Port Phillip bay has seen some exceptional squid fishing recently, with clear water providing all the action. The southern end of the bay has been the best, but middle reaches right through as far North as Brighton have also produced the goods. Days with light winds and minimal rain create good conditions for squid fishing, as the cleaner salty water doesn't get pushed out by freshwater run off. 

Customer Danny went out for some squid down in the southern parts of the bay recently and found some crackers. Sorrento and Portsea were the hotspots for the quality models. Customer Jacob caught some smaller bait sized models recently out around Frankston before having a snapper fish. Natural coloured jigs in 2.5 and 3.0 sizes were the best performers.

Customer Nick fished out from Rye with his mates recently in search of some squid for both food and for snapper baits. After a long day of working hard, guys ended up doing well on squid up to 1kg. Natural coloured jigs in size 3.0 did the damage around this part of the bay. 

If you're a keen squid angler, good chance you'll be aware of Shimano's Keimura UV jigs. The UV white jig has been one of the most popular jigs around Melbourne for a while now, and many anglers catch squid on it when everything else fails. Shimano has released a new series of the Keimura jigs, with a batch of new colours available in these already proven jigs. There is a new version of the popular 'UV white' along with a killer gold base yakka/whiting and rainbow base mackerel. These jigs are available in size 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 and are in stock now.  

The snapper fishing in the top end of Westernport bay continues to be a bit more consistent than Port Phillip due to water temperatures. While only a fraction warmer than the rest of the bay, the snapper know this and will stay in the area before dispersing around the rest of the bay once other areas become warmer. The main areas that have been the snapper hotspots recently have been North of Corinella, around to about Tooradin. 

Customer Daniel fished with his uncle out around Corinella over the weekend in search of a couple of snapper, and they weren't let down. Fishing in calm conditions, the guys caught 6 nice fish in just over 2 hours, with the biggest fish weighing around 7kg. The most effective baits for the guys were pilchards and also large squid heads.

Customer Pete also fished out in the port recently in search of a red. Pete fished around Joes Island where he found lots of schools of small barracouta. After catching a few, Pete rigged a couple up as baits and put them back down. During the run out tide Pete managed a nice school sized fish on the fresh couta.

Many anglers got out in search of a few trout over the weekend, as the Victorian trout season for streams opened up on Saturday. With most river levels flowing quite high but relatively clear, the fishing wasn't super considering. A few nice fish have been caught up around the Eildon region both in the rivers and also on the pondage. Customer Dado fished the Goulburn out towards Alexandra on Saturday where he found the fishing a bit slow. He did land this lovely rainbow though on his second cast in a new spot, on a pink coloured tassie devil. 

Customer Daniel fished some of the small streams down in South Gippsland on the weekend in search of trout or two on the fly. With river conditions very clear and very cold the fishing was tough, but Daniel did manage a nicely coloured brown about average for the area. A small beadheaded nymph fished below an indicator did the trick.  

Customer Jordan also fished some small water in South gippsland on the weekend on the fly. Jordan had to work hard for the fish that he caught, but in the end of a short session he outwitted 3 nice browns on small dark coloured nymphs. Most of the fish came from small pockets along the edge of faster moving runs. 

While the season has just closed for Murray cod, many fish were caught right up until the end of August. Most anglers associate Murray cod with warmer months, and while they are normally a bit more active during the Summer months, they can still be caught regularly during Winter. The trick is to fish the slightly deeper water as this particular water doesn't cool down as much as the shallows. 

Customer Val fished from a houseboat a few weeks ago on the Murray, where he landed a few nice cod. Val had various baits of yabbies, scrubworms and grubs out along with the odd lure. He kept this solid fish for everyone on the boat and released the rest of the fish. Hopefully come December we should see some good fishing again for the cod. 

While the trout streams around the state have only just recently opened up, the lakes and rivers in the states' West have been fishing very well. Many of the sea run streams are running full and discoloured, which are actually the best conditions for chasing some trophy trout in them. The Hopkins and Merri Rivers towards Warnambool are just two which fish well at this time of year. 

For the lake fisherman, both Purrumbete and Bullen Merri have been performing very well for both trout and salmon. Customer Mick has been fishing the lakes recently, and over the weekend he went down with a couple of mates. Mick fished Bullen Merri with two mates in search of a few chinook salmon. The best method to catch these salmon was to sound around and try to mark the fish up, and once a decent school was found it is a matter of presenting baits to them. Bluebait and whitebait has been the most effective on the salmon when fished on light line and with very small sinkers. Some of the salmon Mick caught over the weekend were up to 2.2kg in weight.  

The squid fishing in Westernport bay has been good over the last few weeks, with a bit better weather conditions letting anglers get out amongst them. Most anglers have been out collecting bait for snapper season and there have been plenty of decent bait sized squid around, with good numbers of bigger squid in the mix. Customer Tony enjoys his land based squid fishing and has recently been fishing from Flinders pier. Tony purchased a few new jigs recently and over the weekend he did well on the pier. Tony caught 3 good sized squid on his new Yamashita 3.5D in red/gold foil.

Around the bottom end of the bay James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been getting some big squid with his customers. James has been fishing around Flinders and has been catching decent sized squid on both baited and artificial jigs. Customer Daniel has also been catching some big squid further up the bay around Tyabb bank. Some of the squid have been close to 2kg. Baited jigs have been the best for him. 

While it's not whiting season as such, there are still some thumpers to be caught out in Westernport bay. Most of the fish getting caught have been in the 40cm size range, but they are not thick in numbers like over the summer months. The anglers who are catching these whiting are moving around lots and even some days not finding them at all. Once a decent school has been found it has been worthwhile fishing the surrounding area instead of moving too far away. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been doing really well on these big whiting over the last few months, and his last few trips haven't been any different. James has found the areas close to oceanic water have been holding some decent size fish, with squid and pipi doing the job as baits. 

Customer Peter has also been catching some solid whiting recently, and during his last session he caught a couple that measured over 45cm. Peter has found pipi has been the most effective lately, and he is also doing lots of moving around to catch his fish. Peter said that the 3m mark he has been fishing has been performing best on the outgoing tide. 

The Eildon region has been fishing well and is looking good for the season open on Saturday the 6th of September. There is plenty of water in the Goulburn and conditions look good for the season. Some anglers are still fishing the lake and pondage with good results like customer Paul. Paul fished with son Jorden on the pondage last Saturday and found the fishing very quiet all round, except for this brown they landed. Young Jorden hooked this fish as it was cruising in close to the edge, on a luminous pink 13.5g tassie devil. This lovely brown measured 61cm and weighed 4.3lb. 

If you're a keen snapper angler any chance says you will be waiting for that 'go time' bell. Well there are fish being caught at the minute, however with air and water temperatures fluctuating so have the moods of the fish. Westernport bay normally sees some active fish earlier than Port Phillip bay, namely because pockets of Westernport are slightly warmer and this is where the snapper head to. These 'pockets' are holding fish at the moment and while they are not a given, if you are in the right area at the right time (sounds like fishing in general) there is a good chance of landing a nice size fish. 

Customer Jacques went out for a session up the top end of the port last week and found a patch of fish to anchor on. Only one fish bit, but at 5.1kg it's a good start to the season. 

Customer Andrew has done a couple of sessions out in the port in the last week in search of an early season red. Andrew's last few trips have seen him land snapper between 4.5 to 5.8kg while fishing out from Corinella. 

Andrew has found snapper up towards Freeman point in the channel, and has found that fresh squid and yakka have been the best baits for these fish. 

This area out from Corinella has been the more consistent place to fish as the temperature of the water has been slightly warmer than the rest with all the shallow mudflats and reefy areas. 

The estuaries around Melbourne have been running a lit bit discoloured recently but are starting to clean up and fish a bit more consistent. The patto, yarra, maribyrnong and werribee have all been producing reasonable numbers of bream and mullet for land based anglers. Customers Thao and Nick ventured out to one of the metro rivers on the weekend in search of a few bream on the lures, where they found the fishing tough due to weather and water conditions. After a couple of hours of searching and trying different style lures, the boys got onto a couple of patches of school fish. Small blades and plastics vibes were the order of the day, with a strong breeze making other lures too hard to use effectively.

Patterson river has been fishing well for bream and mullet, with most of the bream taking scrubworms and freshwater yabbies, while the mullet have been good on small pieces of bluebait once berleyed up. Customer Michael went up the river during the week in search of a few bream on lures, and while the bream were tough he did manage to land a thumper of a sea mullet, on a lure. At this size mullet really fight hard, taking long powerful runs and occasionally jumped out of the water. Staff member Dylan fished patto last week in a short session looking for a few bream, but with discoloured water at the bottom of the tide the fish were a bit tough. A few flushes of clean water this weekend should kick them into gear.