While a lot of anglers wouldn't think it, many 'swamps' in and around the outer metro suburbs can produce an array of fish, if you know how to look for them. In any given system you can catch redfin, rainbow trout, brown trout, carp, roach, tench, eels, blackfish, silver perch, yellowbelly and murray cod. Not all locations hold these fish, but some most certainly do. The main culprits you'll come across are of course carp, redfin and eels - especially if you're bait fishing.

In a local wetland customer Daniel has been throwing the newest Aussie colour 'bent minnows' to attract the attention of some XL redfin. Daniel has been catching some chunky fish, with 40cm+ the norm in some systems. Because of the reeds and shallow weed Daniel has been fishing the shallow surface lures and spending less time fouled up and more time hooked up!

A typical series of 'wetland' or swamp lakes is somewhere like Berwick Springs. Now anyone can simply open up their default mapping app on phone, or a melways if you're old school and find these sort of locations. Many are overlooked because of their proximity to housing estates or 'un-glamorous' look, but virtually all of them will hold freshwater fish of some sort. With many interconnected lakes and drains, Berwick Springs is a large habitat for these fish to move around in, and plenty of vegetation to support food for these fish. With carp to over 10kg in here, some of these systems can hold some serious fish!

Speaking of carp, customer Jordan has been catching school sized fish on the fly rod in these sorts of lakes. Jordan knows that there carp in almost all of them, and they are a very good fish to hone your lure and fly fishing skills on. Jordan has found plenty of carp sunning themselves and cruising just under the surface in search of food, and a well executed cast and presentation of fly has gotten the interest of a few. If you're more a bait fisherman then these fish will still test your skills - but you certainly need to rig and gear up for them accordingly. No 4/0 snapper hooks and heavy lines here, most of the time fishing without any finesse will see you go home without a bite. If you're interested in fine tuning your fishing on these readily available species talk to the guys in the shop to make sure you're gearing up correctly, and giving yourself a good chance at catching something.


For anglers who enjoy a relaxing spot of bait fishing, most of South East Melbourne's suburban lakes are filled with fish that will take a well presented bait. Trout, redfin, carp and roach are all good targets for coarse angling.

Customers Vito and Zoran headed down to their local lake where they berleyed up with some fine grain breadcrumb mixture berley and a short while later some nice roach were caught. Baits of maggot suspended under a float worked best with the berley trail.



With a few cooler days still mixed most of the local stocked lakes haven't been too bad for catching a few trout. Customer George has been fishing some of the local stocked trout lakes lately for a bit of fun on the fly and spin gear. George has been catching some larger than average rainbow trout using a few different variations of the Wooly Bugger flies, and also on small shallow hardbodies in the 50 - 70mm size.

Customer Monica has also seen some success at local lakes such as Karkarook Park by using Rainbow coloured Berkley Powerbait fished on a small ultralight treble. This rig type is deadly on stocked trout when used in conjunction with zealcol Trout Pellets.

At Rowville Lakes customer Trevor reports that the roach were going mad last week, with 31 caught between him and his son on a mixture of corn and maggot baits set under a float. The same rig also saw a massive 31lb carp caught by his mate too.


Nick took a drive to Lake Eildon to check out the water level and see if he could find a few Trout.  Nick and his mate caught fish working the timbered shorelines of Jew’s Creek, throwing hardbodies like Daiwa Double Clutches and Nories Laydown Minnows in and around the bankside vegetation.  They hooked a few monsters that couldn’t be stopped, but landed Trout to 600g.

Jordan has been fishing around Eildon in the pondage and rivers and has caught some nice Trout, mainly using suspending hardbodies and small paddletail soft plastics

Colin fished around Bonnie Doon with some mates recently, mainly targeting the coarse species in Lake Eildon, with good results.  Some Lovely Trout made up the bags, along with loads of Roach, Redfin and Carp.  The guys normally fish maggot/feeder cage rigs with lots of berley on the coarse species.