Well the squid mayhem continues this week at Mornington pier. The abundance of schooling squid has had anglers flocking from all over the suburbs to get amongst them. These squid have been fairly ravenous and in as thick a numbers as they have ever been, with many anglers gaining their bag in no time. 2.5 sized jigs are getting a few amongst anglers confident in using them, but the standout size has been 1.8.

Staff member Don took his twin boys down to the pier during the week where they managed some on 2.5 'clicks' and 'Yamashita' jigs.

Customer Emmanuel fished with 2 mates on the pier on Friday night where they managed a good bag of squid. A few size 1.8's worked well, with most consistent being a Daiwa Emeraldas 'nude', with the mirror flash getting attention around the pier lights.

Customer Brendan isn't a regular squid fisho, but after some outfit and jig selection tips from the boys he managed his 10 squid. Brendan found the taper of his Shimano 'squirt stick' perfect in keeping lightly hooked squid on even under heavier drag settings.

The Yamashita 'Sutte-R' jigs in 1.8 were the go for Brendan, and were easily changed using the 'quick' rolling snaps.

Most jigs colours have been working on and off at the pier, but the key has been fishing them without any additional sinker.

Customer Ryan fished with a mate around the pier during the week and found that size 2.5 and even 3.0 jigs worked when fished out long in the deeper waters of the harbour. The killer were the DTD 'natural baitfish' colours in red mullet and pinkie.

Staff member Dylan fished from the pier over the weekend and found that the squid were plentiful and ravenous. Dylan took 2 jigs down, both size 1.8 in 2 different colours and found that they both worked. The key was to change colour when thing went a bit quiet - and fish all areas of the harbour. There have been no 'hotspots' or hot colours - persistence and colour changes will get you results. Dylan noticed lots of people using the correct jigs but fishing them incorrectly, on super heavy line and with bomb sinker attached, and also on incorrect tackle. Unfortunately fishing these quality jigs in this manner renders them nowhere near as effective.