The offshore grounds have been producing fish for anglers making the most of breaks in the weather with kingfish still about along with the odd mako. In between there have been plenty of species to keep angler busy, and fed. Customer Cam fished out from the rip last week to land some nice school kingies on baits and jigs. Cam said that the boat traffic in the rip was crazy and the fishing was better outside, with boats able to find their own patches of fish. The kingfish should hang around locally for a little while yet, so don't be discouraged as the weather starts to get a bit cooler.

Customer Mark has been making the most of the quieter mid week water traffic, catching kingies like this in the rip and also offshore. Mark has been reefed by some much bigger fish but has also landed fish to 10kg. Fish like this one have been about average for him, with fresh squid and jigs both working. This fish took a 150g jig earlier in the morning.

Customer Brendan has been making the most of the offshore fishing recently, trying for a mako. While during his latest session no makos were seen or hooked, Brendan had plenty of fish to keep himself busy. While drifting for a shark with berley trail going, a good mixed bag was caught. Brendan managed to bag a nice eating size gummy, some tiger flathead, salmon, silver whiting, yakkas, slimies, couta and silver trevally. Some good eating fish and excellent baits for the next few sessions. Brendan was fishing offshore from Phillip Island, starting in around 60m.


You'd have to be keeping your head in the sand if you haven't heard any talk of kingfish around Melbourne and the rest of the state at the moment! Summer time equals kingfish, and with water temperatures at about their peak these fish have been active. While they can still be hit and miss like every other form of fishing, there are plenty of these hard fighting blue water brutes about at the moment.

There has been kingfish action all round the state, but reports from around Portland and also the 'rip' have been quite solid. Portland has been the pick if you're able to cover a few kilometres, as fish numbers are good at the moment, with fish being caught as close as the Lee breakwater and most methods are doing well on them. Customer Daniel fished the Portland area last week to land fish to about 8kg on lures. Smaller 130mm hardbodied trolling lures and surface poppers were the standout for him.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been catching a few kingfish down around Portland also. James has been finding quality kingfish on 'sluggo' or 'slapstix' style plastics in white and also clear, along with smaller stickbaits in the 80 - 130mm size range. These work exceptionally well when the fish are high in the water column. When the fish are sitting down 15 - 20m+ this is the time for jigs or livebaits.

Customers Ben and Aaron fished out from Westernport around some of the offshore marks recently to land some nice kingies. Fish to 14kg were landed on a mixture of stickbaits and live baits. The wash zone and secondary points and drop offs were where the fish were active. Slimey mackerel were the best choice of live baits, and the Shimano Ocea stickbaits were dynamite when cast to midwater holding fish.




For the anglers who are keen to stock up on fresh baits for sharks or just get out and strike a few fish, there has been plenty on offer in Westernport Bay. Many of the piers and structures around the port have had plenty of horse mackerel, slimey mackerel, pike, salmon, trevally and mullet around. Baits of fresh squid, pilchard and pipi have been the most effective. Berleying is also a very effective part of the equation for catching these fish.

Staff member Dylan mixed things up a bit, using micro metal jigs to catch bait species from the shore in Westernport bay during the week. Hopping between a few different piers, a number of different species hit the jigs including pike, slimey and horse mackerel, salmon, mullet and even small scorpionfish. Small 7g Searocks worked well when fished with assist hook set ups, on a super light graphite rod and stella 1000 outfit. The light drag capacity of the stella also helps stop smaller fish from shaking metal lures out of their mouths.

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If you thought Snapper Season was well and truly done, then think again!  If you want a chance to tangle with some late season Reds, get out along Mornington-Mt Martha now!  Good schools of fish are being caught in southern Port Phillip Bay, around the areas along the Mornington Mussel Farm, with a few more fish scattered right through to southern Mt Martha/Dromana.  Most of the action is over by about 9am, so it pays to get out on the water and set up before first light.

Staff members Ian and Chris went out on Wednesday morning to tally up 7 nice fish, with the biggest going around 4.5kg.  All of the fish took Whiting, while Red Rocket is also a good bait to try.


If you are into collecting fresh baits, the area between Frankston-Mt Eliza-Mornington has been good for Squid over the shallow beds, while Mornington Pier has been fairly good for Squid on smaller jigs and Garfish on Silverfish early and late in the day.  Out from Schnapper Point, there have been some nice schools of Slimeys and Horse Mackerel also to keep the bait jigs busy.


When the conditions are allowing, anglers are venturing out offshore from Westernport chasing the Sharks.  February is typically a good month for sharking, as water temperatures are just about perfect, and there are normally large amounts of bait schools around. 

Many customers are reporting acres of Salmon, Yakkas and Slimeys, which are all top class baits for many fish, including Sharks.  Lots of bait schools are moving about near Stony Point, Tortoise Head and Cowes, along with West Head off Flinders and throughout both entrances. 

Good customer Joe and his mates have been hitting these bait schools early on and then fishing some of their deep marks through Western entrance, to catch some quality Gummies.  In this deep, tidal water these big Gummies go like rockets, slugging it out against the current; fishing slightly heavier than normal to compensate for larger sinkers is a good option.

If Sharks with teeth are your interest, then offshore is where you should be.  Plenty of Makos averaging 25-50kg are around, but there are also more large Sharks around than average.  Makos estimated at up to 180kg have been hooked and lost next to the boat by anglers targeting smaller, table-sized Sharks.  Earlier this week, we received some photos of a large Bronze Whaler caught by customers out fishing for Makos.  The beast was hooked up on a live Slimey, and slugged it out for over 4 hours on 15kg tackle.  Eventually beaten and boated, the huge Bronzie was estimated at over 120kg and 7 feet long, and caught out along the 70m line behind Phillip Island.