The high country and snowy mountains region has been producing some nice trout for anglers persisting the cold and bitter weather. The surrounding areas of Jindabyne and Eucumbene have been producing spawn runs of brown trout making their way up the rivers. Staff member Ian fished with mates Claude and Nick recently in search of a few quality brown trout. Ian fished a tandem fly rig on spin gear, working it through likely runs and pools to land some nice brown trout.

Customers Zoran and Johnny also fished the same technique in the same sorts of areas to land some cracking brown trout, with some of the larger fish weighing nearly 7lb. 

Staff member Dylan also took the trek up to the snowies with mates in search of a few quality trout on lure and fly. Fishing various larger hardbodies like Rapala F series, Dylan caught trout to around 5lb working lures aggressively around deep runs and ledges. Casting tandem fly rigs with added weight off a 5 weight fly rod was tricky in the stiff breeze but Dylan also caught fish around the 5lb mark using this method.

Dylan and mates also fished some smaller water away from the crazy crowds in search of some fun on the 3 weight creek outfits. After a bit of walking and a lot of fish spooking the guys caught some nicely coloured small creek trout and also missed some much larger fish in the 4 - 5lb size. Small tungsten bead headed nymphs fished under a NZ yarn Strike Indicator were effective on the smaller creek fish.


While most of the rivers in the state are closed for trout fishing, there are still plenty of lake options if you're a keen trout angler. Whether you want to drive 90 minutes from Melbourne, or don't mind a casual 4 hour drive - there is some quality lake fishing to be had throughout most of winter. 

Lake Eildon and the pondage are worth a crack for somewhere close by, as there are plenty of options on the lake, and the pondage is also an excellent spot to try and tempt some of the biggest trout in the area. Customer Zoran fished the pondage over the weekend in search of some nice trout. Zoran managed brown trout to around a kilo, by using a dough baits like powerbait. Long, sensitive rods help when the shy trout are cautiously picking at the baits as well. Lure anglers have seen some nice fish out of the pondage recently as well, with customer Michael catching 2 nice rainbows around the 3lb mark about a week ago from along the Riverside Drive part of the pondage. 

If you don't mind a decent drive, then places like Lake Eucumbene and Jindabyne are worth the effort. Customer Tim returned from a trip to Lake Jindabyne with some mates are reports that good numbers of fish were caught. Tim used all sorts of methods on the trout, with downriggers set around the 30ft mark, along with drop-weight clips and planing boards all producing the goods. Tim said that trout to around 5lb were caught, with a few select colours in 13g Tassie Devils doing the best. 

Speaking of Tassie Devils; 11 brand new colours have just been released into the 13g size range. A few of these colours have been favourites overseas and are now available to the Australian market. We have just received our order of these new colours and have noticed some real winners in the mix. Drop by and check them out if you're a Tassie Devil fan as they won't last long. 


The snowy mountains rivers normally fish well for brown trout during the time of the year. Staff member Dylan headed up with customers Zoran, Jordan, Daniel and Mark, along with a few other mates to get into some quality trout fishing. 

While the fishing wasn't as red hot as it could have been, there were still some nice trout caught. With cold, clear conditions and recent rainfall, there were numbers of good browns moving up the rivers from the lake. 

Most of the browns were actually heading up river on their spawning aggregation, and as such weren't feeding heavily. While Dylan and a few of the others caught fish using hardbodied lures, the most successful technique was to fish a tandem globug/nymph rig down the runs and pools, on spin and fly gear. The largest fish for the trip was no monster, but at around 7lb it was a lovely brown trout. 

A lot of fish hooked up to the hardbodies were hooked around the face and gills, where they would try to 'slash' the lure out of the way in aggression. The tandem fly rig worked well just bouncing naturally through the runs, and most of the fish would eat one of the flies very subtly without having to chase it down too far. All in all some quality river trout fishing. 


If you're looking for a chance to tangle with some beautiful Trout this side of closed season, get up to the Snowys this weekend!  From all reports the Trout fishing is awesome and with fish averaging 3-6lb, who wouldn't want to catch them!  Mitch and Shane have both fished the Eucumbene in the last week and have caught some crackers, with some on Hardbodies and some taking flies fished on the spin outfits.  Just make sure you pack some thermals, glowbugs, and Rapala F11's!