Port Phillip Bay can provide a bit of variety in terms of fish species but generally you have to target a specific species to have the best results on it. Lately there has been a bit to offer boat based anglers with whiting, squid, cuttlefish, snapper, flathead, salmon and trevally to name a few.  Customer Ryan fished with his mum and dad out in the boat targeting a few different fish with soft plastics. Pinkies, trevally, red mullet, salmon and pike all attacked the plastics in around the shallow reefy areas. Ryan's mum Marianne got stuck into some nice sized pinkie snapper on small soft plastics which soon found the esky. Customer Carlo also had some mixed bag fishing across near Queenscliff with whiting, flathead and squid all coming to the party. Carlo had a bit of moving about to get decent numbers of the whiting, but after a few drops they started coming aboard. Size 6 Shogun Wide Gap or Mutsu Light + SA pippies = a deadly whiting combo!

Customers Dan and Cam had a leisurely session out around Sorrento over the weekend with some nice sized squid caught. Cam and Dan landed squid to around 1.5kg on a mixture of fast sinking jigs around 'The Sisters' with a couple more further back towards Rye. Customer Steve also fished in the area over the weekend, with some nice squid around 1kg taking the Albino coloured Harimitsu near Rye. Steve also landed some nice flathead to 50cm in the same area using Zman 4" Paddlerz and Squidgy Fish rigged on 1/2oz jigheads. Customer Ryan went out in search of silver trevally recently over towards queenscliff. Ryan had some good success on 1/8oz rigged stickbaits on the run in tide, hopping the plastics around small sand holes and weedbeds.



The top end of he bay has been overrun with small pinkies at present, from Williamstown through to Frankston. Virtually every section of reef has got loads of these ferocious fish on it. The main trouble has been getting through the small fish to the better size models underneath. The larger fish have been around 1 - 1.5kg and have been taking baits of pilchard, squid and saury. Customer Ryan fished for the pinkies from the piers over near Williamstown recently to land a heap using small soft plastics. Ryan found crab and worm imitations were the best when fished lightly weighted around the structure.

Further down around Seaford and Frankston there have been a few garfish caught from the shore. While numbers haven't been super, anglers specifically targeting them using maggots and silverfish have been getting a few. Fine grain berley has also been the key.


Down along the Peninsula the squid fishing has been good, with the piers and rocks both producing. Mornington, Blairgowrie and Sorrento piers have been fishing well for average sized squid. Mornington and Blairgowrie piers have been much better with small jigs in the 1.8 - 2.5 size range, with Sorrento fishing best on Yamashita 3.5D jigs in red foil and dark greens. Staff member Dylan fished from the rocks down near Mt Martha recently where squid to 1kg were caught using a mixture of 3.5 shallow and standard sink rates. Glow belly and dark green/black jigs were the best on the day.


The estuaries running into the bay have also been coughing up a few school sized mulloway for anglers putting in the time and effort recently. Most of the fish have been from 60 - 80cm, with a few bigger fish mixed in also. Live mullet, squid and even saury have been effective baits, along with soft plastics in the 3 - 5" size. Patterson River, Yarra and Maribyrnong have all seen some action of late. Customer John has been catching a few around the traps using mainly mullet for bait late during the night.

Down around the entrance/rip area the kingfish have been running hot. Anglers fishing live and dead baits, jigs, soft plastics and also trolled hardbodies have all caught fish - with the fish deciding on what they want on the day. Most of the fish caught have been around the legal size, with a few here and there pushing 10kg and some real thumpers at 12kg+ caught by persistent anglers trying all methods. Customer Edly went out and got into a few good fish out the front on a mixture of squid and also on the jigs just recently.  


The squid have been firing for anglers fishing the eastern side of Port Phillip bay recently; with the area around Frankston and Mornington fishing well, along with the southern end of the peninsula. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had some good sessions on the squid around Frankston and Mornington, with his customers racking up decent bag of squid in no time. The shallow grass beds have been fishing well with natural coloured jigs in size 2.5-3.0. Around Mornington pier the small squid have still been around and are taking small jigs in the 1.5-1.8 sizes. Bright colours like pinks, oranges and lime have been good, and when the squid shut off a bit more natural tones like silver and browns have been catching. 

There have been some quality squid and cuttlefish caught along the southern end of the bay over the last week or so. Customer Ryan is a keen squid angler and he got into some crackers while fishing with family friends last week. The area around Queenscliff and Portsea has been good for large squid using deep sinking size 3.5 jigs. Natural colours that imitate grass whiting, yakkas, pilchards and small reef fish have been the go lately. 


There have been plenty of fish on offer for the light tackle fisherman in Port Phillip bay recently. Fishing with light outfits and 6 - 10lb line there have been plenty of pinkies, salmon, pike, flathead and reef species around in the bay to have some fun with a take a couple home for a feed. Most of the piers are producing fish like salmon and pinkies in the right conditions as well, so it's not just for the boat anglers. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been putting clients onto big schools of pinkies around Black Rock, Frankston and Mornington. While there are a lot of small fish in the 25cm size range, if you have enough bait and patience you will come across fish in the 35 - 40cm size. A good bait at the moment is squid or cuttlefish, along with salted pilchards. These are best fished on 1/0 - 2/0 circle hooks. 

For anglers in the Black Rock - Frankston region, there have been good numbers of salmon working the shoreline on a rough day. Calmer conditions have kept the fish out a bit deeper and out of reach for most shore based anglers, but days with onshore winds above 10 knots have brought the bait (and the salmon) in to casting proximity for anglers with two feet firmly on the ground. Small, single hook rigged metal lures and soft plastics are the weapons of choice, along with salted whitebait and pilchards. 

Customer Be fished from the shore in Beaumaris Bay over the weekend to land a heap of smaller salmon to around 500g on metal slugs. Be said that single hooks kept 95% of the fish hooked and landed, where as anglers fishing with trebles were losing 50% of their hooked fish.

Further south in the bay has been a good spot for some light tackle bait and lure fishing also. Customer Ryan and a few of his family members went out for some fun around Queenscliff and Sorrento using light tackle and soft plastics. Small baitfish and worm imitation plastics caught them their fair share of silver trevally, leatherjacket, salmon, pike and pinky snapper. The bonus for this style of fishing is that no bait is needed!


Yellowtail kingfish have been the flavour of the month for Melbourne anglers over Summer. There have been a few fish caught offshore, but to catch them inside the bays is better again. While the bay fish are generally 'rats' or small fish to about 4kg, there can also been some larger 10kg+ models lurking around in schools as well. 

Customers Tony, Hiep and Van went out and fished on charter to target the kingies around the rip last weekend. The guys found the area busy and had to search around to locate the schools, and once they found the fish they tried a few methods. Metal jigs in the 120g weight worked well, so long as they had a seductive 'flutter' on the drop. Shimano and River2Sea jigs worked best.

Fishing in 30 - 40m of water, live baits were also used once the fish went a bit quiet. Live slimies and yakkas were dynamite when bridle rigged and assent down. Customer Ryan also got stuck into the local kingfish over the weekend, with fish in the 3kg mark caught. Ryan found that deep trolled hardbodies got the kingies' attention, with Sebile Koolie Minnows and Rapala Taildancers doing the damage. 


Some nice early season whiting are being caught across at St Leonards at the moment, with Queenscliff and Portsea not far behind.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been putting clients on to good bags of whiting around the St Leonards area with heaps of fish in the 33 - 38cm range. A few bigger fish around 40cm upwards have also been caught amongst the schools. The best baits recently have been pipi, mussel and squid.



The southern end of Port Phillip has been fishing well for large squid that have come in to spawn. There have been quite a few squid over the 2kg mark caught, with plenty of smaller specimens around 1kg in weight. Sorrento through to Queenscliff has been the best area, and the area where the larger squid normally are. 

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been putting clients on to some quality squid down in this section of the bay, and he has found red foil jigs to be working a treat. His one particular red shrimp has been giving the big squid a hiding around Portsea.


The squid fishing in Port Phillip has been fairly consistent of recent, however the current rain and rough water will slow things down for a few days. Reports from during the week have been good around most areas, with customer Angelo getting his bag quickly out from Point Cook on the weekend. Haramtisu AK in 2.5 did the trick for him.

Customer Steve also sent in a report from his son in law Indra who is visiting from Bali who recently had a session on the squid out on Port Phillip. Indra managed his first Southern Calamari at 3.4kg, which is not a bad way to open the squid account. Indra was fishing out from Queenscliff, and caught this ripper on a baited jig with a fresh silver whiting.


If you're after some light tackle fun in the local estuaries then now is a good time to target a few Silver trevally and salmon. The coolers months of the year are good for these fish and normally by mid winter there are a few of both these species in many local estuaries in the bays around Melbourne, including the Yarra and Patterson Rivers. One of the better places to target the trevally is Queenscliff or the Barwon River near Ocean Grove. By using a light baitfishing or lure setup that you would use when bream fishing you can have a lot of fun on these tough little fish. Baits of pipi, whitebait and prawn are effective, and small soft plastics and vibes also catch their share of trevs.

Customer George sent us a report from the area recently where he chased a few trevally on lures from the boat. Using a mixture of small worms pattern soft plastics and metal vibes, George landed trevally to around 40cm along with a heap of similar sized salmon.


Other species in good numbers around Seaford have been Gars.  These have been taken off the Seaford Pier mostly late afternoon and on Silverfish.   Mornington has not been quiet either, with Wayne taking good sized squid, 30cm hood, in good numbers from the Mornington Rocks area.  Dartmax UV colours working best.

Team Member Dylan, had a good days success on Portsea Pier landing squid around the 1kg mark.  Best jigs where Harimitsu 3.5 in red/gold base jigs colours.  Peter also reported great success the Shimano Keimera squid in 3.0 and 3.5, also in red based, brown jigs.

Over the other side of the bay at Queenscliff, customer Ryan had good success with squid being taken off the pier.  He also reported good numbers of Salmon and Pike around the Harbour.  Dartmax bumble bees and Berkley bass minnows working best for results.