The Aussie salmon are starting to make their presence felt along most of the beaches at the moment, along with good numbers of them in both bays. While numbers aren't huge just yet, the size of some of the fish has been impressive - with fish to around 4kg confirmed. Customer Ben fished down at Gunnamatta recently to land a cracker of around 2kg from one of the close in gutters. Fish to 2kg are generally a bit more common early in the salmon season, so if you're after a bigger fish now is your time! Once the winter really kicks in larger numbers of fish in the 400g - 1kg size range will be more commonplace. Baitfishing and spinning has gotten results on the fish, with bluebait still a favourite. 


James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also found some solid salmon recently while fishing the southern end of the bay. James has found good schools working dense baitballs, with a lot of the fish in the school up around 2kg, and a handful of bigger fish to just under 4kg. These are good sized fish in anyone's book, and they really test the limits on the light gear. Small Yamashita Golden Bait skirts have been good, along with Pakula Micro Uzi's when trolled along the edge of the schools. Soft plastics, metal jigs and flies all thrown into the path of feeding fish will also get a look in. 


The local beaches continue to produce some nice salmon for anglers braving the cold mornings. Early morning high tides have been the best bite window, however the fish can be caught all day long if a few preparation steps are involved. To make the most of the fish that move and and down the beach, a good berley mix is needed. If you are fishing close to a good gutter or hole with some quality berley you should be able to catch a few salmon. The key to the berley is to hold those fish in your area for longer. A good mix of pilchards, bran based pellets and some pilchard oil is a good way to start for targeting the salmon on the beach. 

Staff member Chris recently ran a surf fishing trip with some customers down at Venus Bay where everyone experienced some surf action. Customer Shane caught a few fish up to 1kg on bluebait and surf poppers in the blue colour. Keen young angler Luke also got into some salmon and a few mullet in close around the shore wash. The mullet really liked small pieces of filleted bluebait and also pippi.

A bit closer to home, on the peninsula beaches Customer John has been catching fish to around 1.5kg. Early morning sessions staking out the gutters at Gunnamatta have produced some quality fish with lures and bait both doing the trick. Late afternoon sessions flicking small metal slugs and plastics rigged on 1/2oz jig heads can also be a good way to hook up to a few bigger fish down here. Customer Stan recently hit the beaches up and kept a few nice fish for fresh snapper and gummy baits. Blue and red surf poppers tipped with squid and pippi were the most effective.


Reports of salmon from the beaches, piers and rocks around the area are still good at the moment. Most of the salmon are averaging around 1kg, with a few either side. Gunnamatta and Rye ocean beach have been good, along with Woolamai, Cleeland Bight, Kilcunda and Williamson's. Further along Venus Bay and Sandy Point have got a decent run of fish as well.

Staff member Chris took some customers down to Venus Bay over the weekend for the surf bus trip where they were met with good conditions. Most of the anglers were fairly new to surf fishing so they appreciated learning the finer art of reading the beach, quickly tying up rigs and the importance of berley and fishing in the right area. The trip saw salmon, mullet and flatties caught from the beach by most of the anglers.

Customer Tim gave us a report from down at Kilcunda earlier in the week, where he said there were plenty of salmon around 700g hanging around in close. Tim was having a ball catching a heap on 25g Searocks in pink and bluebait colours. 

Customer Rui reports that the salmon are thick enough from most of the piers at the moment as well. Rui was recently fishing for squid when he caught 2 salmon in 2 casts on his jigs. 


The colder months of the year are the best time for anglers to hunt down some aussie salmon. Salmon prefer the cooler water and during the winter months there is normally no shortage of baitfish such as whitebait and pilchards, along with smaller garfish. Salmon can normally be caught year round, but the more consistent fishing for them is roughly between May and October. 

As for the areas to fish pretty much any section of beach from one side of the state to the other will hold salmon, but some good locations closer to home are Gunnamatta, Woolamai, Kilcunda, Williamson's and further down towards Venus Bay and Sandy Point. 

Customer Erol reports that there have been some nice fish down at Gunnamatta, with some of the bigger fish measuring around 55cm. Erol has found that bluebait and salted pilchards have been doing the job when halved and fished on 2/0 octopus hooks. Erol has preferred the top of the tide especially later in the afternoon. 

There have also been a few fish caught down at Gunnamatta for the lure anglers as well, customer David took his light spin rod down last weekend where he caught 5 fish all around a kilo just after sunrise. He said it was cold but worth it, after catching a few nice fish in just half an hour. David said that metal slugs in 25g with single hooks were the most effective. 

Customer Robert fished Venus Bay beach number 1 last week and said that there were plenty of fish about. Robert's biggest fish came in at around 1.8kg, with most of the others around the 700g mark. Pipi and salted pillies were the best for him. 

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The salmon have been good around the Southern end of the bay from Mt Martha through to Sorrento, with Blairgowrie pier being a good spot of late. Most of the salmon around at the minute are in the kilo size bracket but there have been a few over 2kg caught as well. Customer Alex caught salmon up to 1.2kg from Blairgowrie earlier in the week. He found that Berkley bass minnows fished on a 1/4oz jighead were dynamite.

The beaches have still been good for salmon as well, with Gunnamatta and St Andrews the pick, especially if you can time an early morning high tide.

Customer Daniel caught some nice salmon averaging around a kilo from Gunnamatta back beach during the week. He caught all of his fish on his newly purchased Shimano Revolution spin rod and Shimano Rarenium reel with 40g white metal slugs being the most effective. Daniel said the extra length in the rod helped in getting the lure out to where the schools were holding.


The local beaches have been fishing well for salmon during the week for most anglers. If you were to drive for about an hour from the South-Eastern suburbs you would arrive at any one of the productive beaches. Many anglers have been doing well from Gunnamatta and St Andrews beaches - with salmon to 2kg being caught. Early mornings coinciding with an incoming tide have been the best, and if you can throw a light Northerly wind in there as well then it's just about perfect.

Customer Daniel went down to Gunnamatta with a recently purchased beach spinning outfit and had a walk. He found the fish in patches as he worked the beach, with any hole and slight channel holding a few fish. Daniel ended up with some nice salmon ranging from 40 - 45cm which all took a white 40g Gillies baitfish.


The gummies from the shore fished well over the new moon, with action from all around Westernport Bay. The more popular spots such as Stockyard Point and Corinella have seen a few smaller gummies landed, while the area around Somers - Point Leo has been good also, along with a few nice fish coming from the ocean beaches.

Customer Chris fished from the shore near Somers a few nights ago where he landed this nice gummy of around 4ft long. Chris has been getting a few of them and has found that a traditional running Westernport rig has been the most effective - along with freshly caught baits of squid, mackerel and salmon.


The local surf beaches are currently fishing well for Salmon, with Gunnamatta and St. Andrews being the beter options, but still good numbers of fish further along the Bass beaches right out to Venus Bay.  Leading up to high tide has been the best time to fish, especially with sunrise/sunset coinciding.  Most fish on the beaches are averaging out around 800g, but there have been plenty of much larger fish upto 4kg coming in from Gunnamatta.  Customer Jai has been fishing towards the outfall pipe at Gunnamatta and has caught some crackers, mainly on baits of Squid and Pilchard.  With offshore winds forecast right up until Saturday, no better time to hit the beaches in search of a few Salmon.


Over the last week many more Salmon reports have come through, with a majority of them by landbased anglers fishing the Eastern Seaboard of Port Phillip Bay.  Customer Justin has been catching regularly from Mordialloc Pier.  Whitebait or Bluebait under an LED float has been his favoured method, with the occasional fish taking a metal lure or soft plastic. 

Michael came into the shop over the weekend and reported smaller numbers of Salmon but better size with his largest going 1.2kg, taking on a white/glow GIllies Baitfish lure.  He also had gar rods rigged up and managed to catch 9 Garfish on maggots in between catching Salmon.

Customer Justin also gave us the heads up on a large school of Salmon moving between Seaford and Frankston piers.  Justin said that the conditions were 'tough' with onshore winds and rain making for a wet but successful session.  Justin got over 20 fish between the two piers, with the 70mm Squidgy flickbait in 'new' Pilchard pattern - without the dots.  Most of Justin's fish were spitting up small whitebait which is why this soft plastic worked so well.

On the bayside Beaches, the Salmon have been quite good; Gunnamatta Beach is the hot spot at the minute, with most anglers catching here.  The fish are averaging about 800g with some larger fish about.  Customer Matt was lucky enough to find one of these larger fish, weighing a massive 3.9kg which is very exceptional for here.  This thumper took a whole Bluebait wrapped in 'baitsock' to stop smaller fish picking away at it, and also to prevent cast-offs.  Customer Alin went and had a spin at Gunnamatta as well, having a quiet session with just 2 smaller fish, both on the Pilchard pattern Maria Duplex.  These lures are excellent off the beaches; they are designed to cast well due to heavy weight, and have a tight swimming action at faster speed retrieves and can also be sunk down deeper under the foamy water to where the fish are holding.