with pilchard/scallop/squid based berley.


Westernport continues to produce quality snapper for anglers getting out there. The whole bay is producing fish at the moment, from around Stony Point up to Crawfish, and around through Corinella to the Corals and off Rhyll. Customer Aaron got out recently and landed some nice fish up to 5kg out from Rhyll. Aaron had a morning session off silverleaves around the slack stage of the tide where he caught these nice fish on pillies and silver whiting. Customer Andrew has been fishing the top end of the port to land snapper to around the 4.5kg mark amongst some other school sized fish. Andrew has found the Gentle Annie channel productive recently, with the odd gummy or whiting as bycatch. 

Customers Jarrad, Michael and Marcel fished out in the port recently where they had some mixed results on the snapper. Out of a couple of days on the water the guys caught fish to 4.6kg from around Lysaughts, and also Corinella/Elizabeth Island. Best success came on chunks of fresh yakka and squid, during the last stages of the run in tide.


Customer Daniel fished with a few friends out from Hastings recently to land snapper to 6kg. The Long Reef/Lysaughts area was good, with fish from 3.5kg through to around 6kg taking baits of yakka or pilchard tipped with a strip of fresh squid.

Customer Rohan fished with a mate out from Corinella during the week where they landed a ripper fish of 9.1kg or 20lb. The fish took a super pilchard along the edge of the channel.


Whiting reports are slowly starting to pick up with the warmer weather. Although good size fish have been present all winter, the run of school fish is now starting to filter through. A few anglers have been chasing the whiting around the top end of the port with good success. Customers Zoran and Johnny have been doing well on the whiting with their mates up around the top end. The areas around Warneet and Hastings have been good along with the middle spit, for fish to 40cm. Most fish are in the 34 - 40cm mark with a few either side. Baits of cuttlefish, squid, pipi and cured bass yabbies have been popular recently.

Gummy reports have been fairly slow recently in the port, with a few anglers picking one up as bycatch while snapper fishing but not the usual amount. The run of big fish hasn't quite started yet, but there have been a couple caught so they could possibly be earlier than normal this year. Customer Andrew has caught a couple of good ones recently though. Andrew was fishing the top end out from Warneet in 20m of water just recently where he caught this nice size gummy. Andrew was using a fresh chunk of salmon when this gummy came along.


The squid fishing in Westernport Bay has been good recently, whether it's boat or shore based. While there haven't been any real leviathan sized squid around, numbers have been pretty good. Some of the piers that have been good have been Flinders, Stony Point and Hastings. Staff member Kozi fished from Flinders pier during the week to land a few smaller squid. Size 3.0 jigs were effective in landing a few of the smaller squid, with dark red foils and blacks most productive.

Customer Tony fished from the pier also and did well using his favoured jigs. Using his Gancraft 3.5 he was the only person to catch on this particular day, with squid to around a kilo.

Customers Jarrad and Michael went out and fished for the squid in Westernport prior to a snapper session recently. Using a mixture or baited and worked jigs, squid to 40cm hood length were caught - with the largest taking a baited jig. The better areas were nearby to Stony Point along the edges where the grassbeds drop off.


The local estuaries and rivers around the bay have been fishing well for bream and mullet recently. Some intermittent rain has given most rivers a good flush and brought more food into the system, which fires the fish up a bit. Local estuaries of the Patterson and Maribyrnong Rivers have been fishing well for bream with both bait and lures working well. Best baits at the moment have been scrubworms and small freshwater yabbies, fished unweighted on light leader and fine gauge hooks. Anglers berleying up while bream fishing can normally expect a mullet or two picking at their baits as well. 

Staff member Kozi has been fishing with a couple of mates for the local bream, and they have been catching fish to around 38cm. Patterson River has been producing good average size fish of around 35cm on this method.

Staff member Dylan has been out chasing a few bream recently with plastics and hardbodies, with some nice fish to 40cm being caught. Slim profiled suspending hardbodies have been working well when twitched and held around bankside structure and small plastics have been good when fished deep around the same edges. Soft plastics like the Zman 2.5'' grubs have been deadly recently in a variety of colours. 


The local freshwater fishing has still been reasonable for anglers interested. The local family fishing lakes and urban lakes have been producing trout, redfin and some big carp - with different techniques for each. Powerbait on a suspended bait rig will produce the trout, redfin have been active on troutworms and small plastics, and the carp have been taking maggots fished under a small sliding float. Rowville lakes has been one of the better spots to catch all 3 fish.

Further afield around Eildon, the lake has seen some good numbers of yellowbelly caught up the top end around Bonnie Doon. Most of the fish caught have been taken while lurecasting, but the odd fish has also been caught by anglers fishing scrubworms and small yabbies around the timber also.

Eildon pondage has been producing some nice size trout for persistent anglers using bait, lure and fly methods. Baitfishing with both powerbait and maggots has been a good method or catching some quality trout.Fly anglers fishing the margins have also been picking up a few decent fish. Steven and Tony along with other members of the Southern Fly Fishers had a crack at some margin trout on the pondage recently, where some nice fish were caught. Trout to 5lb were caught, with most around the 2-3lb mark. Wet flies such as Wooly Buggers and Mrs Simpson type patterns were the best performers under bright and still conditions.

Port Phillip Bay has really hit it's straps over the last few weeks on the snapper front. The temperature of the bay has risen to the hover around the same as bass strait and this is the trigger that really sets the snapper off. Over the last few weeks there have been fish caught all over the bay, from 10m through to 21m. At present the more consistent areas seem to be the 17 - 20m ground out from Mornington - Mordialloc, with the deeper parts out towards P2 in the north of the bay producing fish as well.

Baits of all sorts have been working with scad, whiting, saucy, cuttlefish, gar, salmon, couta, pilchard and squid all producing fish  - but that being said it is very wise to take a selection and definitely make sure there are some pillies and squid in that mix, along with pilchard and squid scented berley pellets. There have been too many fish caught to list each and every one, so from here on we will let the pictures do the talking. 

With the recent warm weather the freshwater species have come on the bite locally. Trout rivers are now warmed up with plenty of insect activity, which stirs the fish up. Redfin and yellowbelly in the lakes and impoundments are also very active. Customer Jordan went for a mid week session on one of the local rivers outside of the suburbs, and in a couple of hours landed 4 trout between himself and a mate. The small stream was at perfect flow and temperature and produced 2 nice size browns on small minnow imitation hardbodies, while 2 smaller rainbows rose to take dry flies. 

The yellowbelly and redfin have been active in lakes such as Sugarloaf and Eildon. The northern end of lake Eildon has been producing some very nice yellowbelly, with fish to around 6kg getting caught. Most anglers are targeting the fellas with lures, with the odd one caught while bobbing small yabbies around standing timber for redfin. Small to medium floating hardbodies have also been good when trolled or cast against the banks and standing timber, along with lipless crankbaits in the 60mm size. 

At Sugarloaf reservoir the redfin and yellowbelly have been caught on smaller soft plastics and hardbodies fished along the banks. Warm afternoons have been the go, just be on the lookout for any legless company slithering around nearby grasses. A reminder that you can ONLY fish artificial baits and lures in sugarloaf, natural baits such as worms and maggots are prohibited. 

If you're wanting to catch a snapper in Port Phillip bay, now is pretty much the best time to get out there! In the last couple of weeks the water temperature has risen to around the same temperature as Bass Strait, and that is when the snapper feed a lot more actively. The peak times are still generally the early morning bite, with the first few hours of daylight being the best. However in saying that, with current temperatures the fish are also feeding more throughout the day with midday and afternoon bite windows as well. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been smashing the snapper with customers, with some thumpers coming aboard. James has found fish anywhere from 16 - 22m out from Frankston and Carrum, with big schools of fish out deep. James sent in a pic of his Furuno screen lighting up on a massive school of fish, with hookups of up to 10 fish at a time off schools similar to the one in the photo. If you can find them and present baits to them more than likely they will go off!

Customer Zoran went out off Carrum on the weekend where he fished in 17m of water. Zoran had some prime quality WA pilchards out and by the time the 4th rod was in the water the first one went off. Zoran kept 3 fish in the 3 - 4kg mark for a feed and headed in. Customer Be fished out wide of Black Rock just recently, where he got on the sounder and looked for a few better sized fish than the school fish in close to the reef. Be got out to about 17m of water when he marked a few nice fish, and bagged a good one at around 4kg on fresh squid head. 

Customer Bill had a look around Black Rock last weekend in the 16m area and grabbed two nice fish around the 6kg mark on fresh squid heads. The 15-17m area wide of Black Rock has been consistent over the last week. Customer Mana caught some salmon in close from Oliver's Hill last Saturday and then ventured out around Wooleys' reef in search of a red. After berleying up with cubed pilchards, Mana threw out a few rods with pilchard rigged on 6/0 circles and managed a couple of nice fish.

Compleat Angler Ringwood staff member Steve went out with a mate just recently in Port Phillip looking for a snapper, and out from Black Rock was a good area for them. Fish to 6kg came aboard using pilchard, cuttlefish and squid. Neil from Noble Park Angling Club took his son Nelson out on the bay last weekend to see if he could catch him a snapper. After a bit of cubing, a couple of the rods went off and resulted in Nelson's first snapper at 3kg. The fish were caught out in 17m off Chelsea and took pillies. 

The squid fishing in Port Phillip bay has been good over the last few weeks. Generally good conditions and water clarity has given most anglers some good bags of squid both from many of the piers and also on inshore weedbeds. The southern part of the bay has been excellent for larger models up to 2kg, while from Black Rock down to Mornington there have been plenty in the 400g size range. 

Customer Andrew fished around Mornington Pier during the week to land his bag of squid on small size 2.0 Yamashita jigs. Greens and Oranges were the best performers for him. Staff member Kozi has been getting a few nice squid from the area as well, with pink and also black working well.

Customers Zoran and James fished out from Sorrento chasing some snapper baits over the weekend where they caught some quality squid. The guys moved around a fair bit to get their bag of squid and found natural brown coloured jigs along with blacks were the standouts.