While most people assume that shore based fishing isn't any good around the bays, there's been a lot of variety caught at the moment. There are many piers, rockwalls and beaches around both bays where you can catch some fish - the trick is to try and target a particular species. While this can sometimes be fruitless (that's why it's called fishing and not catching) you will generally do better if you set yourself up in search of a particular fish, instead of setting up for everything and most likely not catching much.

Around most of the piers in southern Port Phillip and Westernport there have been good numbers of yakkas. While they turn up and disappear pretty quickly, they should hang around for a while now as the reports have only recently hotted up. Portsea, Blairgowrie, Sorrento and Flinders are all worth a shot. Customer Angelo fished from Flinders pier during the week and while the squid were quiet for him, the mackerel made up for it. Small pieces of prawn fished on light gauge hooks off a paternoster rig were the go for him. Many anglers have also been catching good numbers of mackerel fishing under a float, as they tend to move about mid-water a lot. A fine grit, coarse-like berley mix is deadly when these fish are around, as it will keep the school actively feeding in your area. They can also be caught using small soft plastics fished on light weight and fine gauge jigheads.

While not normally known for whiting, fished from the shores of Port Phillip can produce some nice fish. Staff member Dylan has seen some good sized fish around Brighton and Black Rock during the week while swimming - with no one fishing for them. Fishing after dark around the top of the tide can be the most productive time, especially after a warm day. Customer Ange fished from the shore around Sandringham during the week where he caught some nice fish. Ange also found a patch of smaller pinkies, which came from a nearby reef to hammer his baits.

If you are chasing the whiting, try and target areas of sand with small patches of eelgrass or light reef nearby, and cast your baits around the edge of this structure, as the whiting will frequently patrol the edges looking for food. If it's pinkies your after, areas of heavier reef with broken sand patches are more productive, especially around last light. There are plenty of areas like around Brighton, Black Rock, Frankston and Mornington.

On the squid scene, things have been good. The warm afternoons have been good for squidding from the beaches and rocks, with Blairgowrie, Mornington and Mt Martha all producing. Customer Harry got out and fished from the beaches around Mt Martha and Mt Eliza, where he caught 8 nice squid using the Yakamito 'fluoro lemon' jig.

Around the same sort of ground off Mt Martha, customer Daniels and Jake fished in close to the shore in their kayak. A nice calm 5:30am start meant they caught prospect around the shallows without much chop and boat wake. The guys ended up with 9 squid in a few hours, on a variety of jigs in both size 2.5 and 3.0. Orange, green and purple colours worked on the day. Staff member Dylan fished in a similar area during the week to land 9 squid on size 2.5 Yamashita and Shimano jigs, with UV based blacks and pinks the standouts.



The bay has been fishing hot and cold for a mixture of species recently. Winter species like gars and salmon have started making an appearance, along with runs of mullet and the odd mulloway in the rivers. Customer Michael had another successful outing on the mulloway during the week, with a school sized fish taking a bait of fresh squid. Around the river mouths of the Patterson and Yarra there have also been schools of smaller sized salmon which are providing fun for anglers of all skill levels. Most of the salmon have been around 400g but there has been a few much bigger fish of 1.5kg+ caught from the same areas, along with the foreshore of Frankston and Mornington. Baits of bluebait and whitebait fished under a float have been effective, along with small metal lures and soft plastics. Customer Michael recently fished the mouth of the Patterson river with pearl white coloured Squidgy Flickbaits to land a heap.


The squid have still been active in the bay recently with some calmer weather. The southern end of the bay has still been where most of the action is, and the northern section of the bay should start to improve the further we get into winter. From Mornington south towards Portsea the fishing has been the best, with Sorrento and Portsea being hotspots at the moment. Customer Damien fished out from Sorrento around the 'Sisters' in 8m of water where good numbers of solid squid were caught on larger 3.5 size jigs. Aggressive colours like 'nemo' worked the best. Down at Portsea pier on the weekend, customer Nigel caught some nice squid on red foil based 3.5 and 3.0 sized jigs.



Port Phillip Bay can provide a bit of variety in terms of fish species but generally you have to target a specific species to have the best results on it. Lately there has been a bit to offer boat based anglers with whiting, squid, cuttlefish, snapper, flathead, salmon and trevally to name a few.  Customer Ryan fished with his mum and dad out in the boat targeting a few different fish with soft plastics. Pinkies, trevally, red mullet, salmon and pike all attacked the plastics in around the shallow reefy areas. Ryan's mum Marianne got stuck into some nice sized pinkie snapper on small soft plastics which soon found the esky. Customer Carlo also had some mixed bag fishing across near Queenscliff with whiting, flathead and squid all coming to the party. Carlo had a bit of moving about to get decent numbers of the whiting, but after a few drops they started coming aboard. Size 6 Shogun Wide Gap or Mutsu Light + SA pippies = a deadly whiting combo!

Customers Dan and Cam had a leisurely session out around Sorrento over the weekend with some nice sized squid caught. Cam and Dan landed squid to around 1.5kg on a mixture of fast sinking jigs around 'The Sisters' with a couple more further back towards Rye. Customer Steve also fished in the area over the weekend, with some nice squid around 1kg taking the Albino coloured Harimitsu near Rye. Steve also landed some nice flathead to 50cm in the same area using Zman 4" Paddlerz and Squidgy Fish rigged on 1/2oz jigheads. Customer Ryan went out in search of silver trevally recently over towards queenscliff. Ryan had some good success on 1/8oz rigged stickbaits on the run in tide, hopping the plastics around small sand holes and weedbeds.


Port Phillip Bay has been fishing very well for squid over the last few weeks, with plenty of anglers taking advantage of calm afternoons to collect some much needed snapper bait and also to eat. The majority of Port Phillip is producing the squid, with the whole Eastern seaboard from Frankston down to Portsea being the best place to start. Customer Zoran fished with his Dad down near Rye over the weekend where they bagged their 20 squid. Shimano Keimura jigs fished the best around grassbeds and reef along the channel edges. 

Customer John fished with a few mates over the weekend out on the squid as well, with the Rye/Blairgowrie area producing the goods. Between them they managed a good bag of squid, all in the 200g size. Size 2.5 and 3.0 Yamashita and Keimura jigs did the damage, with greens, browns and white all working well. 


The squid fishing around the bay has been pretty good over the last few weeks, with plenty around to keep anglers busy chasing them. Customer David had his first real crack at them recently out from Mornington, and for his first session he still managed a few on a variety of Yamashita, Haramitsu and Yakamito jigs. David fished the Frankston - Mornington area in around 4m of water. 

Customers Zoran and Vito fished down around Rye over the weekend chasing a few squid. They worked the shallows around Rye and Sorrento and managed their bag of squid, with the 14T Keimura (UV white) the standout jig for them again. 

Customer Rui has also been catching his share of squid recently from the rocks. Rui has found size 3.5 Yamashita jigs in natural colours have been the go to for him. Rui has landed some quality squid to around 1kg in weight. 


The southern end of the bay has been fishing well for squid and whiting during the week. Rye through to Portsea has been a good area to target both, with many anglers first catching their squid and then using fresh bait to bag some whiting.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been having plenty of fun with both species from around Rye this week. After getting a good bag of fresh squid, James managed to turn a few bigger models into some quality whiting. With fish up to 48cm coming aboard, no one was complaining. Natural coloured jigs that replicate grass whiting and yakkas have been standouts to get the squid going in this area.


The channels around Rye and Blairgowrie have been fishing well for bread and butter species like trevally and salmon, with some nice squid around too.

The squid have been caught right up on the shallow grass beds while the trevally and salmon have been cruising around the channel edges and deeper weedbeds.

Most of the trevally in the area have been up to a kilo in weight and have been taking small pieces of squid and pipi fished on light line, with the odd salmon taking the same baits. For anglers chasing the squid, smaller jigs in sizes 2.0 - 2.5 have been most successful in the shallows, with ghost naturals and dark contrasting colours being the most effective.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been getting into some nice squid for his customers along with salmon and trevally in the same area. The trevally schools move around from area to area like whiting so when they are found it is worth sitting on them while they are there.

Just remember to go easy on them as they have a soft mouth and you can pull the hook quite easily if you put too much pressure on them.