While the warm weather isn't normally the best for trout fishing the fish have still been quite active around the Eildon and Yarra valley regions. Many of the streams around Eildon are still quite cold, which keep the trout happy. At Eildon itself, the pondage has been fishing well.

Customer Greg fished the pondage at Eildon during the week were he had a very successful session. Greg fished the lower pondage around Bourke street where the trout just kept coming! Water conditions were quite low with more water expected to be let through during the week, so conditions should improve yet again. Greg caught and released over 30 school sized fish, along with this nice brown on a mixture of baits. Gulp 'salmon eggs' were the most successful, in both chartreuse and pink and small worms even got a few fish. On multiple occasions both rods would go off at the same time, so the trout are hungry at the moment! Fishing around dusk produced the better quality fish.

Customer Mohd has been doing well with his fly fishing recently. Mohd has found the small streams around Eildon and south towards the Yarra valley very productive on fly lately, with stacks of pocket water browns and rainbows to be caught. Mohd has been catching on both dry and nymph patterns recently. Plenty of lures have been working for other anglers fishing these small streams, with new colours in the Strike Tiger nymphs going really well.


While most fisherman have stayed indoors over the last week with the heavy rain, the trout fisherman have been on a winner. The heavy rain has pumped the larger rivers full to flood capacity, with virtually all smaller creeks running high and dirty also. The initial torrent of rain made conditions borderline dangerous to fish in, but as the rain slowed up and the rivers backed off to dirty and high rather than flooded the trout really fired up.

Customer Anel loves his trout fishing and has had some ripper sessions recently, with fish to 2lb coming from streams that normally hold fish around 200g. Anel has been fishing some new lures from Duo and Bassday and doing well.

Customer Daniel has also been chasing the trout during breaks in the wet weather, with south gippsland streams providing plenty of action. Small minnow pattern soft plastics with a small 'huddle' or paddle tail have been very effective when simply wound straight back in across current. In amongst the browns there have been a few chunky rainbows to jump and cartwheel around the streams. The current rainfall should only increase the aggressiveness of the local river trout if you're keen to throw a spray jacket on.


Melbourne's local freshwater fishing has been good over the past month, as we've finally gotten some rain! Many of the creeks have been running low, and the water storage dams have also been down on capacity. We have however started t o get some of our winter rain which has breathed a bit of life back into the system, and in the annual timeline of a trout - prompted them to start their spawn run. Many of the larger rivers around the region have seen congregations of fish pushing their way up to their spawning grounds. While these fish at times can be annoyingly frustrating to try and catch, they will swat a precisely placed lure on their way up river.

Many of the trout rivers within 2 hours drive from the CBD have been producing fish of late as well. The Goulburn river has been running at a low environmental level which if anything has concentrated the fish a bit more. Rainbows to around 800g have been the norm for bait, lure and fly anglers lately. The smaller streams such as Rubicon, Acheron and also the Yarra have been producing fish for all methods too. Straight after a solid downpour a small bunch of scrubbies or troutworms drifted down river is a pretty good way to go. For the lure angler, hardbodies in the 60mm size range are perfect, with high flash golds and aggressive colour schemes working well. Just a reminder that the 2016 trout season closes at midnight on Monday 13th June, up until midnight Friday 2nd September. Trout can still be taken in designated 'sea run' streams and lakes, with all details being found through the following link:




The trout action has been good in many of the local streams and rivers recently. With Melbourne's cold and windy weather at least fishing in some of the rivers you can get a bit of a break from the wind, and sometimes the rain too. Customers Jinsu and Jordan have been fishing local rivers near Noojee in search of a few spotted river wrigglers.

Jinsu has found that soft plastics like Gulp Minnows and turtleback worms have been effective in dirtied up pools when visibility is low, while Jordan has been catching fish on a mixture of flies. Jordan has been alternating between indicator nymph fishing and also wet flies like wooly buggers and the like. Between both of these techniques the guys have been pulling some nice sized browns for the streams.

Up around the Eildon region, customer Vince has also been getting a few trout here and there. Vince has found that the most effective lures for him recently have been small spinner like the Blue Fox Vibrax, in plated gold and also brass colour. With a bit of colour to the water he has found the trout have been able to find these lures a bit easier. 



The Goulburn River has been good to anglers fishing lures along the undercut edges recently, as it is still running quite high. Baitfishing in fast flows has still been quite tough, but lure casting has been good. Customer Mick ventured up to the Goulburn after some lure advice in the shop, and in a quiet afternoon's fishing Mick managed to land 2 stream sized rainbows and also a thumper brown at 1.8kg. Mick found that a couple of the lures recommended worked a treat and got his a couple of fish.

Not too far out of the suburbs customer Jordan has been at it again, catching local stream browns on the fly. Jordan has been fishing small creeks and has found plenty of reasonable sized fish waiting in runs and pockets. Jordan has found a mixture of both nymph and dries to be effective. Small dark coloured nymphs in size 14 have been good, while Parachute Adams and Wulff varieties have been taking fish sipping off the surface.

Customer Morgan fished in a couple of smaller rivers up around Healesville over the weekend with his girlfriend after a couple of trout. The pair fly fished the rivers using both nymphs and dries and caught a few average stream fish on both presentations.

A bit closer to home staff member Don took his twins down to a local dam after work for a flick with redfin in mind. His twin boys have been taught to cast and work a lure, and pretty much bring the fish in all by themselves. Don, being the expert at rigging plastics straight - made sure the lures were swimming correctly for them and off they went. Young Jackson was pretty happy with himself here posing with a chunky redfin.

Customer Adrian had another fish during the week down at Devilsbend Reservoir in search of some bigger redfin. Adrian found a small patch of surface activity around some snags on the bank and had a few casts with a shallow twitchbait, and pulled out some nice fat redfin. He caught a few in the same spot then continued walking to catch more in another area.


The trout fishing local to Melbourne has been pretty good recently, and because we haven't had a great deal of hot weather it should continue. Bait, lure and fly anglers have been getting in to a few fish both local and afar which is good. Generally once you've been in the car and out of the suburbs for a bit over an hour there are multiple options for chasing trout, whichever direction you head. Up around the Eildon region the fish have been on and off, but this can generally be the case with Eildon, especially in the pondage. Bait anglers preparing for a solid session on the pondage can normally expect fewer fish, but there is always a chance of one of those 'Eildon monsters' coming along. 

Customer Reece was fishing in the Eildon area over the weekend in search of 'that' fish. Reece is a pretty dedicated lure angler and hits the trout a fair bit, and the fish he caught on the weekend was the icing on the cake as far as he's concerned. Reece was throwing small slow floating hardbodies in trout parr colours when he noticed a big fish cruising. Reece managed to get a gentle cast in front of the big rainbow and it soon came over and smashed the lure. After a few decent runs, Reece got a good look at the fish and after a quick pic it was on it's way again. 

Not too far away from some of the Eildon streams, customer Jordan has been having a bit of fun on the fly. Jordan has been looking around some small water in search of a few trout to cast both wet and dry flies at, and there has been no shortage of stream sized fish to cast to. Jordan has been using a mixture of techniques including indicator nymphing which has caught most fish from deeper pools and runs, and for slower edges and pools a few fish have also risen up to take small dries like Adams's Parachute and Kosciuszko Duns. 

Staff member Dylan has also been out over the weekend in search of some stream trout. Dylan has been fishing around the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland areas, with streams like the Latrobe, Little Yarra and Loch getting a look. While most of the fish are small in the streams, they can be good fun to present flies and lures to. Even with warm conditions over the weekend, the water in these streams has still been very cold and clear, and running well.

A mixture of both brown and rainbow trout have been caught, with recent sessions providing a few more fish on the dry flies that nymphs. The slower moving pools and runs have been fishing well with flies like Royal Wulffs, Elk Hair Caddis and Adam's Parachutes.


Within around an hour's drive from Melbourne there is some good trout fishing. To the north there is the Yarra River and surrounding tributaries, while heading into southwest Gippsland there are plenty of smaller streams out towards Noojee and the surrounding area. Customer Jordan went for a drive towards Noojee over the weekend in search of a few trout on fly. Jordan fished a few of the small rivers and streams in the area using a few different tactics, and he eventually found a few fish. 

In one particular stretch of water he found that small dark coloured bead headed nymphs were the best, landing both browns and rainbows from these areas. Fishing the small nymphs under a strike indicator he was able to tell when the fish ate the fly. In another more snaggy and overgrown section of water Jordan could see a few fish rising to the surface, so a quick change to a dry fly produced the results. Small parachute adams and similar deer hair surface flies got some interest from the small fish. Jordan also found the odd spiny cray in some of the deeper pools, which he had a look at then let go again. 


Many anglers got out in search of a few trout over the weekend, as the Victorian trout season for streams opened up on Saturday. With most river levels flowing quite high but relatively clear, the fishing wasn't super considering. A few nice fish have been caught up around the Eildon region both in the rivers and also on the pondage. Customer Dado fished the Goulburn out towards Alexandra on Saturday where he found the fishing a bit slow. He did land this lovely rainbow though on his second cast in a new spot, on a pink coloured tassie devil. 

Customer Daniel fished some of the small streams down in South Gippsland on the weekend in search of trout or two on the fly. With river conditions very clear and very cold the fishing was tough, but Daniel did manage a nicely coloured brown about average for the area. A small beadheaded nymph fished below an indicator did the trick.  

Customer Jordan also fished some small water in South gippsland on the weekend on the fly. Jordan had to work hard for the fish that he caught, but in the end of a short session he outwitted 3 nice browns on small dark coloured nymphs. Most of the fish came from small pockets along the edge of faster moving runs. 


The trout fishing in the area has gotten a little bit better lately with the Autumn weather kicking in. Many of the streams are running relatively low, but good flushes of rain and cooler weather are starting to kick things along. Customer Jordan has been catching a few trout in some local streams over the past week on lures, with some of the fish weighing over a pound which are nice fish for small water. Jordan has been fishing some of the rivers in the Noojee region, and has found a mixture of lures working well. Slim profiled suspending hardbodies in the 50 - 65mm size have been working the best, with juvenile trout and minnow patterns favoured for the clear water.

Customer George has also had 'trout fever' recently. George has been fishing some rivers local to him with lures to catch some ripper trout. Fish to 2lb have been hitting small floating hardbodies in the running water. Some of George's favourites lately have been Zipbaits and Rapalas, in both bright and natural colours patterns. Get out there and have a look at some of your favourite rivers this weekend!


If you're a dyed in the wool trout fisherman, you'll probably know what significance this Saturday plays - the opening of the season for Victorian streams and rivers.

With quite a lot of rain this Winter river levels will still be high, and most should stay that way for a while yet.

Don't forget to pack the waders as most river banks will still be muddy, and make sure you've stocked the pack up with all of the newest trout lures!