The trout fishing in the lakes has been good recently, as the conditions have been perfect for them! Cold weather with rainfall really triggers the trout to feed up and move in their annual spawning congregations. Lake Eildon has been fishing well around some of the arms like Jews Creek and Big River. Customer Mick fished the main arm out from Eildon boat harbour in search of a few trout, and he did catch a few small browns trolling tassies behind downunder sinkers. 

Customers Rene and Andrew also fished Lake Eildon recently, where they camped out and did some trolling. The guys trolled a mixture of lures like Tassies, Merlins and Rapalas - with a few pelagic browns taking a mixture of lures. The guys trolled around Jews Creek and Big River to find their fish.

The western lakes normally fish well at this time of the year, and this year has been no different. Bullen Merri, Purrumbete and some of the northern lakes like Wendouree and Toolondo have all been producing fish. Lake Bullen Merri has been producing some quality size fish from anglers trolling and baitfishing. Young angler Gabrielle was fishing out in the lake with live bullhead minnow when this massive brown trout got hungry. At around midnight her bubble float went under and this 4.3kg trout came up. What a cracker!


Most of Victoria's Western lakes fish exceptionally well for trout during the colder months of the years. Some of these lakes are relatively shallow which means that during the summer months they warm up easily, and trout don't like this too much. Wet, windy days are often the best times to fish these lakes, as the cold conditions keep the trout happily feeding along the edges where they can be fished for. 

Jeremy Gadea had a fish recently over at Upper Coliban Reservoir, which is north-west of Melbourne. Jermey walked the edges fishing lures and managed some nice brown trout to around 2lb using a variety of lures. His most effective lure was the smallest size Waxwing jig from Shimano. 

Frank Gadea also fished the 'Colli' as well as Lauriston Reservoir with the fly gear where he caught some nice browns along the edges. Frank noticed that the fish were chasing baitfish around the shallows and his smelt patterns worked a treat. 


This is the best time of year to be chasing yellowbelly. As the water temperature warms up a bit the yellas go into feeding mode. If you're keen to catch a few, some hotspots for them at the moment are; Lake Eildon, Lake Eppalock, Murray River around Robinvale and also in the river near Lake Hume.

Customer Dave fished over at Lake Eppalock just recently where he got onto a few nice Yellowbelly. Dave landed 3 nice fish up to 52cm, casting small lipless lures in a redfin pattern from his boat. Small lipless lures that imitate juvenile redfin are a very good starting point as they can cover all areas of the water column.



Customers Rene and Andrew fished Highland Lakes over near Ballarat last week to hone in on their fly skills. They boys fished standard #6 gear with long leaders and found that Tom Jones or brown and gold pheasant tail nymphs worked the best of the trout. The boys caught some lovely rainbows which pulled hard and did their usual aerial displays.

Highland Lakes has fished up to 5kg roaming about, and is situated about an hour from Melbourne in a town called Gordon.


The Western Lakes have still been fishing well for some good size trout, with anglers from the shoreline and boats both doing well. The average size trout coming out of Lakes Tooliorook and Toolondo has been around 3lb, with 3 - 6 fish per session average for most anglers which makes the fishing well worth the drive.

Customers Paul and Filip fished out at Tooliorook with Trevor from Victorian Inland Fishing Charters recently where they did well on some cracking brown trout to 2kg, all taken slowly trolling white tassie devils around the lake margins.


The Western Victorian lakes are still red hot for some thumping trout at the moment. The most productive lakes have been Tooliorook and Purrumbete but Bullen Merri and Toolondo have also been good as well. Scott Gray has been fishing a few of the lakes over the past week and he has found the fishing excellent.

Trout to 3kg have been pretty much around average, with a few better fish coming out as well. Most anglers have been flatlining lures such as tassies and shallow running hardbodies to catch a few, however anglers working the weed and timber edges casting both lures and flies have been a bit more successful due to the stealth factor. Small mudeye imitating soft plastics have caught their share of fish along with lures such as Rapala flat raps and xraps.


Victoria's Western lakes are still fishing well for trout and the odd redfin at the minute. Most of the action is coming from anglers trolling and casting lures like tassie devils and shallow running hardbodies fitted with weedless hooks. Running weedless hooks on most lures for this style of fishing means that the lures can be run as close to grass and weed as possible without fouling up. Most of the trout and redfin will hang close by to the weed and dash out to attack prey.

Customer Paul fished Lake Tooliorook recently where he has been catching plenty of trout averaging around the 2.5kg mark. Paul's best so far has been a 4.3kg beauty that took a trolled lumo white tassie. Trolling early in the day has been the best, and then once the sun comes up casting the same lures has been a good method.


Victoria's Western lakes have been fishing well for trout and redfin for the last few weeks. While the weather might be average and may take a bit to persist with, the quality of fish on offer is well worth it. Some of the lakes that are fishing well at the moment include; Bullen Merri, Purrumbete, Wendouree, Wurdibuloc - along with the lakes over near the Grampians - Wartook, Fyans and Toolondo.

Customer Tim purchased a few new trolling outfits during the week and over the went he went across to the Grampians with a few mates where they did some trolling in a couple of the lakes. While it took some moving about to find the fish, the guys ended up with 17 nice trout averaging around 1.2kg on a variety of lures. The best performers over the weekend were plain white winged 'tassie devil' style lures.


If you're a keen freshwater fisho, and want to tangle with some good Redfin and Trout now is the time to get across to Western Victoria. Lake Tooliorook is just out of Colac and is producing some lovely fish. 

Customer Brian from the Bendigo Angling Club went across and fished the lake to land both Trout and Redfin. The Trout were mainly caught on flatlined Tassies while most Redfin were caught on Maria and Strike Pro vibes around the northern side of the lake.


With the water starting to cool, it's a great time of year to start targeting Trout in both lakes and rivers before they move to spawn, Customer Paul sent us a report from Lake Eucembeme where he fished recently, to catch some lovely Trout with the biggest being a Brown of 6.5lb.  Paul says that trolling Rapala Spotted Dogs early in the morning was the best method.

Speaking of lovely Trout, Customer Jurek also sent a report in to us from a recent trip over to Ballarat fishing with his wife.  While he was outfished by the missus, he was rapt to see her land such a beautiful fish - a lovely Rainbow Trout that measured 59.5cm and weighed in around 3kg.  He said that this particular fish danced across the water like a Marlin, jumping out over 4 times.



Good customer Andrew fished the Western Lakes with his mates last week, where they tried Fyans, Bolac and Bullen Merri.  Lake Bolac was very slow, but Fyans was good. They caught plenty of Trout to 2lb running Rapala F9 Spotted Dogs at around 2.5m.  Bullen Merri was also slow, with just a few fish caught downrigging FLC coloured Tassies around the edge of the lake.