Squid reports from the bay have been consistent recently - no real standouts in terms of location, but all the usual haunts fishing well. The Southern end of the bay from Mt Martha down has been good for average specimens from the piers, with a few bigger ones thrown in the mix down at Portsea. Deep running jigs in red foil and also dark greens have been the most effective after dark.

Staff members Dylan and Kozi both fished around Mt Eilza - Mornington during the week, from boat and pier. Dylan found average size squid around Mornington that were happy to attack the Haramitsu 'Albino' colour in size 2.5, while Kozi did well out in the boat close to shore. Haramitsu size 2.5 in EWC and AR did the damage around the shallow reef areas.

The Gippsland Lakes systems are very popular holiday locations at this time of year, both for fishing and other watersports and even just to unwind. The fishing is really top notch at this time of the year, with the only negative impact being the sheer amount of people on the water. At some stages the fish get a little bit spooky, but they can normally be found not far away with a bit of searching around.

Customers Ryan and Luke got away to the Eastern estuaries just last week in search of some bream luring. The guys threw their kayaks on the roof and headed out to the Gippsland lakes where they started looking around. The guys ended up having a solid weekend session with plenty of quality fish caught, on all manner of lures. Small soft plastics up to 4'' in size were effective, along with lipless crankbaits and hardbodies. Black and yellowfin bream were caught, along with a few reasonable size tarwhine as well. 


The snapper reports from out in Port Phillip have been very slow the last few weeks and while there are still anglers getting amongst them, most people aren't. The majority of fish being caught have come from out wide in 20 - 23m of water. The shallows have been very quiet with only the odd fish caught.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has really been putting in the hard yards to get some snapper for his customers, and while the fishing hasn't been easy he has managed to get a few nice fish. James has had to move around a lot to find his fish and as a result he has burnt a lot of fuel. In covering a lot of water he has found small patches of fish and normally once a bit of berley has gone in a few have come on the bite. He has found most of the better fish out deep at the moment - with a lot of smaller pinkies in the mix.


Westernport Bay has been producing a few good size pinkies during the week. While snapper reports from the Port have slowed right down, most of the fish still caught by everyday anglers have been in the 1.5 - 2.5kg mark. Most of the fish have been found in the bottom end of the Port at present where the water has been cooler. Areas to look have been around Rhyll, Cowes, Tortoise bank and across near Elizabeth Island.

Staff member George fished with a few mates out from Corinella during the week where they managed a heap of fish up to 2kg, along with trevally and bycatch of smaller sharks. The pinkies came on during the tide and preferred squid over any other bait.


There are plenty of light line options for family anglers fishing from the shoreline and piers over the Christmas break, not all fishing needs to be done out of an expensive boat. For anglers wanting to head out somewhere close to home, most of the piers along the Eastern side of Port Phillip have been producing a few different species. Provided you take some light outfits and berley along, you can have a bit of fun.

The main species on offer using these methods will be; squid, bream, trevally, salmon, yakkas, garfish and couta. The bream fishing in the Patterson and Maribyrnong Rivers has been good over the last week with some nice fish being caught. Customer Peter fished the Patto using yabbies and scrubworms to catch a few bream to 32cm. Small 'shiner' style hooks fished on 4lb fluorocarbon and a split shot have been a very effective way to catch these fish.

Down at Mornington pier there have been a few light line options for anglers, with mullet, salmon, yakkas and couta all on the go. A slow release berley mix like the pier and jetty mix is vital for targeting these fish, if you want to catch more that just the odd one. Staff member Dylan fished from the pier during the week to collect some baits and caught yakkas, garfish, tommy rough and couta using this berley mixture, along with delicately weighted float set ups.


The King George whiting have been fishing well in Westernport recently. From late winter onwards these fish have been pretty good in numbers, and the season is looking good. Many fish in the mid 40cm size bracket have been caught by anglers moving about. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been getting amongst some nice size whiting around the banks near Tyabb and Hastings.

Customers Daniel Siobhan fished the top end of the port over the weekend in search of a few whiting. In a short session around sunrise they caught some ripper whiting to 50cm along with a couple of pinkies. Fresh squid was the gun bait.


Port Phillip Bay has really started to slow in terms of snapper reports over the last few weeks, and while there are still some quality fish being caught - a lot of anglers are finding the fishing hard for small results. For anglers still wanting to try and land a few more snapper before the year is out, the best bet is to head out deep (19-22m) and try to locate a big school, then get the berley happening.

Customer Matt headed out recently in the bay in search of a snapper or two, and he managed a nice fish of around 3.5kg. Customer John took 9 year old Frankie out from Mt Martha over the weekend to see if a snapper or two was around. The boys fished in 21m of water and used snapper snatchers to get amongst a couple of nice fish.


The trout fishing around Melbourne has been ok recently, as the weather hasn't been hot for long enough to shut the fish down. The warmer days have produced fish early in the morning before the hot sun gets up in the sky and again towards dark. Many of the smaller rivers up around Eildon have been good for anglers fishing lures and fly, along with some of the West Gippsland streams also.

Customer Vince enjoys his trout fishing around Melbourne's outer suburb streams, and just recently tried his luck on the Yarra River. Vince took a small pack of lures and walked the banks above Warburton in search of a few trout. A few bumps from smaller brown trout failed to excite him, but after a savage strike he was on to a nice fish. A nice rainbow of around 2lb was landed using an Ecogear MW62 hardbody in colour 313, which is a matte trout/galaxia pattern.


The squid fishing has been fairly quiet recently around the bay but numbers of squid have still been good for anglers chasing them. The more consistent spots have been Mornington through to Mt Martha and around Portsea also.

Staff member Kozi has been catching a few squid from the shoreline of the bay between Frankston and Mt Martha, from both the piers and also the rocks. Squid in the 20cm size have been common, with size 2.5 jigs working best. Most colours have been good, with a quick change between a bright 'aggressive' colour to a more neutral 'natural' tone normally turning lookers into eaters.


One thing most anglers have noticed over the last year or so has been the lack of garfish being caught from the piers and rockwalls. A lot of regular pier fisherman have pretty much given up on fishing for them, as numbers just didn't seem to be around. Good news though, as the last month has seen some reasonable numbers of gars starting to come back. While they are not thick around the piers yet, many snapper anglers have reported catching large gars in their berley trails while targeting snapper - with some of the gars have been 40cm or bigger. Fine grit berley and size 12 - 14 narrow gaped hooks have been their undoing, with small pieces of squid or pilchard.


Staff member Kozi has been out giving the gars and other bait species a hiding from the shore between Frankston and Mornington. Kozi has caught garfish, tommy rough, salmon, scad and couta recently using a fine berley trail and small baits of pilchard, squid, silverfish and whitebait. The most effective berley has been the 'Pier and Jetty mix' from Zealcol - which is fine enough to attract all species but not feed them, so that they are still attracted to your baits. The rocks at Mornington and Mt Eliza have been good for Kozi.