The western crater lakes and surrounding waterways have been fishing well of late with a good number of people interested in Bullen Merri in particular, which has been fishing well for the chinook salmon and trout. Many anglers catch both fish on various trolling methods, generally with the use of a downrigger as the lake is very deep. Fishing around the thermocline can produce good results along with actively searching for bait schools.

Friend of the shop John 'Mr Jinkai' has been out in the crater lakes recently where trout and salmon have been caught. John's most recent trip was last week where some big salmon were caught deep bait fishing. The bait of choice were pilchard strips, fished on a simple running sinker rig around the bait schools. Cubing with pilchards also helps tremendously to keep the schools of salmon around. Small metal 'flutter' jigs fished around the schools have been working well also.

Customer Ryan and mate Nick have been fishing some of the western lakes in search of some bigger redfin. The larger redfin seem to proliferate the western lakes, so if big redfin are your target - west is best! The guys have been fishing slightly bigger lures to weed out the smaller fish, with 4'' plastics and also yellowbelly sized vibes getting the interest of the larger fish. Some of the larger fish have been belting the lures as they are burnt back through the water as fast as possible, so it always pays to mix up your lure style and retrieve speed also.


With the water starting to cool, it's a great time of year to start targeting Trout in both lakes and rivers before they move to spawn, Customer Paul sent us a report from Lake Eucembeme where he fished recently, to catch some lovely Trout with the biggest being a Brown of 6.5lb.  Paul says that trolling Rapala Spotted Dogs early in the morning was the best method.

Speaking of lovely Trout, Customer Jurek also sent a report in to us from a recent trip over to Ballarat fishing with his wife.  While he was outfished by the missus, he was rapt to see her land such a beautiful fish - a lovely Rainbow Trout that measured 59.5cm and weighed in around 3kg.  He said that this particular fish danced across the water like a Marlin, jumping out over 4 times.



Good customer Andrew fished the Western Lakes with his mates last week, where they tried Fyans, Bolac and Bullen Merri.  Lake Bolac was very slow, but Fyans was good. They caught plenty of Trout to 2lb running Rapala F9 Spotted Dogs at around 2.5m.  Bullen Merri was also slow, with just a few fish caught downrigging FLC coloured Tassies around the edge of the lake.




Staff member Ian has fished Lake Bolac a few times over the last few weeks, giving the Lake's large Rainbow Trout a go. Being a shallow lake less than 3m deep, flatlining is the best option. Most of Ian's fish have been caught on 'spotted dog' Rapalas, along with a couple of Tassies.

Staff member Dylan also went across to Lake Bolac during the week to have a crack at the Trout while the fishing has been good, and managed two nice fish despite the rough onshore wind. Flatlining medium running hardbodies has still been the best tactic.

Geoff reports that Lake Dartmouth has been fishing well, with lots of fish coming out. Most of the anglers seem to be downrigging Tassies and other winged lures for good numbers of smaller fish, whereas Geoff says all the better sized fish were coming from tight along the shorelines, on Rapala 'spotted dogs' as well as Strike Pro Galaxia minnows.

Lake Eildon has been on fire for the Reddies over the last few weeks, with the water temp starting to creep up. Most anglers are simply bobbing the timer with yabbies and scrubworms, but an increasing number are also using plastics and vibes around the same areas. Local angler Scott has been jigging some impressive hauls of Redfin up to 1kg on Strike Pro vibes fitted with assist hooks, and rarely losing any lures.

Customer David had a look around the Lake for the Golden Perch during a spell of warmer days, mainly trolling the rockwalls around the entrance of the Delatite arm, and further in the arm around standing timber. He was trolling Merlin UD's in purple and pink colours, and the purple took one fish of around 4lb.

Laszlo fished Eildon over Cup weekend with a few of his mates, launching and fishing in Jew's Creek. The boys caught heaps of Redfin up to 700g, with a few on lures but most mainly on troutworms.

Terry has been baitfishing Eildon pondage recently and has found the fishing a bit tough, especially in the lower pondage. The best bait for the fish he has caught has been the Gulp salmon eggs fished on a standard powerbait rig.

Andrew fished Lake Bullen Merri during a club comp and had some good success trolling Tassies in colours 97, 101 and 108. The fish caught ranged from 200g up to 1.8kg, and were caught downrigging around 10m close to the edges.