Reports from Port Phillip Bay have been quieter recently, and with the average Melbourne is now having it doesn't seem like much will change. The rough onshore weather has brought schools of salmon along the eastern side of the bay however, with Seaford, Frankston and Mordialloc piers all producing fish. Staff member Don went for a landbased session hopping between the piers and managed to get a heap of salmon and also couta on a mixture of lures including Yakamito Angry Baits and Squidgy plastics. The strong southwesterly winds make the fishing a bit difficult but the fish are there.

Down the bottom end of the bay the squid have been going well up until the recent rough weather. Mornington pier has been good fos amaller squid if you have the right jigs, and Portsea and Sorrento have also been good for larger squid. Customer Shane fished down the southern end of the bay recently to find some nice squid using green grass whiting pattern Yamashita jigs in size 3.5.


The snapper fishing in the top end of Westernport bay continues to be a bit more consistent than Port Phillip due to water temperatures. While only a fraction warmer than the rest of the bay, the snapper know this and will stay in the area before dispersing around the rest of the bay once other areas become warmer. The main areas that have been the snapper hotspots recently have been North of Corinella, around to about Tooradin. 

Customer Daniel fished with his uncle out around Corinella over the weekend in search of a couple of snapper, and they weren't let down. Fishing in calm conditions, the guys caught 6 nice fish in just over 2 hours, with the biggest fish weighing around 7kg. The most effective baits for the guys were pilchards and also large squid heads.

Customer Pete also fished out in the port recently in search of a red. Pete fished around Joes Island where he found lots of schools of small barracouta. After catching a few, Pete rigged a couple up as baits and put them back down. During the run out tide Pete managed a nice school sized fish on the fresh couta.



Noble Park Angling Club had their local 'both bays' competition over the weekend where 17 anglers took to the water in search of a few different species including snapper. With anglers fishing both Westernport and Port Phillip bays, there were plenty of options - although the snapper were the main fish that kept the anglers busy, with 33 snapper landed between 17 anglers. The best snapper weighed just under 6kg, with salmon, couta and a lone gummy shark to fill in the rest. Most successful baits for most people in the comp were pilchard and squid.


There have some good reports coming from out off Carrum and Mordialloc for the snapper. Customer Barry took 6 year old Brady out from Carrum in around 18m of water where some solid barracouta were caught, along with a nice 62cm snapper. Baits of pilchard worked best fished around the bottom of the tide.

Customer Steve also got into some chunky snapper out wide from Ricketts point in 20m of water. Pilchard on twin snelled hooks got this nice fish of around 6.5kg.



For anglers fishing the Southern end of Port Phillip Bay there have been a few different species on offer, with squid, whiting, salmon, tommy rough, barracouta and garfish available at the moment. The squid, couta and tommy rough have been the best this week though for the land based anglers fishing from Portsea and Sorrento piers.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also been fishing the area with customers and has found the fishing to be good for squid and whiting, with loads of couta around for anglers chasing fresh snapper baits. James has found that the couta have been thick enough in some spots that they are attacking his squid jigs, with Haramitsu in AK colour attracting both squid and couta.


Customer Paul fished out from Hastings on the weekend to target a snapper. Paul caught himself some fresh bait first in the form of yakkas and couta from around the channel edge near the BP Refinery north of Hastings, using bait jigs like sabiki rigs.

After loading up with some quality baits he anchored up around the second drop off out from the same area and sent out a few baits for a red or two.

Paul ended up catching three nice solid snapper up to 5kg on these baits.


Mark went down to Phillip Island to have a look around the piers, and ended up staying at Newhaven pier to catch the Barracouta that have been around.  Using vibes and heavily weighted soft plastics, Mark caught Barracouta up to 80cm long.

Mick has been fishing Frankston Pier during the week, catching plenty of Salmon on whitebait.  He has noticed the fish moving around the sand ridges on the incoming tide.

Sop has been catching some nice size whiting off Stony Point pier, using pilchard fillets. Later in the afternoon has been the best time, especially with an incoming tide.

Reginald has been catching Mullet in Patterson River, down towards the entrance.  Dough baits on size 16 ST-36 trebles are the way to go, with plenty of fine-grit berley a must.