The King George whiting have been receiving more attention over the past month or so as many anglers put away their heavier gear and go in search of these tasty and hard fighting estuary dwelling fish. While Port Phillip has been producing fish also, Westernport bay certainly holds the trophy for being the better whiting fishery. Most of the normal haunts have been producing fish, from the top end banks and channels right through to the back beaches and exposed ocean swell points.

Many anglers are pleased with the size of the whiting coming in, with many fish over 40cm a reasonably common occurrence at the moment. There have been some bigger fish above 45cm taken from the deep channel marks also, so there are plenty of areas worth targeting at the moment.

Customer Torpy got out on the whiting during the week north of Corinella where he landed fish to 47cm in length. Run out tide over a sou'westerly wind made for hard conditions but the fish bit well. Pipi and banana prawns were the best baits. 

Staff member Don fished with mate Sam earlier in the week out from Blind Bight to land fish into the low 40cm mark amongst leatherjacket, yakkas and flathead. The run out tide fished best for them along the middle spit with pipi/squid cocktail baits along with cuttlefish doing the job.


While a good chunk of anglers are still chasing snapper, the King George whiting have slowly been building momentum. The recent warm spell has virtually kicked them into gear proper in Westerport, while the banks aren't inundated with small school fish like they can be after Christmas. There haven't really been any 'hot spots' at present, but the top end channels and flats have been good - with the areas around Quail/Tyabb banks or Browns Reserve good places to start.

Staff member Don has been catching good numbers of fish from week to week, with a good swag of nice 40cm fish coming aboard earlier in the week. Like always, good bait presentation and moving about to stay on the fish has been key to maximizing your result without having to spend 8hrs on the water to scrape a bag of fish together. Freshly caught squid topped off with pipi has been the most productive bait.










Whiting reports have slowly started increasing over the last number of weeks as most anglers get their fill of snapper. While the whiting fishing has been good since the end of winter, most of the schools of fish are carrying better numbers at the moment compared to the cooler months. Fish to 40cm are relatively common along the banks, with larger fish to just shy of 50cm hanging about in deeper water.

Customer Sam fishes for the whiting fairly regularly, and he has been finding the fishing quite good overall over the last month or so. Staff member Don has also found the whiting fishing quite good, with the usual small movements around an area necessary to stay on top of the school. Generally speaking, the depth areas between 2 - 5m are the best starting point, with bigger fish normally caught in anything from 10m+ of water. The areas around Redbill and Fairhaven have been good over the last week, along with far southern end of Tyabb bank. Pipi, squid, cuttlefish and red devil worm have been the baits to use, with cocktail mixtures of these baits proving more effective. 



The whiting fishing in Westernport Bay has been good for most anglers out chasing these tasty fish. The average size of the fish this season has been better than the last, with plenty of large school fish in the 40cm+ size. There have still been lots of smaller school fish from legal size to 35cm, but the majority of the fish caught by anglers has been 35cm+. The fish have been caught all through the north arm, right around to almost Joe's Island - with the hotspots still being around the Middle Spit.

The inside channel from Fairhaven right down to Tortoise Head has been good in the 5 - 8m area just along the ledges. Berleying and moving about in short hops has been the key to building up a bag of fish, with 'whiting nuts' mixed with pipi shells being one of the best berleys to attract whiting and not so much rubbish fish. Customer Jason caught a bag of nice fish up the top end out from Warneet just recently, fishing the edges of the Quali Bank. Customer Ben also fished for the whiting recently, taking his kids along for a bit of fun. Ben fished out from Stony Point along the edges and over near Tankerton to collect some nice fish.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some good success fishing for whiting this week in the Yaringa - Hasting area, along Tyabb Bank. James has found plenty of good sized whiting in the area, with many of them over 40cm in length. James has found fish in various areas along here, but his last session saw many fish caught in around 1m of water, using fresh squid and also pipi.



Westernport continues to produce quality snapper for anglers getting out there. The whole bay is producing fish at the moment, from around Stony Point up to Crawfish, and around through Corinella to the Corals and off Rhyll. Customer Aaron got out recently and landed some nice fish up to 5kg out from Rhyll. Aaron had a morning session off silverleaves around the slack stage of the tide where he caught these nice fish on pillies and silver whiting. Customer Andrew has been fishing the top end of the port to land snapper to around the 4.5kg mark amongst some other school sized fish. Andrew has found the Gentle Annie channel productive recently, with the odd gummy or whiting as bycatch. 

Customers Jarrad, Michael and Marcel fished out in the port recently where they had some mixed results on the snapper. Out of a couple of days on the water the guys caught fish to 4.6kg from around Lysaughts, and also Corinella/Elizabeth Island. Best success came on chunks of fresh yakka and squid, during the last stages of the run in tide.


Customer Daniel fished with a few friends out from Hastings recently to land snapper to 6kg. The Long Reef/Lysaughts area was good, with fish from 3.5kg through to around 6kg taking baits of yakka or pilchard tipped with a strip of fresh squid.

Customer Rohan fished with a mate out from Corinella during the week where they landed a ripper fish of 9.1kg or 20lb. The fish took a super pilchard along the edge of the channel.


In Westernport Bay the whiting have been a little tough recently. Some anglers are struggling to catch fish, but generally the anglers moving about consistently are coming across them sooner or later. Customer Zoran had a good session on them just recently, with over 50 fish landed between him and his boatload of mates. Zoran had to move about to find the fish, with the best location being about 4m of water along the Tyabb bank. The most successful bait on the day were SA pippies, fished on a small flasher rig. Most of the whiting were in the 33 - 38cm size range.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also found the whiting a bit tougher recently. James has been doing up to a dozen or so spot changes during a session to ensure he locates the fish for his customers. James has been doing well along the Tyabb area along with the middle spit, in around 6m of water. Pippies and fresh squid have been excellent on the fish in the area, with a few smaller pinkies also joining in on the action.

Customer Cameron gave us a report from the northern end of the Port around Warneet, with some nice school whiting caught in the Gentle Annie channel on pipi. The odd flathead to 50cm has also taken pipi in the area. Berley has been crucial, with the Zealcol 'whiting snack' being dynamite.


Plenty of Whiting reports again this week, and although the average size of the fish are modest, they are making up for this with sheer numbers.  Customer Bruce has been fishing along Quail Bank and bagging out with fish to 38cm, all taken on Mussel.

Neil has caught some larger Whiting up to 46cm along Tyabb Bank around Yaringa, however these larger fish tend to be more solitary fish and generally don’t school up in big numbers. 

Out from Hastings, Norm has had success on the Whiting fishing deeper along 9-12m along the main channel edge and along Sandstone Island.  Fish around 36cm are common for him, and are biting well on Squid and Cuttlefish.

Regular Customer Trevor had a crack at the Whiting during the week after hearing some good reports from around Warneet.  He ended up finding a nice little hole along Gentle Annie channel where he got his bag of Whiting, with 2 crackers of 43cm in amongst the school-sized fish.  All Trevor’s fish came on the bite during the run-out tide and responded well to Gotcha Whiting berley pellets.

Across in Port Phillip Bay, Mario has also been getting his fair share of King George Whiting around St Leonards and Indented Head.  During his most recent outing, Mario put out his first rod with some fresh Octopus and within 10 minutes the tip was bouncing.  After feeling dead weight for the first few minutes, there was a mad rush at the side of the boat as a large Snapper surfaced.  Once in the boat the scales revealed the Snapper to weigh just over 7kg.  Not a bad fish as by-catch!



Whiting are in good numbers and excellent size in both bays.  The Newhaven area has good numbers of whiting around the 43cm size with most taken on squid and pippies.  Hayden reported using frozen whiting berley which kept the fish around without attracting ‘rubbish fish’.   

Team member George tried his luck off Mornington and Mt Martha, landing whiting up to 38cm on pipi/squid ‘cocktails’, and using prawn based berley pellets to keep the fish in the area.  Mornington Pier over Christmas also proved successful for Andre, who reported landing whiting up to 37cm and Salmon to 42cm.  The whiting have been best on mussel and pilchard fillet and the Salmon preferring the whitebait.

Customer John and two friends launched off Hastings at the change of tide and landed 40+ whiting up to 50cm, with the average around the 35cm on squid and pippies.  John’s tip – if you have not got onto the fish within 15minutes – move onto a new spot.

Whiting are also in good numbers around Beaumaris Bay in 7 metres of water with reports of fish up to 41cm being taken on pipi/mussel combo. 

The Entrance to Gentle Annie Channel is also starting to fire with customer Simon reporting taking whiting up to 40cm on pippies.  Also good sized Rock Flathead taken on pippies.