Port Phillip Bay has been fishing very well for squid over the last few weeks, with plenty of anglers taking advantage of calm afternoons to collect some much needed snapper bait and also to eat. The majority of Port Phillip is producing the squid, with the whole Eastern seaboard from Frankston down to Portsea being the best place to start. Customer Zoran fished with his Dad down near Rye over the weekend where they bagged their 20 squid. Shimano Keimura jigs fished the best around grassbeds and reef along the channel edges. 

Customer John fished with a few mates over the weekend out on the squid as well, with the Rye/Blairgowrie area producing the goods. Between them they managed a good bag of squid, all in the 200g size. Size 2.5 and 3.0 Yamashita and Keimura jigs did the damage, with greens, browns and white all working well. 

The squid fishing in Westernport Bay has been good recently, with some calm weather helping anglers to get out and get into them. With a bit of dirty water around the shallows, better results have come from anglers who are fishing deeper than normal, where the water is 'cleaner'. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some good sessions with customers out on the Port recently with squid over a kilo in weight. Deep sinking jigs in 3.0 and 3.5 sizes have been good, with natural colours like mullet, grass whiting and pilchard all doing the trick. 

Customer Adam fished down at Flinders pier recently where he landed some nice squid. Adam said that the most productive jigs were size 3.5 Yamashita jigs in R06 and R08 colours. The larger size caught were in the 1.5kg size range. Customer Scott also fished from the pier during the week where he reports some nice sized squid around. Scott said that the lager squid were shy but would follow smaller hooked squid up to the pier. The smaller squid Scott caught were in just under a kilo, with some of the larger models approximately 2kg plus. Scott said that size 3.5 shallow Yamashita jigs in mullet pattern were the most effective. 

Customer Jordan has been fishing over in New Zealand recently, where he has been targeting some lovely rainbow trout. Jordan is fly fishing some of the smaller rivers and creeks to target these lovely rainbows. The best method has been to use a heavily weighted nymph 'bomb' along with a globug as well.  

Customer Casey recently moved to Noosa in QLD for a sea change, and some better weather. Visiting mates, Tyson and Nick had a fish with Casey in the Noosa River where they had a ball catching yellowfin bream and sand whiting on light gear. Local prawn is a gun bait for these fish which will be perfect on the BBQ.

Port Phillip is starting to see a few boats out searching for early season snapper. From lots of reports there are good numbers of fish starting to school up from 14m through to 21m of water. Most of the early season fish will hold on structure for a while, but still take a little bit to bite well. There have also been anglers landing a few of these early season fish, like customer Danny. Danny found a patch of nice fish marked up off Frankston in around 19m of water. After waiting for a while a few fish turned on, and Danny managed to land a couple in the 5kg range on squid heads. 

Customers Ben and Jacob headed out from Carrum to look around for a few snapper. While they did find some fish, the schools were bunched up tight 'christmas tree' style - which normally indicates less active fish. While the did put baits down they ended up with a few smaller pinkies, flatties and a 6ft sevengill shark - an indication that the water temperature is still quite cold. 

Reports of snapper movements have been slowly starting to pick up around both bays, as fish push their way in through the entrances. While the water temperatures in both bays is still cold, the snapper will continue to move in over the next few months, with the consistent fishing really kicking off sometime around early October. For anglers raring at the bit to get into them there can be long sessions involved finding fish and then waiting for them to eat, so the hot fishing isn't quite here yet but on its way. A few anglers fishing around the entrance of Westernport have been picking up the odd fish here and there as they pass through and hold up for a few days.  

Customer Ferdi has put in a couple of sessions from the shore around the entrance of Westernport, with some mixed success. A few fishless sessions with runs and bites but no solid hookups had been frustrating until he landed a nice fish of 70cm on pilchard earlier in the week. Ferdi has now got the monkey off his back for the season and can expect a few more reds from the rocks over the coming months. 

Customer Zac normally does well on the snapper and during the week he fished out around Western entrance in search of some leatherjacket and a possible red. Zac fished with pilchard and squid to land a feed of leatherjacket, a small gummy and also a couple of smaller snapper.

Up around Eildon the trout fishing has been about average for this time of the year. The rivers are still closed for another couple of weeks which leaves the pondage and lake as the other options. The pondage is a good option for anglers wanting to have a fish without having to move too far from their cars. At this time of year some quality trout have been caught around various locations on the pondage. Fishing around the Bourke Street section of the pondage with baits of powerbait and maggots can produce trout to 2kg. 

The lake itself is another good option, for shore anglers as well as boat anglers. Obviously a boat will get you out on the lake and enable you to cover much more ground, but don't forget that a lot of trout and redfin will move into the shallows and edges where there is abundant food supply. Bait fishing along the edges with worms, maggots and mudeyes is effective as the hungry fish look for food after spawning. Lure and fly fishing can also be effective from the shore, especially around low light conditions.  Customer Morgan was up around Eildon over the weekend where he got out to have a fish. Morgan had been tying up some of his own nymph pattern flies to use on the trout, and he got into a few on these wet flies. For anyone thinking of trying their luck on the trout, small aquatic insect patterns are worth taking up. 

Westernport Bay has been producing some solid winter snapper for anglers putting in the time to target them. There are reasonably good numbers of fish around at the moment, but they are very finicky with what they are eating and when. Most of the fish that are being encountered by anglers are from Corinella around the top end to about Yaringa. The Corinella area produces large fish every year right through winter until early in the season. Staff member Harley has spent some time out investigating the top end of the Port and while he has seen lots of groups of fish, they have been picky in feeding. Harley has caught fish to around 5kg on various different baits. Harley has found the smaller tides more effective, with water depths of around 8m best. Harley has had success on couta, pilchard and squid during his last few sessions, with most of the snapper picking very tentatively at the baits before screaming off with them.

Customer Jacob has also been giving the late winter snapper a crack, further around towards Corinella. During the week Jacob picked up a cracker on fresh squid in around 10m of water. Young angler Caleb was out fishing around Lysaughts recently when he picked up this nice snapper of 6.3kg. Caleb caught the fish in 15m of water while doing some mixed specie fishing, not a bad snapper for winter!

While King George whiting are not generally regarded as a winter fish, there have still been enough fish caught for them to be actively targeted. Winter whiting sessions won't normally see you catching an absolute swag of fish, but the average size of the fish is definitely better. Plenty of fish in the 40cm+ size bracket have been caught by anglers out there braving the conditions and moving about to find them. All the usual areas of both Westernport and Port Phillip will produce, but Westernport seems to have more consistency when it comes to winter whiting.

Customer Danny has been getting a few solid fish out in the Port, with most of the fish in his last few trips being better than average size. Baits of pippi and squid have been good, along with mussel. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also been doing really well on the whiting out of Westernport Bay also. James has been fishing with customers who have been keen to target a few winter whiting amongst other species. James has found the area around Hastings good for the whiting of late, with most fish being kept over 45cm in size. Fresh squid and pipi has been doing the job for James lately. 

While most anglers haven't really started fishing for snapper in Port Phillip Bay just yet, now is a good time to get out and start collecting your fresh baits. The squid fishing in Port Phillip has been good recently, with the only main factors being the wind and rain. While squid can still be caught in murky, choppy water - they certainly prefer 'cleaner' water with less fresh in it. In saying this, the southern end of the Bay has been more consistent for catching squid. Anywhere from around Mornington and further south has been the pick of areas to be. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been fishing around Mt Martha with customers in search of squid and he has been doing well on them lately. A few brighter coloured jigs like pinks and oranges have been working on dull days, with red foil naturals also getting the job done. While squid fishing James has also picked up a few King George whiting on baits of fresh squid in the same area.

Customer Nick had a look around the southern end of the bay recently, and while he found the squid fishing a bit tough on the day, he found some new areas to try next time. Nick worked around Sorrento and found that the squid he caught were found in slightly deeper water. White jigs have been working well in the area. Speaking of white jigs, we have just received more stock of Haramitsu's 2 new 'white' colours. There are 2 variations in these colours; 'Albino' is full glow white with bright red eyes, while the 'Wigasaki' pattern has a half glow white and half UV white body. If you know your white jigs then you know that colours like these won't last long - so make sure you grab a couple!

The local beaches continue to produce some nice salmon for anglers braving the cold mornings. Early morning high tides have been the best bite window, however the fish can be caught all day long if a few preparation steps are involved. To make the most of the fish that move and and down the beach, a good berley mix is needed. If you are fishing close to a good gutter or hole with some quality berley you should be able to catch a few salmon. The key to the berley is to hold those fish in your area for longer. A good mix of pilchards, bran based pellets and some pilchard oil is a good way to start for targeting the salmon on the beach. 

Staff member Chris recently ran a surf fishing trip with some customers down at Venus Bay where everyone experienced some surf action. Customer Shane caught a few fish up to 1kg on bluebait and surf poppers in the blue colour. Keen young angler Luke also got into some salmon and a few mullet in close around the shore wash. The mullet really liked small pieces of filleted bluebait and also pippi.

A bit closer to home, on the peninsula beaches Customer John has been catching fish to around 1.5kg. Early morning sessions staking out the gutters at Gunnamatta have produced some quality fish with lures and bait both doing the trick. Late afternoon sessions flicking small metal slugs and plastics rigged on 1/2oz jig heads can also be a good way to hook up to a few bigger fish down here. Customer Stan recently hit the beaches up and kept a few nice fish for fresh snapper and gummy baits. Blue and red surf poppers tipped with squid and pippi were the most effective.