Freshwater fishing is on the cards for many anglers getting away and relaxing over the Easter break. Many of the popular inland destinations are fishing well at present, with the popular Eildon region being one in particular. The area has been producing plenty of trout in the myriad of river options nearby - with the Goulburn really shining for bait anglers fishing out of the main river flow. If the rivers aren't your thing the pondage has been worth a shot wether bait or lure is your choice. With plenty of access for all, and some absolute monster fish about the pondage has been an excellent option. Customer Matt has been landing some thumping trout fishing land based on the pondage while casting lures. Matt has found long casting spoons to be dynamite in tricking the large fish. If a relaxed fishing is more your thing then the pondage your best bet with coarse-style powerbait tactics.

The lake at Eildon has still been fishing well for all species, with Murray cod, yellowbelly, redfin and trout on the cards over Easter. The rainfall that the lake has received will help the action on all species, and should start the resident trout on their pre-spawn movements. For the trout angler the main river arms should start to see some fish concentrated towards the entrances and adjacent banks. The Murray cod and yellowbelly have also been active as the water temperature drops, with fish pushing deep into the inlets. Customer Cooper spent a few days camping up on the lake last week and had some fun with some lovely yellowbelly on lures fishing deep into some inlets and arms. 

While many keen freshwater anglers are trying their luck around Nagambie during the Go Fish competition, the Yarrawonga-Mulwala area is producing both cod and yellowbelly. As the weather cools off the larger cod increase their activity in feeding heavily over the Winter months, preparing themselves pre-spawn. Lake Mulwala is an excellent spot for any to target the large cod and also numbers of smaller fish too. Customer Trev fished the lake recently with surface lures and while there were a few missed attempts he managed to pin a couple of nice fish. Medium sized paddlers worked slow over the many horizontal timber structures. 



The Mornington Peninsula has been fishing well for squid for land based anglers over the past week or so. Even with all the strong wind and rain that has been about the fishing is still good. There trick has been to fish the areas affected by the weather the least. The southern end of the peninsula around Sorrento and Portsea have been good for larger squid but not so much large numbers, with larger quantities taken from Rye and Mornington - with Mornington the real stand out. 

Small jigs in the 1.8 - 2.5 size range are the go at Mornington while the massive numbers of small squid are about. Colour wise for jigs has not mattered as much, but as usual the use of a sinker and paternoster rig does. Many anglers adopt this technique for casting distance, but this really doesn't let the jig work to it's fun potential. 

Customer Damien has been getting down to the pier for some bait collection and reports that 10 squid can be easily caught in most sessions without too much trouble. Small 1.8 jigs are the most effective when the fishing is a bit quieter, while 2.5's are working when the squid are a bit more fired up. 

While the pier has been busy, many anglers are getting their kids involved with the action. Young gun Marko managed his first catch at the pier recently - a nice squid, using his dad's outfit. The prime bite time for these squid here has been the hour or around last light, with most caught during this period compared to the rest of the night or day. 






The whiting fishing continues to kick on well into Autumn. Both bays are fishing well for KGW, with a growing number of year-round whiting aficionados following the fish about throughout the seasons. At present the fish are still fairly well spread out in both bays and biting actively. The recent dumping of rain that Melbourne has seen will shift the fish again, with increased freshwater filtering out of creeks and drains. 

The southern end of Port Phillip remains consistent, with Queenscliff and St Leonards being the real hot spots. Customers Josh and Michael fished out from Queenscliff and managed a nice bag of fish. The boys found pipi the hot bait, and 6 - 7m of water amongst the small sand gutters adjacent to reef and weed towards Lonsdale bight.

Across in Westernport the whiting are providing quality fishing for anglers. The region around the middle spit has been an excellent spot to work through, from 2m of water through to around 8m deep. Fishing the small run off gutters and scattered weed with pipi and squid scored a bag of school fish for customer Jamie. 

Also fishing around the middle spit, customers Izzy and John have been working hard on the whiting. While the bites have gotten a touch tougher, they are still catching some bags of nice fish. Fishing fresh squid and pipi and moving deeper as the tides slow has been helping add a few more quality fish to the bag. 





The bluewater action offshore from both bays rages on, and with conductive weather the kingfish and tuna will keep anglers busy right into April. There have been some smaller fish pushing in from the West, but tuna to 30kg have still been about in excellent numbers. The fish have been caught from Kilcunda through to around Torquay, with Flinders through to Barwon Bluff holding great numbers and attracting anglers launching from either bay. Customer Kane fished with Gawaine Blake recently and got into some nice solid fish in even better conditions out from the heads. 

Customer Ahmad fished with mates out from Barwon and found good numbers of fish that were playing ball for once. Ahmad and the guys enjoyed catching tuna to around 20kg on surface stickbaits and poppers with plenty of smaller kingfish hanging nearby also. The best region was around the 40m depth. 

The kingfish have been hot and cold if you've been fishing around the rip and Port Philip Heads. While the fish have been around, the conditions in the rip have changed on a daily basis with wind direction and tidal strength all contributors. Most of the fish in the rip have been in the 3 - 7kg size range, with some larger fish finding the live baits of unfortunate anglers. The offshore points and structures have been more consistent but fish size has been a size bracket smaller overall when finding numbers of them.

Customer Jason has been landing some solid fish offshore around Cape Schank. Jason has been casting stickbaits and poppers along with hanging live baits down to see what is working. Live squid and yakka have been good when presented to the fish from the correct angle around these pressure points and ledges. Fish to 1m and around 10kg have been found holding up around the schank but landing them is a different story!

Customer Justin fished with mate Ben around the schank also and landed some nice school sized kings to around 80cm. The guys found live squid to be the most effective bait on them, especially when slow trolled deep around the ledges and points in roughly 20m of water. 




Western Port's run of whiting reports continue in and show no real presence of slowing as we enter Autumn. While the water temperature creeps lower the fish continue to bite as well as ever, with the only real Autumn indicator being the odd angler chasing the fish slightly further south in the port. Speaking of the southern end of the port, and of quality KGW - customer Mark boated a ripper whiting that knocked the genuine kilo mark easily. Mark's 53cm fish weighed 1.1kg and was caught down along the Balnarring/Somers region. That sort of fish is worth money this weekend!

Back up the top of the port customer Chris has been smashing the whiting with his mates. Chris has been fishing out from Warneet and doing well on fish to 46cm on pipi and squid. Chris has also been landing some quality pinkies while chasing the whiting, which we should see more of over the next couple of months.

Up the top end of the port there have been some large fish landed by anglers amongst the school sized whiting. Customer Colin fished out from Blind Bight recently and landed a nice bag of fish with the largest weighed 825g - which will yield some ripper fillets! Colin has been finding the deeper marks around Joe's Island more productive for him with half his bag comprising quality fish like this at times. Californian squid and pipi have been the best baits for him. 

Customers Mark and Cip have also been doing well on the whiting around the Joe's Island region. The boys have been fishing the shallower ground during bigger tides and moving to the deeper patches of cunjie as the tides slow and finding some better fish that way. Mussel and pipi along with fresh squid has been the best baits for the guys. 


The estuaries around Lakes Entrance have been fishing well for bream and flathead, along with King George whiting. Lake Tyers has been fishing well for bream and flathead, with the flathead really providing anglers with some action. Anglers fishing larger plastics and swimbaits are connecting with sold fish from up in the shallows out along any drop offs and ambush points.

Customer Dan fished with Jarrod from the Compleat Angler head office after some nice flathead on larger lures. The standout lures were Biwa swimbaits and large Yakamito plastics fished slowly along the likely territory, with flathead in the 70cm mark landed. 

Staff member Dylan fished the lake also in search of some larger model flatties, but lucked out with plenty of fish from 50 - 65cm landed but no monsters. Swimbaits in the 170mm size range were the best lure choices, especially when rigged with chin weights to run deeper along the ledges and gutters. 

Around Lakes Entrance and Metung there has still been prawn activity. Staff member Dylan collected around half a kilo under a full moon recently, covering no more than a 15m stretch of bank. Over the next new moon the prawns should be even more active and worth targeting. Amongst the prawn activity there has been a load of whiting caught. The region from Kalimna through to Tambo bluff has been the main area of interest, with plenty of school sized fish caught on mussel, prawn and pipi. 

The rivers of the Gippsland lakes have been fishing well for bream recently. With fish spread out widely through the rivers, the lower sections seem to be producing better numbers compared to higher reaches. Customer Paul fished the Nicholson river over the weekend and found smaller school bream aplenty along the edges of the river below the boat ramp. Paul found the best success on amber coloured grubs fished on light jigheads. 

Staff member Dylan also fished the Nicholson river last week for a few hours on the way home from Lakes Entrance. With strong 25 knot winds ripping through the river the upstream reaches provided more cover. Bream to 1kg were caught on a mixture of 80mm UV coloured plastics, and deep diving crankbaits. Most of the fish were found sitting out from the edge along the back of the first drop off, in small schools.