There has been a fair bit of action happening on the land based fishing front. All along the shoreline of the bay there has been activity from a few different options. Squid and salmon have been plentiful and the landbased pinkies and snapper have been good.

Customer Brett took his young fisher mate Walter down to the local piers on the peninsula where some big salmon had been spotted. Casting small metal lures around the current lines and drop offs resulted in some super fat salmon hitting the deck of the pier. Some of the locals were even getting belted on large squid jigs, so the competition between fish is fierce. Keep an eye out for the bait schools if you are fishing the piers, as large numbers of pilchards and small anchovies are in the bay at the moment, as these fish are gorging themselves on them.

The peninsula around Mornington and Frankston has been producing some super-sized squid over the past few weeks, which have been much bigger than usual. Size 2.5 jigs and small squid are the norm in the area, but at the minute there are plenty about that area a kilogram or bigger, and size 3.5 jigs have been the go. Staff member Don fished Mornington pier during the week to land some of the bigger squid, using bigger jigs. Staff member Dylan also caught some similar sized squid in the area over the weekend, with size 3.5 jigs in UV lemon and pilchard patterns getting the job done.

On the land based snapper front, there hasn't really been a standout spot - moreso if you have a location that has produced for you it is worth fishing at the moment, especially with some strong wind forecast over the weekend. Customer and APL local ninja Cipto fished from a couple of the piers around Black Rock during the week to land a ripper school fish just before dark on bluebait. 

While normally an early season location, customer Frank has been catching snapper from the rocks on Phillip Island. Frank has been catching fish to over 70cm on pilchard on the surf gear, with some solid fish getting back in to the reef. If you are fishing the local rocks just be mindful of the swell and tide conditions, and fish heavy mono instead of braid if you can. Mono will give you a bit more resilience around the rocks and a some more shock absorption during those final headshakes and lunges.

From the local Port Phillip piers there have been some varied size snapper caught. There have been some large fish caught, with customer Peter reporting fish to 5kg from Mordi pier. These fish are not uncommon and it is just a matter of persistence and picking the conditions for them. Customer Connor also caught some nice pan sized fish from Mornington pier. Connor has been out early braving the wind and rain to catch his fish, which have taken bluebait. One thing's for sure, you won't catch fish like these sitting at home!

The school snapper have even been hanging around some of the piers in the southern end of the bay. While not normally a common catch from the piers around the Rye and Rosebud area, customer Eisa reports of some nice table sized fish from Dromana pier. Fishing with pilchard and slimey mackerel Eisa caught 5 nice fish to 46cm and a good flathead. The first few hours of night were the most productive during the incoming tide.


The bread and butter species like gummy shark are an excellent option during the winter months, as you are able to catch them shore based in the bays, from the surf beaches, boat fishing the bays and also offshore. The best part about this style of fishing is you don't have to go overboard, for a landbased session a surf outfit of your choice is the way to go, along with a sturdy rod holder and enough tackle for the session. 

Staff member Dylan did just this last week, took to the the ocean beaches in search of a gummy or two. A nice gummy of around 7kg hit the sand during the first hour of the run in tide, and took a fillet of freshly caught grass whiting on a single 8/0 circle hook. Picking your preferred beach during the day can give you the advantage in spotting the more likely gutters and rips, and taking the guesswork out of your fishing.  Programs like Google earth can also help you identify similar features from the palm of your hand, but just be mindful that these conditions can change subtly between aerial shots.

If the boat fishing for gummies is more your thing, then the offshore fishing at the moment has been worth getting in to. The gummy fishing just offshore from Western Port has been exceptional, with much better average sized fish coming in. Among the gummy sharks, you will also have other species like snapper and flathead to keep you busy offshore, so you can really bring back a mixed bag at times.

Frogleys Offshore Victorian Rep Gerry took his new boat out for a spin last week in search of a gummy or two while offshore conditions were good and he wasn't disappointed. Gerry landed 2 lovely fish destined for the table using the lightweight Atomic Arrowz offshore model rods.

Customer Steve also got out offshore in the same region to land a nice fish just under 11kg. Steve fished a patch of reef that he normally tries for gummies and found multiple fish around it. Locally caught couta was the best bait for the day, which were thick mid water and easily catchable on small sabiki style rigs.


The Australian salmon have turned up this autumn and were quite prevalent throughout the rip and lower end of the bay over early autumn, but are now making their presence felt around the rest of the bay. Good schools of fish have been moving about and can be found around most prominent points and estuary mouths, especially during some rougher onshore winds and rain. The eastern side of the bay has seen good numbers of fish around Frankston and Mornington piers and Mt Martha rocks during westerly winds, with the average fish varying from just under a kilo to about 1.5kg.

Frogleys Offshore representative Gerry has been catching some big fat salmon down around the southern end of the bay, with larger fish to 3kg having no problems inhaling 100mm stickbaits, plastics and hardbodies. The larger fish seem to stay down the bottom end of the bay and if you're lucky they have been turning up around Blairgowrie and Portsea during the flood tide.

The salmon pier along the local piers has seemed to be more consistent around first and last light, so if you're at one of your local piers during these times, it's worth having something rigged up and ready to go. During high winds and rough water metal slugs and slow jigs have been good, but without hardware alterations you stand the chance at losing fish. Calmer conditions call for small subtle soft plastics so it pays to keep both on you.

Staff member Dylan has been catching fish to around a kilo from Morinington and Mordialloc piers, and along the rivermouth at Patterson river. During rougher conditions metal lures like the Yakamito 'angry baits' have been excellent, with small but strong assist hooks fitted to prevent shake offs. So far Dylan has not lost a single fish, so with the assist hook set up hook up rate is the very best it can be at 100%.

The beaches both locally and further afield have been producing good numbers and size salmon also. The producers at the moment have mainly been down the east coast with Gunnamatta, Kilcunda, Venus Bay and further around Lakes Entrance the pick. Customers Mark and Darren fished Venus Bay beach no.1 last week to land a swag of fish with some pushing 2kg. The boys found that once the berley got the school in they went off, with the fish biting like crazy right into the night on whole pillies.



The Aussie salmon are starting to make their presence felt along most of the beaches at the moment, along with good numbers of them in both bays. While numbers aren't huge just yet, the size of some of the fish has been impressive - with fish to around 4kg confirmed. Customer Ben fished down at Gunnamatta recently to land a cracker of around 2kg from one of the close in gutters. Fish to 2kg are generally a bit more common early in the salmon season, so if you're after a bigger fish now is your time! Once the winter really kicks in larger numbers of fish in the 400g - 1kg size range will be more commonplace. Baitfishing and spinning has gotten results on the fish, with bluebait still a favourite. 


James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also found some solid salmon recently while fishing the southern end of the bay. James has found good schools working dense baitballs, with a lot of the fish in the school up around 2kg, and a handful of bigger fish to just under 4kg. These are good sized fish in anyone's book, and they really test the limits on the light gear. Small Yamashita Golden Bait skirts have been good, along with Pakula Micro Uzi's when trolled along the edge of the schools. Soft plastics, metal jigs and flies all thrown into the path of feeding fish will also get a look in. 


While Melbourne's snapper season hasn't really fired up as such, there have been fish caught from the shoreline of both bays. As the fish enter the bays they can be caught from points close to the entrances of both bays, such as Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale in PPB, and areas around San Remo and Flinders in WPB. 

Customer Ferdi has taken a liking to targeting snapper from the shore and recently he has caught some nice fish. Ferdi has been fishing rock ledges and small points near the entrances of Westernport where he has caught quite a few school sized snapper, right through to fish around 75cm. Ferdi has been using powerful graphite surf rods for casting a long way from the shore, to entice the bigger fish in close. Fine berley and baits of pilchard and squid have been doing the job for him.


Reports of snapper movements have been slowly starting to pick up around both bays, as fish push their way in through the entrances. While the water temperatures in both bays is still cold, the snapper will continue to move in over the next few months, with the consistent fishing really kicking off sometime around early October. For anglers raring at the bit to get into them there can be long sessions involved finding fish and then waiting for them to eat, so the hot fishing isn't quite here yet but on its way. A few anglers fishing around the entrance of Westernport have been picking up the odd fish here and there as they pass through and hold up for a few days.  

Customer Ferdi has put in a couple of sessions from the shore around the entrance of Westernport, with some mixed success. A few fishless sessions with runs and bites but no solid hookups had been frustrating until he landed a nice fish of 70cm on pilchard earlier in the week. Ferdi has now got the monkey off his back for the season and can expect a few more reds from the rocks over the coming months. 

Customer Zac normally does well on the snapper and during the week he fished out around Western entrance in search of some leatherjacket and a possible red. Zac fished with pilchard and squid to land a feed of leatherjacket, a small gummy and also a couple of smaller snapper.



There are some good rock ledges around the coastline that have land based access to deep water nearby, however rock ledges can be dangerous to fish for anglers that don't take care. Customer Daniel fished from one of his favourite rock platforms on the weekend to see what fish were about. Using a mixture of different baits, Daniel caught some nice size trevally, salmon and flathead. The most effective bait was pilchard fished on 5/0 Gamakatsu octopus hooks on paternoster rigs.


Snapper – Best spots are Mornington and Mt Eliza out and around 19-22 metres. The Fish are in good numbers with fish up to 6kg being taken. They will slow over the coming weeks as they spawn. Customer Hassan took fish to 6kg in 11 metres of water off Mornington early morning. Baits proving most successful are pilchards and Mackerel fillets.

Slav also reports the Mt Martha area has been good for him recently, with all of the fish coming from 20m, and all on Silver Whiting or Red Rockets.

Team Member Chris continues to chase the Snapper several times a week, mainly off Mt Eliza in 19 metres of water.  Snapper up to 3kg on silver whiting with a good mix of nice sized flatties as a by-catch. Chris also reports good sized squid off Oliver's Hill with most taking a 2.5 Haramitsu jig in dark colours. Chris also tried his luck around Beaumaris Bay, and landed Garfish on silverfish and maggots late in the afternoon. Salmon averaging 1kg are working the bait schools in the bay late in the afternoon as well.

Regular Customer Frank has fished Carrum in 10 metres of water testing new Maria Duplex Hard Bodies on Snapper. Red Rocket/Mackerel patterns are working on fish to 3kg.

Frank also tried his luck at the Punchbowl landing a mixed bag of snapper, salmon and the occasional whiting. Squid strips proving to the best bait.