George Kokkinos

Store manager

My fishing passion is squid -The challenge of catching squid; using different techniques, jigs and attractants, with the huge reward of bagging out and releasing the big ones. Squid fishing is very challenging and if you want success you need to put the time in perfecting your casting and retrieve as well as being prepared to try different sizes, colours and types of jigs over the period.

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Dylan Brennan

Bream specialist

Fishing and exploring the outdoors isn’t just a part of my work – it’s my lifestyle.

Whether I’m out testing a new bream lure, studying a topographic map for future reference or just dreaming about my next fishing or camping adventure. I reckon, I’m still planning and thinking of my next outing, even when I am asleep. It’s all a part of who I am.

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Chris Forster

Loves the "Big Reds"

Itchy feet take over about twice a year, firstly in winter when the Surf beaches fire up with Salmon and Gummy sharks and then later in October when the ‘Big Reds’ come through the heads.

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