The estuaries out along the east Gippsland coastline are fishing well at present. The holiday crowds have quietened off and water traffic is back to a minimum and the fish are eating. The Gippsland lakes themselves have been quiet however, with some rumoured blue-green algae present. Lake Tyers has been producing fish for anglers keen enough to be on the water early and late, and move about to find the fish. Customer Shane was down at Tyers just recently where he landed this ripper flathead that measured 92cm. The monster flattie took a 5'' prawn imitation, which needless to say Shane has stocked up on again.

The bream have been actively feeding around the margins of the lakes and creeks in the area, with shallow diving minnows and surface presentations getting the most consistent results. A common theme recently has been the use of brightly coloured lures to 'shock' the bream in to giving a 'reaction' bite. Where natural or ghost colour patterns may go unnoticed the brighter contrasting colours key in to the fishes inquisitive nature and the only way for them to test is by using their mouth!

Customer Ryan with some average Gippsland bream caught using small brightly coloured surface and subsurface lures, with overcast and slightly choppy conditions favoured as being the most productive.


If you are out towards Lakes Entrance or anywhere in East Gippsland and are thinking of chasing the bream then right now the fishing is excellent. Most of the estuaries are running warm and full of food items such as prawn, shrimp, garfish and other small baitfish - and this abundant food has got the bream biting. You can certainly catch a few fish by bait fishing from either the shore or in a small craft, but the lure fishing is simply too good at the moment to pass up. Many anglers have been reporting crazy sessions where 50 fish on lures isn't uncommon - but there are certainly some tricks to help boost the bite for you. Firstly, you MUST use a light and responsive graphite rod. This sort of fishing is all about control and feel and simply, with a fibreglass rod you have none. Light braided line will help you with the feel factor, as it will indicate any subtle bites or taps on the lure, and it will also get the lures to swim better - which results in more bites! 

Customer Russ tried his hand at lure fishing for bream for the first time down at Bemm River. Russ did well landing some chunky black bream in the lake, with Luckycraft 'flash minnows' and 'bevy shads' getting the job done for him. Russ looks stoked and will probably continue on board the lure fishing train now.

Victorian Tackle Representatives Gez and Mitch were also down at the Bemm doing the same thing on the bream, and they report that the bream are really going well. Using 'bent minnows' and other surface pencils along with shallow running 'jerkbaits' like luckycraft flash minnows, Gez and Mitch report that in some areas they were going a fish a cast, with many double hookups on nice size fish. Again finesse tackle certainly helps, as these fish are cruising along shallow clear flats and can be spooked easily.

Staff member Dylan also fish out in Gippsland over the weekend, with a bit of variety of fish landed while targeting the bream. Fish like this 37cm yellowfin bream were crunching surface poppers and stickbaits, with every fish for the trip taken on a surface lure. Big amounts of small prawns in the estuary really got the fish hitting the surface aggressively.

Customer Jordan with a nice 39cm yellowfin bream caught on a surface pencil from the weekend. Small lures that fit the profile and natural colours of a school prawn got belted when they were cast into the right areas. 


It feels like at least half of Melbourne is away somewhere along the east gippsland or NSW south coast over the Christmas break, and rightly so - with this part of the country some of the best we've got (opinions may vary...). While the increase of angling pressure over this time does shut some of the fishing down there are still plenty of options for everyone, and generally always some fish to catch somewhere, no matter your skill level. Speaking of skill level, staff member Don is away along the south coast of NSW currently but as we expect, still getting a fish in. While not entirely a fishing holiday, Don has managed some time out to walk the local estuaries casting lures. Don has found bream, flathead, tailor, trevally and flounder taking a liking to his small hardbodies and plastics. Don said that he has been targeting the quieter sections of the estuaries away from boat and foot traffic and working slowly through an area, making sure the water is covered effectively.

Customer Jinsu has also been fishing along the east gippsland coastline in search of some decent flathead. Jinsu has well and truly got decent flathead covered with some smaller 35-50cm fish making it to the frypan, and this mega 90cm fish making its way back to the depths. Jinsu has found that 'squidgy' wriggler and paddle prawns along with 'bungee baits' paddletails doing all of the damage when slowly whipped along the estuary drop offs.




The holiday crowds are starting to build along the eastern coast of the state in places like Lakes Entrance. Staff member Dylan fished with some mates down around lake on Monday. The plan was to catch a feed of prawns during the night then work the flats chasing flathead and maybe the odd bream during the day.

With the amount of people around the shallow flats were fickle, with fish still about but a lot of people weren't catching due to sitting in one spot for too long. Remembering that these areas are a dynamic environment and always changing and using a mobile approach can mean the difference between no fish or a bag of fish. Many of the smaller channels and gutters held schools of silver trevally along with dusky flathead to 57cm, with larger fish up to 80cm sighted. Soft plastics accounted for a couple, but with slightly milky coloured water hardbodied minnows really did the job when crashed into the mud and sand bottom. Lure like Jackall squirrels, Daiwa double clutches and Zerek tango shads all worked well, with high UV colours the absolute standouts.

While not a red hot session, the guys managed a decent catch of prawns around Lakes Entrance at night. The prawns weren't really running as such, but they were around in large enough numbers to be caught. A good quality headlamp and prawn light were essential in picking up on the prawns as they sat around patches of weed and rock, and a decent length net handle also helped heaps in collecting the prawns from the slightly deeper water.

Jinsu Park also caught a chunky sea mullet from Lake Tyers on a Zman soft plastic which gave a good account for itself.



The Gippsland lakes are still fishing well for estuary species such as bream, mullet and flathead. The lakes around Paynesville and Metung has been good along with the Nicholson, Tambo and Mitchell rivers. Bream are being caught on baits such as chicken gut, prawn and glassies, while the flatties are loving glassies at the moment. Customer Colin fished from the banks of the Tambo river just recently with his kids where they caught a heaps of nice bream. Using bait of prawn the guys got into a heap of fish and had a heap of fun.  Customer Thao also fished the lakes near Metung recently to get a few schooled up bream, and some nice table sized flatties from the area also. Plastics and vibes were the best types of lures for him.


The Gippsland Lakes have been fishing well for bream if you are prepared to put in the time and effort. Most of the fish are spread out and a bit flighty, but if you target these fish early during the day and fish light on them, then some quality fish are bound to come your way. The flathead have been good in the lakes system as well, with the average fish around 45cm mark. Soft plastics and baits of prawn and bluebait have been doing the trick.

Customer Brendan has been catching some quality bream in the Tambo River around Swan Reach. Brendan has been fishing from the shore using lures to fool the bream. Brendan has found the DOA shrimp imitation soft plastics to be one the more consistent lures at the moment. 

For any anglers chasing species like bream, whiting and flathead - or even reddies and yellowbelly in the fresh we are now stocking fresh frozen shrimp. These shrimp are sourced locally and are the perfect bait for finicky fish. Thaw them out for 10 minutes and they are good to go!

Customer Ian has also been fishing around the Gippsland Lakes area. Ian fished Lake Tyers earlier in the week where he targeted bream and flatties. Ian also had a crack at some of the prawns and found some nice school sized ones during the night. Ian found the fishing to be best during the early mornings. Ian caught some nice bream to 38cm and flatties to 54cm on fresh prawn.


The bream fishing in the Gippsland lakes has been good at the moment, with some good fishing in the rivers and also around Metung. Fresh baits of whitebait, crab and prawn have been the best for the bream.  Customer Brendan recently fished from the jetties around Metung where he has been catching quality bream. He last session saw him catch a bag of lovely Luderick using fresh local cabbage weed.

Lake Tyers is fishing somewhat patchy at the moment – there is plenty of good fishing to be had but some decent time needs to be spent in finding the fish. Staff member Dylan caught some ripper Tailor, Bream and flathead while fishing the lake last week. Larger profiled lures did the damage, as the lake is closed to the ocean and there are big schools of baitfish trapped in the lake.

Customer Dean and his son Jaiden fished the lake last week, where they landed some nice bream and flatties using frozen prawn.


Lee and mates spent a weekend down at Shallow Inlet for a break and had a fish while there.  They tried various techniques for different species while down there, and found that there were plenty of Salmon, Whiting and Pinkies to be caught.  The larger Salmon were caught casting and trolling small Sea Rocks in the main entrance channel; while the Whiting were caught using Pipi on ‘Whiting Whacker’ rigs along the shallower channel edges up around Yanakie.

Gary regularly fishes Shallow Inlet over summer and gave us a good report that there are plenty of nice sized Gummies to catch at present.  Fishing at night around the entrance channel and off the sand spit has seen him land Gummies up to 9kg, all on fresh Salmon fillets.

Customers Chris and John fished around Port Albert for Flathead over the weekend.  They caught plenty of nice sized Sand Flathead around the channel edges and gutters, with John catching the best fish of the day, a Yank Flathead of 72cm, caught on a Squidgy Flickbait.

Mitch reports Lake Tyers is still fishing well for Bream and Flathead.  Most of the Bream are getting caught fishing vibes in the deeper water during the day and closer along the edges in low light periods.  Ecogear ZX blades have been the standout lure for Mitch, who has caught Bream to 45cm and some large Flathead on the same lure.  Customer Andy caught 4 nice Bream on Prawn in a recent session, with the largest being 39cm.

Jake and Tony have been spending their weekends down along the coast East of Lakes Entrance, mainly fishing the estuaries of Marlo and Bemm River.  The boys report that the fishing is good at the minute, with plenty of nice Bream to be caught fishing small Hardbodied lures and Soft Plastics.  There are also some lovely Flathead and Luderick taking the same lures as well.

Tailor and Salmon to 4kg are getting caught along the beaches along from Bemm River and Marlo currently, with Pearl Point and Point Ricardo being the pick of the beaches.  Salted Pilchards have been the best bait along with Squid strips.  Customer Hans caught 15 fish from Pearl Point during a good early morning session there on Tuesday.  

Many anglers fishing offshore around Eden have reported excellent numbers of Striped Marlin.  The fish have been widespread around Eden further north to the more popular grounds off Tathra and Bermagui, with more anglers trying closer around Eden.  Nick and Jason are 2 customers who have both caught Marlin out from Eden, with the average size 75-100kg.  Both fish were taken on Slimey Mackerel skipbaits.  Jason reports that some decent size baitballs were holding up to 4 fish.  

On the Marlin front, Compleat Angler Ringwood owner, Ian (Lofty) Loft did a recon trip out wide from Far Eastern Gippsland with Brendan Wing and a few others, to try and document a victorian Marlin capture.  The boys were lucky enough to hook up to 2 fish, but unfortunately both fish made their way off the hook.  Just an inspiring bit of advice for people to 'think outside the square' when it comes to fishing.



Jacob has been staying down at Inverloch and fishing Andersons Inlet over last week, and reports plenty of school sized whiting taking pipi and squid from the entrance right up to Mahers Landing.  Most of the fish are around 35cm, which is about average for this system.  Silver Trevally and Salmon to 500g are taking the same baits further around the entrance and Pensioners Point.  After dark, gummies up to 7kg are being caught on fresh baits as they scour for food throughout the inlet.


Port Welshpool has been fishing well in the Franklin Channel for snapper and Whiting with a few rat Kingies around the jetties.  Customer Chris reports that some days they are slamming every lure to hit the water, and others only one or two types of lure will get a hit.

Lake Tyers:

Customer Mitch fished around the Entrance Channel, taking Tailor up to 70cm, bream up to 45cm and loads of flathead up to 50cm.  Most of the Bream where taken on hardbodies along the flats.  Berkley ripple shads caused quite a commotion amongst the local Flathead, with the average size about 40cm.

Amongst other reports received from Lake Tyers, good customer Daniel landed flathead to 74cm and bream to 39cm, mainly soft plastic flickbaits, worked hard against the edges.

Surf Beaches:

Kilcunda and Venus Bay appear to be the most consistent and successful surf beaches over the past week.  Customer Ted landed 2 Salmon both around the 1.5kg mark on bluebait on an afternoon high tide. 

Anton also fished around the Bass beaches last week, with 7 Salmon up to 2.5kg coming from Kilcunda.  Bluebait and pipi has been the best bait for him, with high water around low light times again being more productive in the close gutters.