If you're a keen snapper angler and missed out a bit during the spring run, there has been a good bite from fish down south in the bay. Every year we see a fairly consistent bite during late summer through to mid autumn as our bay temperature starts to drop a bit. These fish are generally fairly concentrated out from Mornington through to Mt Martha spoil ground in 18 - 22m of water. While the fish aren't restricted to super early morning feeding patterns, the best bet is to get out before first light and sound fish and sit close to them.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been taking customers out on the snapper and pinkies over the last few weeks, and in his opinion the fishing has been better than back in November. James reports excellent numbers of fish from 35cm up to 2kg, and good amounts of fish in the 5kg range also. Gentleman's hours have been producing plenty of solid pinkies with squid, saury and pilchard all doing the job. The main consistent feature is that all of these fish have been out towards the spoil ground and channel, possibly looking to exit the bay once water temperatures drop low.

Plenty of happy anglers with abundant table sized pinkies out deep. This fishing should stay stable until about mid april.