With the Murray cod season opening in less than 2 weeks, now is the time to stock up and get yourself prepared! Make sure to check over all of your lures, hooks, leader and terminal gear along with your rod guides and main lines. You don't want to lose that trophy fish through something that could have been prevented!

Murray cod season looks to be a good season this year with river levels slightly down and clearer at the moment. Most of the main lakes such as Eildon, Mulwala and Nillahcootie are looking good also. Customer Kevin fished a mate's dam just recently where there were rumored to be a couple of decent cod, and he found out exactly what sort of cod were in there! Kevin's fish ate a small Jitterbug surface paddler.


While some sections of the Murray river have been affected by blue green algae, this hasn't stopped the fish from biting. The section down stream from Yarrawonga is the worst affected at present, with a small amount still affecting upstream from Yarrawonga towards Corrowa. To prove that the algae hasn't made fishing pointless, customer Mario fished the section of river from Corrowa down towards Bundalong - where he caught around 60 cod in 5 days. A lot of the fish were in the 40 - 60cm size range, with a few like this 80cm fish taking lures also. Trolled stumpjumpers and cast spinnerbaits did most of the damage.

Staff member Dylan has also been caught a few cod recently. Dylan has been fishing the section of water around Bundalong and has caught fish to around 75cm on surface lures during the afternoon. Customer Travis also fished for the cod recently and managed his first one which he was rapt with.

Not to be outdone, the golden perch have been quite active in the Murray around Mulwala recently. Dropping water temperatures have kicked them into gear and had them feeding actively, with staff member Dylan and mates catching a few nice ones over the Anzac weekend. The goldens have been hitting 3/8th and 1/2oz spinnerbaits along large bankside snags, with purples, whites and red skirt colours being the standout colours recently. These fish should be reasonably active over the next month and then slow off as the water gets substantially cooler towards June.


For the holiday makers heading to any of the states' northern impoundments, the native fish are about as active as they will get over the summer months. Water temperatures in all but the coldest regions have warmed dramatically and this has sent species like Murray cod, yellowbelly and bass into overdrive.

Customers Jordan and Jinsu have done some work on the yellowbelly in recent weeks, and have caught fish to around 45cm in length. While yellas can take a bit of searching to find where they are holed up, normally once one is caught there is a good chance that a few more will be close by. Jordan and Jinsu found small profile vibes like the Daiwa 47S to be effective when hopped around likely rock ledges and fallen timber.

Customer Zoran also chased the yellas up towards Eildon with a mate and found some nice fish. Using modern sounder technology, the yellowbelly were able to be pinpointed and targeted using small plastics around fallen timber. Most of the fish were in the 45 - 55cm range which are chunky little fish.

The next couple of months should see the yellowbelly plateau off somewhat, with themselves and Murray cod still a good option for summer freshwater fisherman.  



This time of the year coming into winter can be the best time to specifically target large Murray cod. Many of the larger fish feed up heavily before going into a spawning aggregation in late winter. Smaller fish can also be caught during this time, but the largest fish seem to be as active as ever. Fishing deeper sections of the rivers and lakes can also be a very good way of connecting with a big fish, as this deeper water remains at a more stable temperature and the fish move about happily. Places like Eildon are worth a shot at the moment, along with deeper river channel sections of Mulwala and the Murray.

Customer recently fished the Murray river up near Tocumwal in search of a big cod. He was persistent with casting lures from a drifting boat and managed to nail this awesome fish on a black and red skirted spinnerbait below the bridge section near town. A cracking fish around the metre mark, not a bad way to spend a winter's day.


Last week customer Norm fished Lake Mulwala for his first time targeting cod. For those who didn't read last weeks report, Norm had a ripper session, over 2 days around 15 cod were caught on a mixture of lures including floating hardbodies and spinnerbaits, with fish ranging from 58cm right through a 110cm monster that Norm caught and released again safely. Norm brought some photos in for us for this weeks report. Good work Norm!

Customer Nick has been fishing the local dams in search of reddies. Nick has found fish to around 35cm in the deeper areas of the dams by using lipless crankbaits. Controlled sink rates and slow hops and twitches have gotten the redfin to respond. Adding scent like SAX scent has also helped the fish find the lure in the dark water.  


Autumn can be a great time to target Murray cod on baits and lures in the lakes and rivers. As the water temperature drops and the water levels rise with rain the fishing can turn on. Cod will happily sit in the snags in the cooler water, and move to the depths once the shallows become too cold. Knowing this can give you hints as to where to look for them in your local waterways. 

Customer Chris fished the Murray a bit and on tuesday night he landed this ripper fish at 95cm in amongst a few small trout cod and carp. Chris managed to land, photographic and release this fish by himself in the river below Yarrawonga. All the fish Chris caught took fresh shrimp. 

Customer Norm also did well on the cod last week, during his first session on Lake Muwala with a mate. Norm was introduced into the world of lure fishing for cod and had a ripper session for his first. Over 2 days around 15 cod were caught on a mixture of lures including floating hardbodies and spinnerbaits, with fish ranging from 58cm right through a 110cm monster that Norm caught and released again safely. 

Customer Ves fished the river up around Barmah last week where he landed 4 nice cod ranging from 58cm through to around 70cm. Ves caught fish during the night and day and found that cheese wrapped to a baitholder style hook using Black Magic Bait Buddy worked the best, and also stopped the baits from being picked off. 

There have also been a few smaller cod caught in Lake Eildon this week. Smaller floating hardbodies like Halco Poltergeists have been working well when trolled around timber and rocky outcrops, and other fish like trout, redfin and yellowbelly will also hit this size lure as well. 


The Yellowbelly or Golden Perch are starting to move about a bit more in most Victorian lakes and also in the Murray River. Spring is normally a very productive time of year to chase the Yellas' as the rising water levels bring food into the system for them, and along with warmer water temperatures which make them a bit more active in searching for food. The best part is you don't need a boat to access them, which is handy when the strong spring northerly winds come up!


Over the last week, we've had a few good reports from customer catching Murray Cod around the place, so seems like a good time to target them! Good customer Mario fished up at Mulwala recently, and did well on some lovely Cod in dirty water.  He said trolling the edge of the riverbed worked the best, with black/purple Stumpjumpers and Codgers the favourites.

Customer Mijo has also been fishing around Mulwala with some mates, and has caught Cod up to 70cm on Bardi's and the occasional one on lure.  Around the Bundalong section of the lake they have also caught a few Yellowbelly up to 40cm on Shrimp.

Customer Nick sent us a report from the Ovens River where his mate David has been catching Cod since Easter.  David has been using Bardi's in the river and has caught some great fish, including Yellowbelly to 6lb, along with Cod up to 40lb!  David says that most of the Cod have been biting better around the full moon.



Team Member Dylan and Ian, fished Lake Eildon today chasing Cod.  Ian landed two Cod, one 6kg and the other 8kg.  Both were taken on spinners near the Dam Wall.

Further afield, George (not our George, but a regular customer George) fished Mulwala in the Cod Classic landing a 60cm cod on 12 black blade Bassman.