With the weather allowing many anglers offshore access recently the main focus for many have either been tuna or kingfish - and why not, they've both been about in good numbers and are tackle testing speedsters ready to hit baits and lures.

The rip has been producing a few fish here and there for persistent anglers but overall has been lacking the numbers that offshore has seen. In saying that there have been fish about and ready for combat on the right tides. Customers Jason, Steve and Ashie fished the rip over the weekend and managed a few fish on live and dead baits. 

The best fish went to young gun Ashie who spotted the rod moving before the fish was on. A small live squid did the damage when fished on a 'western port' style rig on the drift. The fish were all caught during the ebb tide and were holding in one small area. 

Offshore around the Point Lonsdale and Barwon Bluff region there have been plenty of small kings to tackle. EJ Todd representative Mitch and mate Paul ventured out over the weekend and found numbers of small kingfish to around 70cm that were happy to hit small slim profiled stickbaits and slow pitch style jigs.

Amongst the kingfish action there were good numbers of tuna cruising but most fish were very finicky and not interested in any lures. The boys landed a couple of tuna to around the 15kg mark on surface poppers. Many of the fish were holding out wide in the 55-60m line, with very few in close. 

Customer Jade fished with a few mates out from the Western entrance over the weekend and had some fish on the tuna. A bit of water was covered and the fish were found around the Cape Schank area in 25m of water. Small Pakula skirts were the best when run behind a soft squid teaser. 

Customer Jamie ventured out from the Western entrance in search of bluefin over the weekend after a quick lure top up in the store. Jamie picked up a soft teaser setup and even though the conditions and boat traffic made things hard he boated 3 tuna all on lumo skirts run behind the teaser setup. Fishing lighter spin gear really got the best out of the fish and was even capable when the smaller teaser setup was attached. 

Down along the West Coast the kingfish action was nothing short of insane over the weekend. Customers Izzy and Bruno spent the weekend down at Portland and had no issues catching plenty of kingfish up to 95cm or so. Most of the fish were holding up over the broken reef along the north shore, with a few found deeper out from Julia reef. 

The successful tactics were many, with live and dead squid accounting for a lot of fish, but fish also caught on surface stickbaits and poppers and slim profiled soft plastics like large jerk shads and sluggos. Amongst the kingfish in the shallower water there were schools of tuna to around 15kg which were very flighty but occasionally catchable with small lures run behind a teaser setup. 



The usual targets have been on offer in Westernport over the past week and fishing well whether it's pier or boat based. Squid, whiting and gummies have been worth the effort, with good sized models in all species available. For the land based angler Flinders pier has been producing some excellent squid if you persist and change jig sink rates and colours. 

Customer Angelo has been doing well on the squid down at Flinders pier over the past few weeks. Angelo has been using a mixture of baited jigs and cast artificial jigs and has found the artificial jigs working better. Size 3.5 have been the best here, with slow sink rates also optimum. UV white, purple and green have all been excellent for mixed conditions. 

Customer Dan has also been getting amongst the squid action, with some quality models caught. Fishing shallow grass beds no deeper than 3m Dan has been catching some good calamari. Smaller jigs in the 2.5-3.0 sizes have been the best, with bright colours like fluro greens and oranges along with white the best at getting the attention of the squid. 

The whiting fishing in the bay still continues to provide plenty of fish for most, with excellent size fish still about. While there have been heaps of small school fish about, the overall quality of fish at present is excellent. Customer Jade fished with some mates north of Hastings during the night and found some excellent whiting feeding hard in the shallower water. The shallows can be an excellent are to look after dark, especially for the larger fish. 

Customer Chris also got out from Hastings recently and bagged a few solid fish near the spit. Chris found that boxed californian squid was the most effective when cut in small slender strips and fished as a hang bait. When fishing these small hang baits ensure that your hook choice is one that won't spin when in strong current. 

For those fishing a bit closer to the Western entrance the gummy fishing has been very good. Fresh baits and finding some good ground have been the two main ingredients. Whether you're offshore or inside the bay, knowing that you're fishing along the correct ground is a critical step. Finding small patches of reef offshore will normally find you a gummy, while the same structure or a channel ledge inside the bay will provide you with the right habitat to fish. Youngster Mike fished with his dad through the entrance over the weekend and landed a nice table sized gummy off a small channel drop. Mike used a fresh hang bait on an oversized circle hook to secure the gummy. 





While many anglers are back from a long weekend getaway, those who regularly get out and target both bream and flathead in the eastern gippsland estuaries will be pleased to know that they are fishing exceptionally well at present. With intermittent rain falling into all of the catchments the systems are receiving much appreciated top ups of fresh water which bring food with it. The estuaries of Lake Tyers, Bemm River and Tamboon Inlet have been producing fish for mobile anglers, and especially those who are trialing a mixture of lure types. 

Customers Nick and Tony have been fishing both Bemm River and Tamboon and have had some good sessions over the past few weeks on bream and flathead. The bream have been active around a lot of the shallow weedbeds in both systems and have responded best to shallow running jerkbaits and slim prawn profiled soft plastics, especially when slowly 'popped' above the weed. For targeting the larger flathead a larger lure approach has been much more effective. Soft plastics and swimbaits in the 5 - 7 inch size range have been the best bet in triggering a solid strike from a larger fish while fishing around the same weed beds and drop offs.

Around Lake Tyers and Bemm River some of the large flathead have really been making the their presence felt when targeting them with the correct lures and methods. Customer Nathan and mates have landed some ripper fish to a round 90cm during recent trips, with the big bait big fish theory working pretty well. The medium to large lures that the guys have been using have excellent drawing power to the larger flathead and generally a better hook up due to larger trebles finding their mark. 

Customer Jordan has also been fishing the same waterways mainly chasing the bream on lures. Jordan has been finding good numbers of fish holding in flooded backwaters and ti-tree swamps and they have been best targeted with surface lures. Jordan has been finding that the average fish have been around the high 30cm mark with a handful over 40cm in the last couple of trips. While places like Lake Tyers are closed and high these techniques are perfect. 


The fishing for Murray cod and yellowbelly has been good in most of the northern waterways even with the increase in boat traffic. Places like Lake Eildon, Nagambie and Mulwala have been fishing well and there have even been some nice fish coming from places like the Yarra as well. Customer Steve's last trip up to Eildon yielded him a cracker from the cover of darkness fishing the sloping timber running into a small inlet.

Customer Izzy has caught some nice cod recently, with most of them coming on the chew during the night while fishing the Goulburn. Fish to 62cm have found their way to the banks on a variety of baits and the odd one on spinnerbaits early morning and late afternoon. 

Customer Danny got a rather large suprize when he hooked a 60cm cod fishing a new ultralight outfit in the Werribee River recently. Danny was fishing a small bream sized hardbody lure on a light 1-3kg spin out fit when the cod came along. After a quick tussle around some snags and a pic the cod was back on it's way. 

Customer Bryce came into the store to gear himself up for Murray cod fishing from his kayak and after some gear selection and advice he set off for his first trip. Bryce's starting session on the cod saw him land a lovely 76cm fish on one of the suggested and rigged lures from the store. Great way to start off your cod fishing! 


The whiting fishing has been excellent for virtually all anglers out chasing them in the Port lately. As cliche as it may sound, the whiting have been going well all over the port. If you're fishing for them on some of the isolated grass beds near Corinella they have been fishing well, or if you'd normally chase them from Tortoise head back up to the top of the middle spit they've been firing along here also. Customer Izzy got out on them last week and managed a bag of solid fish out from Hastings. Cocktail baits of pipi and squid were effective when fished on short dropper paternoster rigs. 

Customer Bill fished the top end of the port just recently and although conditions were less than pleasant the fish were will willing the bite. Bill missed the best stage of the tide but still managed a few nice fish in the sloppy conditions. The standout bait for Bill was cubed pieces of yakka of all things. 

Young gun Mike has been doing well up the top end of the port on the whiting. Mike has been chasing them with his dad and during his most recent trip they managed a nice bag of fish in a small sand hole not far from Warneet pier. Fishing the channel here can be good when the rough weather sets in, and for their efforts they managed a few nice flathead as well. Mussel and pipi were the best baits. 








There has been no secret that the bluefin tuna fishing locally has been exceptional, and with awesome weather over the long weekend there should be a few anglers out amongst them. There have been tuna caught from Torquay through to about Cape Woolamai, with most of action occurring from Seal Rock through to Barwon Heads.

Customer Trent shot out from the Western Entrance in search of the tuna and got into the action with surfacing fish and bait marking on the sounder. While the fish weren't fired up he still managed a nice one on a small skirt. Running different profile lures in amongst your spread is key to dissecting what the fish are willing to eat on the day. 

Customers Hassan and Mehmet also fished out from Western Entrance and found plenty of fish but they were very flighty and not really fired up. After searching for groups of fish that might eat, the guys ended up cubing to packs of fish in the 25m line where they managed to get a few hooked up. The best fish weighed 44lb and took a single hook rigged pilchard fished unweighted back through the cube trail. 

While most of the action has been occurring offshore, there have been bluefin tuna caught well inside both bays. Customer Izzy fished around Port Phillip Heads earlier in the week and amongst some large salmon she landed 2 nice tuna. A mixture of skirted lures run in different positions and constantly changed up was the ket to getting the fish to bite, with small 4 inch skirts doing the best.