The tuna are still firing out in the states' west, from Warnambool through to Port Mac in South Australia. Most of the fish caught are out wide towards the shelf, but there are still plenty of patches of fish in a lot closer than that. Customers Damo and Christian fished out of Port Mac over the weekend to get their bag of tuna on a mixture of skirts and hardbodies.

Customer Edly also fished out on the tuna, out wide from Portland. Edly fished with a boat load of mates and he said that most of the lures used caught fish. Standouts were skirts in the 'Lumo' colour, and some darker UV coloured Xrap 30's.


Reports from Port Fairy, Portland and Port Mac have still been trickling through during the week and with some decent weather forecast over this coming weekend there should be plenty more to come. Both albacore and tuna are still being caught, with plenty of 'barrels' around during the week. Bluefin to 140kg have been weighed in at Port Mac, while fish to 125kg have come in at Portland and SBT to 90kg from Port Fairy.

Most of these larger fish from 80kg + have been caught around the 40 - 80m area, with the 50m depth a fairly consistent area for big tuna over the last few years. Larger skirted lures up to 10" have been used as these barrels won't knock back a decent prey item, with most of the bait at the moment being squid, pilchards and sauries, and with the odd small dolphinfish or smaller tuna around these big fish won't knock them back. Lure colours haven't been as particular, with greens/lumo, blue/purples and black/reds all getting fish. Make sure you have some variety in your spread and you should come across a few fish, as there are still plenty of tuna from 50m out and albies around the 400m + area near the Horseshoe.



Everyone knows that to catch that truly enormous snapper, South Australia is the place. Whyalla and Arno Bay in particular are very productive spots to target these large snapper.

Customers Paul and Filip did a trip across to Whyalla in South Australia just a few weeks back where they fished for South Australia's famously large snapper. The guys fished using fresh squid and sauries where they landed snapper ranging in size from 10 - 14kg, amazingly enough the smallest fish was 10kg!