A lot of bluewater anglers have marlin on the brain at the moment. The run of fish from around Eden through to just south of Sydney has been excellent, with even a couple of reports coming from Eastern Victoria. On the marlin front, customer Jacques fished an international billfish competition in Mauritius last month when away on holiday. Jacques was the only Australian angler in the whole field, and even though it was his first time fishing for billfish, he managed to land this nice 124lb blue marlin and finish up coming 5th in the competition. Jacques also caught and released another fish the day after, along with a solid 20kg dolphinfish.

There has been enough on offer for most landbased anglers fishing Port Phillip Bay recently. Pinkies, whiting, bream and squid have been the mainstay over the last week. The bream fishing has been good in all of the estuaries, including the Yarra and Patterson Rivers. Patto has been fishing well, with recent rain stirring the fish up a bit more and kicking them into gear. The best baits have been baits with a lot of scent, as with slightly dirtier water these baits have been standing out.

Customer Andrew has caught some nice fish including this thumper down towards the last boat ramp recently. Customer Jayden lives inside the lakes system and fishes from the pontoon in his backyard regularly and just this week he landed 5 nice fish including this 32cm fish in one session.


On the squid front, most of the regular piers have been producing. Sorrento and Portsea have been hit and miss, but producing much better size squid for anglers persisting in the current. Size 3.5 jigs are the most effective way to reach the larger squid here. Blairgowrie and Mornington piers have been a bit fickle but with small jigs a bag of smaller squid can be achieved.

Staff member Don fished from Mornington pier during the week to land a few decent squid for the area. Red foil jigs worked the best for Don late in the afternoon. Customer Shaun also did well at Mornington pier using red foil jigs after dark.


The whiting fishing in Westernport Bay has been good for most anglers out chasing these tasty fish. The average size of the fish this season has been better than the last, with plenty of large school fish in the 40cm+ size. There have still been lots of smaller school fish from legal size to 35cm, but the majority of the fish caught by anglers has been 35cm+. The fish have been caught all through the north arm, right around to almost Joe's Island - with the hotspots still being around the Middle Spit.

The inside channel from Fairhaven right down to Tortoise Head has been good in the 5 - 8m area just along the ledges. Berleying and moving about in short hops has been the key to building up a bag of fish, with 'whiting nuts' mixed with pipi shells being one of the best berleys to attract whiting and not so much rubbish fish. Customer Jason caught a bag of nice fish up the top end out from Warneet just recently, fishing the edges of the Quali Bank. Customer Ben also fished for the whiting recently, taking his kids along for a bit of fun. Ben fished out from Stony Point along the edges and over near Tankerton to collect some nice fish.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some good success fishing for whiting this week in the Yaringa - Hasting area, along Tyabb Bank. James has found plenty of good sized whiting in the area, with many of them over 40cm in length. James has found fish in various areas along here, but his last session saw many fish caught in around 1m of water, using fresh squid and also pipi.


The local trout fishing in the region has been ok this week with most of the larger rivers producing better than small creeks. Smaller waters in some areas are running low and clear which can make catching trout a bit harder. Smaller streams with increased clarity and low levels should be fished stealthy with light lines to capitalize on results from flighty fish. Some of the larger rivers in South Gippsland like the Latrobe have been steadily producing trout, as they are generally more discoloured and the fish have been less spooky. The main section of the Latrobe which flows through Noojee has been good for trout to 300g on troutworms and also small bladed spinners like Celtas and Vibrax models.

Up around the Eildon region, pretty much every river except for the Goulburn has been running low and clear. The Goulburn has been running at around 5000 - 9000 ML/day for a while, as it is diverted downstream for irrigation purposes. It is un-wadable in most sections and very deep along most edges, with flooded grass and backwaters producing a few fish. Staff member Dylan fished the river earlier this week with a couple of mates in search of a few margin trout and although only a short session a few nice fish were seen, fish to 3lb were polaroided but most spooked early on. One small brown around 350g took a liking a small beadheaded nymph along a slow edge.


Westernport always produces a good amount of variety for anglers, and recently it hasn't disappointed. Good fishing for gummies has been had by most anglers up the top of the port, with plenty of solid table fish around. Young Rachael fished with her Dad recently where she landed a nice 3kg gummy in amongst a hot bite of them up the top end of the port during the run out tide. This gummy along with most of the other took rings of freshly caught squid. Customer Lee also got amongst a few similar size table fish out from Hastings just recently in beautiful conditions. 


James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had a few happy customers out on Westernport recently with plenty of good gummies coming aboard. This fish were taken out from Hastings on squid, yakka and salmon.


Staff member Don fished with customer Sam just recently in search of some whiting, and after a bit of moving around and positioning, the boys got a bag of nice fish. Plenty of fish were in the 40cm size range and fresh squid and pipi did the trick on the start of the run out tide. Don said it was good to get out for a fish in amongst auditioning for one of MC Hammer's new music videos. Customer Lee took his son Ben out for a fish in lovely conditions in search of some KGW out from Hastings, and young Ben loved it.


James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been having some fun with customers on the squid recently. Red base jigs have been killing it for James, and young Charlie even celebrated his 8th birthday by smashing the squid while on charter with James.


Customer Daniel fished out from Hastings recently in search of table sized pinkies and he wasn't disappointed. Daniel fished in 16m of water along the edge of the North Arm and did well on fish to 1.5kg. The best method was to fish a small piece of squid or pilchard on an Icon Snatcher and just wait for the fish to hook themselves. Out the front of Westernport there have been a few kingies hanging around, with a few anglers out chasing them. Customer Ben went out the front and found a few nice fish in the 80cm size range using both livies and also Maria lures. 


The top end of he bay has been overrun with small pinkies at present, from Williamstown through to Frankston. Virtually every section of reef has got loads of these ferocious fish on it. The main trouble has been getting through the small fish to the better size models underneath. The larger fish have been around 1 - 1.5kg and have been taking baits of pilchard, squid and saury. Customer Ryan fished for the pinkies from the piers over near Williamstown recently to land a heap using small soft plastics. Ryan found crab and worm imitations were the best when fished lightly weighted around the structure.

Further down around Seaford and Frankston there have been a few garfish caught from the shore. While numbers haven't been super, anglers specifically targeting them using maggots and silverfish have been getting a few. Fine grain berley has also been the key.


Down along the Peninsula the squid fishing has been good, with the piers and rocks both producing. Mornington, Blairgowrie and Sorrento piers have been fishing well for average sized squid. Mornington and Blairgowrie piers have been much better with small jigs in the 1.8 - 2.5 size range, with Sorrento fishing best on Yamashita 3.5D jigs in red foil and dark greens. Staff member Dylan fished from the rocks down near Mt Martha recently where squid to 1kg were caught using a mixture of 3.5 shallow and standard sink rates. Glow belly and dark green/black jigs were the best on the day.


The estuaries running into the bay have also been coughing up a few school sized mulloway for anglers putting in the time and effort recently. Most of the fish have been from 60 - 80cm, with a few bigger fish mixed in also. Live mullet, squid and even saury have been effective baits, along with soft plastics in the 3 - 5" size. Patterson River, Yarra and Maribyrnong have all seen some action of late. Customer John has been catching a few around the traps using mainly mullet for bait late during the night.

Down around the entrance/rip area the kingfish have been running hot. Anglers fishing live and dead baits, jigs, soft plastics and also trolled hardbodies have all caught fish - with the fish deciding on what they want on the day. Most of the fish caught have been around the legal size, with a few here and there pushing 10kg and some real thumpers at 12kg+ caught by persistent anglers trying all methods. Customer Edly went out and got into a few good fish out the front on a mixture of squid and also on the jigs just recently.  


Customer Jordan has been away in the United States for a couple of months and has recently returned. While he was away and staying in Santa Monica in California, he found a small urban lake close by to where he was staying. Jordan got talking to some locals who were fishing it and he quickly found out that the lake contained largemouth bass, one of the most iconic fish in the USA. Being prepared with a travel rod, Jordan returned and started fishing for the bass. One of the locals remarked that the fish were 'bedding' and not normally as aggressive as they usually are, so a finesse tactic was going to be the best approach. 

Jordan adopted an American technique of 'dropshotting' which is effectively fishing a soft plastic suspended on an in-line paternoster rig. Use of the correct shape hook is also critical for this technique, which involves keeping the soft plastic suspended right in front of the fish's strike zone and 'shaking' the plastic to get a bite. Jordan did well with this technique and managed to land around 5 bass in the time he was fishing the lake. The plastic of choice was a 7'' floating worm pattern, with the odd fish also caught by locals on massive 10'' swimbaits as well. Dropshotting is a technique that also works here is Australia for numerous different fish species as it enables the angler to keep the lure right in the fish's face at all times. Give it a go!


While there are plenty of kingfish being caught in local waters, reports one end of the state to the other have been of yellow-tailed missiles along inshore headlands and reef systems. Customer Tony did a quick trip down West with a couple of mates in search of a few inshore kingies on baits and artificials. Tony managed to catch a few around some of the shallow bay structure mixed in with couta and pinkies. Out a little bit deeper from Portland there have also been patches of Southern Bluefin Tuna hanging around large bait schools, with most of the fish being quality school fish in the 15 - 22kg mark. These fish have responded to jigs, poppers, stickbaits and also the odd trolled lure.

Customer Romelo spent a few days up along the southern coastline of NSW at Eden with some mates. The guys fished wide where they experienced a marlin bite but didn't manage to land them, then went back in close to target kingies around the headlands and points. Romelo managed to catch a few school sized fish in amongst a thick school of pinkies, with most of the kingies around the 70cm mark. It was Romelo's first tangle with a kingfish and he is now hooked on fishing for them!


The local freshwater fishing has been good, with plenty of trout and redfin to be caught without driving too far. Local dams and urban lakes have been producing small trout and redfin for lure anglers. Staff member Don fished a couple of local dams with his two young twins in search of a few reddies on light spin gear and the boys caught some nice ones on small soft plastics. Even Dad got into the action catching a few on small natural coloured single tail grubs fished around weed growth. Customer Adrian fished down on the Peninsula targeting a few redfin and trout also, with warm conditions and high insect activity ideal for surface feeding redfin. Adrian caught redfin up to 30cm on small soft plastics and also on surface floating and shallow running minnows.

Just inside the Yarra valley customer Morgan has been catching a few nice trout on the fly gear. Morgan has had some mixed fishing with perfect conditions and no activity, and then average conditions with plenty of feeding fish around. Most of the trout in the Yarra have been browns in the 25cm size range, with the odd bigger fish hanging around also. Morgan has been tying some dry flies and one of his orange spinner variants called the 'McTaggert' has been good, along with a #12 'Dad's Favourite'.

Further back down the river around Templestowe, customer San caught a nice sized Murray Cod while bait fishing this section of the river. Customers Cam and Dan took the fly rods just over the other side of the Yarra ranges to some small streams for some nymph fishing in pocket water. The boys caught a few rainbow and brown trout, with #10 and #12 dark coloured bead headed nymphs doing the trick when fished under an indicator.

Staff member Dylan fished with customer Jordan over the weekend in the small streams near Eildon using dry flies and nymphs, with plenty of small fish from 4" through to around 1lb present. A mixture of shallow runs and pocket water were fished, with the nymph set shallow under the indicator proving to be the most effective tactic for targeting small pockets and runs. 



The mixed bag fishing continues out in Westernport bay, with whiting, pinkies, salmon, squid, leatherjacket and sweep commonly caught by anglers recently. Customer Ryan has been fishing from the shore and piers targeting squid, and he has caught good numbers recently. No super huge squid have been caught, but good numbers of squid to 1kg have hit the jigs. Flinders pier has been good for Ryan, when the seals haven't been in the area. Night time has given the squid more cover and as a result the bite has been better. Daylight hours have produced squid but not the same numbers as during the night.

On the whiting scene, there have been good numbers of fish caught along the middle spit from just inside Crawfish rock, right down to opposite Tankerton. Tankerton bank itself has also been producing good numbers of fish, with the average size being in the 33 - 39cm mark. A few larger fish have been caught further south but numbers are more hit and miss. Staff member and whiting murderer Don fished out alongside the spit over the weekend with a mate to bag whiting up to 41cm. Gun bait was a mixture of pipi, squid and red devil worms. The run out tide was the best time for the guys also.