Saltwater fishing in Victoria

Do you enjoy the sound of the surf, the smell of the salt air with the sea breeze in your face, the sunshine warming your back and just letting your mind wander as you look into the blue waters of the sea. If so then, The Victorian Saltwater Coastline is the ultimate place for you and your friends.

Saltwater fishing in Victoria is highly rated and offers excellent fishing all year round. If you’re are looking for a feed of fresh fish or landing that trophy Big Red Snapper, the saltwater scene in Victoria has it all.

Victoria has not one, but two huge bays, Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay with excellent facilities; quality boat ramps, easy access to piers, car parking and an array of cafes for a warm brew. As well, on offer an incredible amount of different fish species for you to target.

The Saltwater scene caters for all types of Anglers. So whether you enjoy sitting in a deck chair at the end of your favourite jetty or scrambling over sand and rocks for the best vantage point. Perhaps your choice is spending hours on the water in the middle of the bay in your pride and joy with your eyes fixed firmly on the end of your rods in anticipation of them buckling over.

Victoria’s Saltwater is the fishing haven for you. View our current Saltwater Fishing Report

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