The trout fishing around Eildon has been productive over the last few weeks, with the lake and the pondage producing fish. The lake has seen some nice size fish caught as they start to move into the arms and rivers for their spawning runs, with the Jews creek/Big river area producing a few good fish. 

Customer Stephen trolled some tassies around on the downrigger last week and landed a few browns. Most of the fish averaged around 400g in weight with the odd larger fish up to 3lb on the tassies. The frog pattern along with white/orange head were his two best performers.

Customer Ryan fished the pondage over the weekend for a couple of hours where he caught a lovely rainbow on a Rapala Husky Jerk hardbody. Ryan said the fishing was slow but the chunky rainbow he caught made up for the lack of action. He said there were a few fish taken by anglers with powerbait and mudeyes at the Bourke Street section of the pondage. 

As the tuna season winds down, there are less and less reports coming from the area. However there are still enough fish in the area to keep most anglers happy, with inshore zones of 40m depths right through to the shelf producing fish. Customers Damien and Christian went down to Portland after loading up with a few new outfits and giving them a test run on the fish. The boys managed to get into a good patch of fish in the 15kg mark on both skirts and hardbodies.

Dan from Bent Rods Fishing Charters took some customers out wide from Portland just recently where they still got into some nice fish. Dan went out wide around the Horseshoe area where bluefin tuna to 20kg were still smashing lures. Skirts proved to be the best and the combination of black and green in a Black Magic lure worked a treat on these fish. 

While the weather around Melbourne has been very rough over the last week, there are still fish to be caught - if you can get out. Landbased options have been difficult, with most of the Eastern side of Port Phillip getting smashed by waves and wind during the week. Even the keenest anglers have found it too hard to fish in these conditions, with most of the piers and rock walls taking breaking waves right over the top. 

Customer Ferdi went out in a lull in extreme weather activity and had a shot for some table sized pinkies from the shore. Ferdi fished around the rock groynes around Black Rock and Sandringham where he caught some nice pinkies 30 - 40cm. Ferdi used half cut pillies and found that long casts into deeper water got the fish to bite, with plenty more undersize fish in closer. 

As soon as the rough weather drops down a bit the pinkies will go nuts in around the reefy sections of the bay, in particular areas like Mordialloc, Black Rock and around Willamstown. Customer Jake fished from the shore around Williamstown on the weekend to land plenty of pinkies to 45cm on both soft plastics and bait. Jake said he started with 2 rods and ended up just fishing with 1 because the action was hot. He said that small baits of pilchard and squid were the best, with 3 inch Gulp minnows catching a few as well. 

Westernport Bay can produce plenty of good fishing right through the winter months, even on fish like snapper. There are normally some large snapper that hang around in the port through winter, along with a run of fresh fish that move in to feed. Most of these larger fish are fish in the 5 - 8kg mark, with a few either either side of this weight range. The better areas to try your luck for one of these big winter reds are normally the Corinella region, up around the top end near Joes Island and down near Rhyll. In saying that, the fish will turn up where they want.

Customers Vito and Daniel went out for a fish over the weekend where they were after a few gummies. The guys went and fished through the Western Entrance area in search of a big gummy, but when Daniel pulled u big snapper out of 30m of water they were surprised. The big red weighed just over 20lb and took fresh squid. A few smaller table gummies around the 5kg mark were also caught while in the same area on similar baits. 

Customer Steven recently fished out for a feed of gummies along the edge of the Western channel. Steve picked up a couple of fresh squid on his way down and used them as bait pinned on Gamakatsu circle hooks. Steve managed his 2 gummies in 25 minutes, both around 6kg using this method and was back home not long after.

The crate lakes out towards Camperdown are still fishing well for trout and salmon at present. Although we have had some seriously rough conditions, the resident trout push right in close to the shore where they can find food stirred up in the cloudy water. For these conditions land based fishing can be excellent, with many trout taking both baits and lures fish from the shore. For shore based anglers, mudeyes and minnows fished under a float are a very good option. Walking the lake edges with a lure casting outfit can also produce results in rough conditions.

Customer Mick fished the crater lakes twice last week after some good results a fortnight back. Mick has done well using pilchards and glassies suspended off the bottom, after locating the schools of fish on the sounder. The Chinook salmon have been more prolific, with the odd rainbow trout taking the baits as well. Mick has found the fish in around 10-15m of water on most occasions. 

The squid fishing around the bay has been pretty good over the last few weeks, with plenty around to keep anglers busy chasing them. Customer David had his first real crack at them recently out from Mornington, and for his first session he still managed a few on a variety of Yamashita, Haramitsu and Yakamito jigs. David fished the Frankston - Mornington area in around 4m of water. 

Customers Zoran and Vito fished down around Rye over the weekend chasing a few squid. They worked the shallows around Rye and Sorrento and managed their bag of squid, with the 14T Keimura (UV white) the standout jig for them again. 

Customer Rui has also been catching his share of squid recently from the rocks. Rui has found size 3.5 Yamashita jigs in natural colours have been the go to for him. Rui has landed some quality squid to around 1kg in weight. 

Most of Victoria's Western lakes fish exceptionally well for trout during the colder months of the years. Some of these lakes are relatively shallow which means that during the summer months they warm up easily, and trout don't like this too much. Wet, windy days are often the best times to fish these lakes, as the cold conditions keep the trout happily feeding along the edges where they can be fished for. 

Jeremy Gadea had a fish recently over at Upper Coliban Reservoir, which is north-west of Melbourne. Jermey walked the edges fishing lures and managed some nice brown trout to around 2lb using a variety of lures. His most effective lure was the smallest size Waxwing jig from Shimano. 

Frank Gadea also fished the 'Colli' as well as Lauriston Reservoir with the fly gear where he caught some nice browns along the edges. Frank noticed that the fish were chasing baitfish around the shallows and his smelt patterns worked a treat. 

Port Phillip has produced some nice snapper this Winter for anglers out targeting them, and there should still her a few more caught right through until Spring. While they are not as common during the colder months, groups of fish make their way in and out of the bay all year long, and there are also smaller patches of fish that stay in the bay for most of the year. 

Customer Danny went for a fish with a few mates last week in search of some nice pinkies to take home for a feed. Danny and mates fished from the rocks down around Mt Martha, and had some action after starting up with some berley. The guys caught some smaller pinkies but Danny well and truly took the cake when he landed this lovely snapper of around 5kg. The solid fish took a whole bluebait at around 1pm in the afternoon. Danny said the tide was just starting to move back in when the snapper hit. 

Pinkies have been good around all the inshore reef areas in the bay, with Black Rock and further north around Williamstown producing some nice fish. Customer Paul has been catching fish to around 40cm out from Black Rock on half pillies, with the most productive depths ranging from 5 - 8m of water. Paul has also been moving around regularly to find the active schools of fish.

Customer Peter has been having fun recently with the pinkies up around Williamstown and in the Docklands. Large schools of fish have been moving around and Peter has been catching up to 20 fish in a session. Peter has been using various lures, with small metal blades working well after dark.

In the Docklands the bream fishing has been good for active anglers working the area. Baits of prawn and freshwater yabbies have been working well when fished unweighted along with small sinking lures. Small soft plastics, vibes and stickbaits have been the go in the docks. Customer Brett has been catching both bream and pinkies on his small sinking stickbaits recently, with bream to 35cm and pinkies to around the same size taking the same lures. 

Westernport Bay has been worth a trip if you're after a bag of squid - be it for bait or to cook up. The fishing from some of the piers has been worth a look, along with drifting over the grass beds in the boat. Areas that have been producing lately have been Tyabb, Stony Point and further south around Flinders. 

Customer Zach loves his Westernport fishing and just this week he decided to get out and have a crack at a few big ones. Zach went and fished down around the Flinders/McHaffies area where he got a few ok squid. Zach also managed a cracker on one of his baited jigs which weighed 3.1kg

Customer Michael fished from Hastings and Stony Point piers during the week in search of a few squid for gummy baits, he said that Hastings was very quiet but Stony Point wasn't too bad - with 8 squid to his name his was happy. Michael said that the slack stage of the tide was the most productive, around this time he got 5 of his squid. His best performing jigs were Yamashita size 3.0 in grass whiting pattern, along with a few other colours. 

Reports of salmon from the beaches, piers and rocks around the area are still good at the moment. Most of the salmon are averaging around 1kg, with a few either side. Gunnamatta and Rye ocean beach have been good, along with Woolamai, Cleeland Bight, Kilcunda and Williamson's. Further along Venus Bay and Sandy Point have got a decent run of fish as well.

Staff member Chris took some customers down to Venus Bay over the weekend for the surf bus trip where they were met with good conditions. Most of the anglers were fairly new to surf fishing so they appreciated learning the finer art of reading the beach, quickly tying up rigs and the importance of berley and fishing in the right area. The trip saw salmon, mullet and flatties caught from the beach by most of the anglers.

Customer Tim gave us a report from down at Kilcunda earlier in the week, where he said there were plenty of salmon around 700g hanging around in close. Tim was having a ball catching a heap on 25g Searocks in pink and bluebait colours. 

Customer Rui reports that the salmon are thick enough from most of the piers at the moment as well. Rui was recently fishing for squid when he caught 2 salmon in 2 casts on his jigs.