Snapper reports have been pretty good considering it's late June. The snapper in the bay have fired up somewhat since Melbourne copped some ugly weather a little while back, so if you're a snapper freak then now's just as good a time as any to go out and try pin a good sized fish. The best part is that the snapper action hasn't been too confined to any certain areas of the bay; there have been fish caught from Geelong to Port Melbourne and Brighton to Mount Martha. Customer Vic made use of some ugly weather earlier in the week and perched himself along the rocks down towards Mornington. Vic was targeting snapper and lost a couple of fish, but the fish that he did land was a beast. Fishing with a whole pillie on 60lb leader Vic managed to land a thumping fish of 10.2kg - not bad for landbased in June hey...meanwhile across near Williamstown in only 8m of water customer Reece caught this nice 7kg fish on pilchard while drifting along a small dropoff with flatties in mind. That's the shoreline and city in the background.

Along pretty much every reef patch in the bay the pinkies have been in plague proportions. While there have been heaps of fish to attack a bait, a lot of them have been on the small side. A lot of the fish have been around the 30cm size, with a few bigger models mixed in. Larger baits and bigger hooks are a good idea if you're after a few bigger fish for the table. Soft plastics are a good option when chasing pinkies, and brands like Zman are excellent when the smaller fish are chewing other plastics to bits. If you're lucky you might even get some by-catch like customer Shane did. Shane was fishing out around Mordi with a 4" plastic when he landed a rare catch. This strange fish is an Australian Angel shark, which can reach around 1.5m in length.

For the squidding enthusiasts, the calmer weather we have had has been perfect for hitting some of the piers and rock ledges in search of a few. The southern end of the bay has been the best recently, especially along Mornington, Blairgowrie and Portsea. Staff member Don headed down to Portsea pier during the week and found some nice squid and cuttlefish. Don found that size 3.5 Yakamito's in gold foil were the best on this occasion, with all squid and cuttlefish caught on similar jigs. Customer Ryan has also been catching a few squid from the rocks around Mornington recently. Ryan has had to work hard and hop around in search of a few but he has been getting good numbers in the end. Size 3.0 and 3.5 Gancraft and Yamashita jigs have been the best, with green/gold tones/grass whiting patterns working the best. Most of Ryan's squid have been in the 300g size lately. 

Port Phillip Bay has really hit it's straps over the last few weeks on the snapper front. The temperature of the bay has risen to the hover around the same as bass strait and this is the trigger that really sets the snapper off. Over the last few weeks there have been fish caught all over the bay, from 10m through to 21m. At present the more consistent areas seem to be the 17 - 20m ground out from Mornington - Mordialloc, with the deeper parts out towards P2 in the north of the bay producing fish as well.

Baits of all sorts have been working with scad, whiting, saucy, cuttlefish, gar, salmon, couta, pilchard and squid all producing fish  - but that being said it is very wise to take a selection and definitely make sure there are some pillies and squid in that mix, along with pilchard and squid scented berley pellets. There have been too many fish caught to list each and every one, so from here on we will let the pictures do the talking. 

The last couple of weeks there has been a good run of school sized snapper moving around the bay, which excellent numbers being caught from the shore. Most of the fish have been in the 1 - 3.5kg size, but there have still been a good amount of fish from 5kg + being landed from the piers and rock walls. Most of these spots have fished best during a rough southwesterly wind, which can be uncomfortable and difficult to fish in - but these are the conditions that bring the fish close enough to the shoreline to be caught. These onshore conditions also stir up the bottom which creates food for the hungry fish so it is a good time to target a snapper with your two feet still on land. 

Staff member Kozi has been targeting the snapper from the shore up around the St Kilda/Brighton section of the bay, where he has seen fish to 4kg. Most of the fish have been caught after dark, with a mixture of baits working well. Locally caught squid and also pilchard has been effective, and Kozi has been fishing a simple running rig with 5/0 circle hook with these baits. 

Customer Ahmad has also been fishing from the eastern shoreline of the bay where he has been doing well on snapper up to 5kg. Ahmad has been fishing from both rock walls and piers, mixing it up when the fish move about. Ahmad has found that the most effective baits recently have been pilchard, squid and also harder baits like yakka and salmon. Cocktail baits with yakka or salmon have been good on the larger sized fish, keeping the small pickers away. Customer Jun also caught a very nice snapper from the shore recently. Jun has been fishing from the piers around Mordialloc and he landed a lovely fish at night just recently. Jun caught the one fish on pilchard, estimated at around 6kg. 

Squid fishing around the bay has been good recently for anglers from the shore, kayak, or in the boat. Most of the usual haunts are producing squid, from one side of the bay to the other. There have been some nice squid coming from the top of the bay around Altona and Williamstown, as staff member Ian found out. Ian fished over the weekend with mate Bruce in search of a few squid and possibly a snapper. Ian fished in various locations from Williamstown to Altona and down to St Leonards, with squid coming from all locations. Various jigs worked best, including size 3.0 Gesolas and Yamashita Sutte-R. The most successful depths were around the 4m mark, with the ultra shallow too glassed off during the day. After catching their squid, Ian and Bruce moved out a bit deeper in search of a snapper, but with no avail. They did however land a few good sized flathead and salmon on snatcher style rigs fished with fresh squid. 

Along the southeastern side of the bay, staff member Kozi reports some good numbers of squid coming from Bighton, Beaumaris and Mornington piers. While Brighton can be a bit patchy, darker coloured jigs work well when there hasn't been too much angler traffic along the pier. Staff member Dylan has caught some nice squid to around 1kg from Beaumaris during the week, with dark coloured Yoshikawa jigs in size 3.0 working the best.

Australian salmon have been thick in the bay at the moment, with schools being caught along both east and west sides of the bay. Customer Ryan reports that Beaumaris bay through to Sandringham has been boiling with fish to 2.5kg on some days. While the salmon may not be visible some days, they are more than likely working 'deep' and harassing bait schools that aren't on the surface. Ryan has been out in his kayak and has found a few patches of fish pushing bait towards the surface, where he has been smashing a few with soft plastics. Whitebait imitation soft plastics in the 2 - 4" size have been dynamite, especially in white/pale yellow/pink colours.

Further down along Frankston and Seaford there have also been salmon working along the shoreline. Staff member Kozi has been down on more than one occasion and has done well on fish around 1kg on flickbait style plastics around 3" in length. Days with a strong southwesterly wind have brought the fish right in close to shore.  

Port Phillip bay has seen some exceptional squid fishing recently, with clear water providing all the action. The southern end of the bay has been the best, but middle reaches right through as far North as Brighton have also produced the goods. Days with light winds and minimal rain create good conditions for squid fishing, as the cleaner salty water doesn't get pushed out by freshwater run off. 

Customer Danny went out for some squid down in the southern parts of the bay recently and found some crackers. Sorrento and Portsea were the hotspots for the quality models. Customer Jacob caught some smaller bait sized models recently out around Frankston before having a snapper fish. Natural coloured jigs in 2.5 and 3.0 sizes were the best performers.

Customer Nick fished out from Rye with his mates recently in search of some squid for both food and for snapper baits. After a long day of working hard, guys ended up doing well on squid up to 1kg. Natural coloured jigs in size 3.0 did the damage around this part of the bay. 

If you're a keen squid angler, good chance you'll be aware of Shimano's Keimura UV jigs. The UV white jig has been one of the most popular jigs around Melbourne for a while now, and many anglers catch squid on it when everything else fails. Shimano has released a new series of the Keimura jigs, with a batch of new colours available in these already proven jigs. There is a new version of the popular 'UV white' along with a killer gold base yakka/whiting and rainbow base mackerel. These jigs are available in size 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 and are in stock now.  

Squid reports in Port Phillip Bay have still been good yet again this week. Most of the reports have been coming from the area around Frankston - Mt Martha. Other areas like Black Rock, Brighton and Mordialloc have produced a few also. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some good numbers coming from around Frankston and Mornington this week, with the average size quite good. Squid to 25cm hoods are fairly consistent in the area, with size 2.5 and 3.0 jigs working best. Natural coloured jigs and especially red foil jigs have been killers over the past week with a bit of sunlight bouncing off them. 

Customer Jim also fished around Frankston last weekend in search of a few squid. He found his bag of squid to 600g in weight by using Keimura jigs in 2.5 and Yamashita jigs in size 2.5 in close to shore. Again red foil jigs worked the best for Jim. 

Most anglers fishing Port Phillip at the moment are seeing red. Pinky snapper are very prolific at the moment and are being caught in just about every corner of the bay. The better areas have been around any reef structure but these fish will also cruise around over sand and mud if the food is there. The hotspots recently have been around Williamstown and Brighton through to Beaumaris Bay, and then again from Frankston through to Mt Martha. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has found the fishing for pinkies excellent over the last month, with some nice fish caught again this week. James is having no troubles finding fish in the 40cm size range for his customers - with the odd fish up around 1.5 - 2.5 kg finding the baits as well. James says that constant moving has been the key to finding active schools of fish, and having a good supply of baits has been helpful as well. Baits of salted pilchard along with squid and cuttlefish have been excellent, especially when fished lightly weighted on 2/0 circle hooks. More often than not they are smashed before they hit the bottom. 

While there have been plenty of smaller fish about, there are also good numbers of better sized 'snapper' between 4 - 7kg that have been roaming about. Not as many anglers have been targeting these fish, but they are around. Mt Martha, Carrum and Williamstown are good areas to search, with baits of pilchard or fresh squid. 

The squid fishing around bay has been excellent lately, as the rougher weather has stirred a lot of food up for them and as winds have backed off the water clarity has gotten better and given anglers the chance to get out and catch a few. Pretty much most of the general squidding areas have been good with Brighton, Black Rock, Frankston, Mornington, Mt Martha and further down towards Blairgowrie through to Portsea all fishing well. Customer Evan got out during the week and got into a few crackers up to 2kg. Evan is a real squidaholic and loves to get into the bigger units when they're around - and now seems to be that time.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some awesome squid fishing with customers over the past week, with no shortage of cephalopods hitting the deck for excited anglers. James has found the Frankston - Mornington and Mt Martha areas really producing the goods lately, with plenty of smaller squid around the 300g mark right through to a few 2kg thumpers. James and natural coloured jigs go well, and recently dark greens, blacks and red foils have gotten the job done in mostly size 3.0's.

The pinkies have been going off recently in Port Phillip bay, with fish from just size through to 6kg on the bite. Most of the fish that have been caught by angers fishing the reef systems have been around size through to a few better fish up to 2 - 3kg. The main areas to try for a few include Williamstown, Sandringham, Black Rock, Frankston and Mt Martha. Finding the fish on a day where they want to eat can be the tricky part though. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been fishing around Black Rock with some customers where they have been happily getting a few nice table fish. Most of the fish kept have been around the 40cm mark, and have been taking pilchard and squid fished on 3/0 circle hooks. 

On the squid front, there have been good numbers of squid caught by keen anglers making the most of calmer conditions or braving the colder nights. Most of the numbers are made up from around Mornington and further south, but there have been plenty of squid caught buy anglers to the north of the bay from Mordialloc through to Brighton. Further north a lot of squid have been favouring darker coloured jigs with blacks, greens and reds working well. Down the southern end of the bay there have still been plenty of small squid taken at Mornington pier, with size 1.5 - 2.0 jigs the only way to go. Colours always vary but good options to have are glow jigs in pink and orange, along with natural silver and blues to change to. 

Port Phillip's squid fishing has been good over the last 10 days or so, especially on days with good visibility. The northern end of the bay has been a bit more fickle as water clarity and salinity changes after a decent amount of rain. The area around Brighton and Black Rock has been ok for squid to around 400g, mainly on darker coloured jigs.

Further south around Frankston and Mornington there have been better numbers of squid with the average size around 200g. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some good squid fishing throughout the week around the area with a few larger squid coming aboard too. Again natural coloured jigs have been the most successful in this area, with reds, golds and greens being the most productive.


Staff member Dylan fished around the Black Rock area last week to land squid up to 500g. Natural coloured jigs in size 3.0 did the damage, with the best depth being around the 6m mark. Slow drifting and casting shrimp imitating jigs in reds and browns worked the best.