Customer Jordan has been fishing over in New Zealand recently, where he has been targeting some lovely rainbow trout. Jordan is fly fishing some of the smaller rivers and creeks to target these lovely rainbows. The best method has been to use a heavily weighted nymph 'bomb' along with a globug as well.  

Customer Casey recently moved to Noosa in QLD for a sea change, and some better weather. Visiting mates, Tyson and Nick had a fish with Casey in the Noosa River where they had a ball catching yellowfin bream and sand whiting on light gear. Local prawn is a gun bait for these fish which will be perfect on the BBQ.


We have some feedback that Bullet Lures are doing damage on trout and salmon across the ditch in New Zealand.

Jason from Bullet Lures sent us a photo of a ripper Rainbow trout that weighed 17lb, caught on the metallic salmon parr colour. These lures have accounted for fish to 20lb in the rivers over in NZ. Being bite sized they will come in handy once trout season opens back up in Victoria, and it also reinforces the theory that elephants eat peanuts!