While most people assume that shore based fishing isn't any good around the bays, there's been a lot of variety caught at the moment. There are many piers, rockwalls and beaches around both bays where you can catch some fish - the trick is to try and target a particular species. While this can sometimes be fruitless (that's why it's called fishing and not catching) you will generally do better if you set yourself up in search of a particular fish, instead of setting up for everything and most likely not catching much.

Around most of the piers in southern Port Phillip and Westernport there have been good numbers of yakkas. While they turn up and disappear pretty quickly, they should hang around for a while now as the reports have only recently hotted up. Portsea, Blairgowrie, Sorrento and Flinders are all worth a shot. Customer Angelo fished from Flinders pier during the week and while the squid were quiet for him, the mackerel made up for it. Small pieces of prawn fished on light gauge hooks off a paternoster rig were the go for him. Many anglers have also been catching good numbers of mackerel fishing under a float, as they tend to move about mid-water a lot. A fine grit, coarse-like berley mix is deadly when these fish are around, as it will keep the school actively feeding in your area. They can also be caught using small soft plastics fished on light weight and fine gauge jigheads.

While not normally known for whiting, fished from the shores of Port Phillip can produce some nice fish. Staff member Dylan has seen some good sized fish around Brighton and Black Rock during the week while swimming - with no one fishing for them. Fishing after dark around the top of the tide can be the most productive time, especially after a warm day. Customer Ange fished from the shore around Sandringham during the week where he caught some nice fish. Ange also found a patch of smaller pinkies, which came from a nearby reef to hammer his baits.

If you are chasing the whiting, try and target areas of sand with small patches of eelgrass or light reef nearby, and cast your baits around the edge of this structure, as the whiting will frequently patrol the edges looking for food. If it's pinkies your after, areas of heavier reef with broken sand patches are more productive, especially around last light. There are plenty of areas like around Brighton, Black Rock, Frankston and Mornington.

On the squid scene, things have been good. The warm afternoons have been good for squidding from the beaches and rocks, with Blairgowrie, Mornington and Mt Martha all producing. Customer Harry got out and fished from the beaches around Mt Martha and Mt Eliza, where he caught 8 nice squid using the Yakamito 'fluoro lemon' jig.

Around the same sort of ground off Mt Martha, customer Daniels and Jake fished in close to the shore in their kayak. A nice calm 5:30am start meant they caught prospect around the shallows without much chop and boat wake. The guys ended up with 9 squid in a few hours, on a variety of jigs in both size 2.5 and 3.0. Orange, green and purple colours worked on the day. Staff member Dylan fished in a similar area during the week to land 9 squid on size 2.5 Yamashita and Shimano jigs, with UV based blacks and pinks the standouts.



Westernport Bay has started picking up for gummy reports which is normally the case over the warmer months of the year. This time of year is also good for larger toothy sharks like school sharks and various whalers and threshers. Customer Tim from Yaringa Fishing Club sent in a report from the weekend where he landed a nice size bronzie from the top end of the port. Tim was fishing out from Lysaughts when he hooked the shark, and managed to land it solo. The shark weighed 22.9kg and a fresh garfish head early Saturday morning.

On the gummy front, there have been a few nice fish starting to get caught throughout the western entrance, from Flinders bank up to Stony Point. A fair percentage of the larger gummies moving into the port are breeding females and if they are in pup there no point killing them, as the smaller males provide better table fare and are much more common.


Customer Mark managed to land a ripper female gummy landbased just recently and he sent a photo of it in. Mark was fishing from the shore near Point Leo and targeting a large gummy when he landed this fish of around 18kg.


Westernport Bay has been fishing reasonably well for most species recently with squid, whiting, gummies and snapper all on the cards for anglers putting in the time. While the water temp has dropped off towards it's winter temperature most of these species can still be caught. Although there is a bit of groundwork needed, some quality snapper can be caught around the top of the port and also in the Corinella region. Customer Andrew fished around Corinella with a mate earlier in the week to land some nice reds to around 5kg. Andrew found baits of freshly caught squid and yakka to be the most effective. 

King George whiting are still about in reasonable numbers in most of the normal areas, however the size class of fish is definitely better than during the summer months. Customer Rob has been having sessions where fish from 40 - 46cm are fairly common, with the odd thumper getting close to 50cm. Tyabb bank, Tankerton and around Shoreham have been areas worth a shot. Baits of squid and pipi are still best.

Squid reports from the port have been good, as this time of year is normally a good time to target them. Some larger models have been caught up on Tyabb and Quail banks, along with the usual large specimens from around Flinders. Customer Scott has been doing well on the squid up along Quail bank over the last week, with the average size being about 20cm hood length. The best one he has landed recently measured 42cm. Scott favours the Keimura jigs from Shimano, with colour 14T his number 1. 

Gummies and other toothy sharks like seven gill sharks have still been good all around the port, with plenty of table sized gummies in the 4ft mark around. Customer Lee fished with his mates during the week on the gummies where they also managed to wrangle a good sized sevengiller up to the boat. Customer Zoran also got out and got his bag of 2 gummies around the middle spit during the week using yakka and trevally. Most of the known areas are fishing well for gummies, with fresh baits of squid, salmon, yakka, trevally or couta all working well. 


The gummies from the shore fished well over the new moon, with action from all around Westernport Bay. The more popular spots such as Stockyard Point and Corinella have seen a few smaller gummies landed, while the area around Somers - Point Leo has been good also, along with a few nice fish coming from the ocean beaches.

Customer Chris fished from the shore near Somers a few nights ago where he landed this nice gummy of around 4ft long. Chris has been getting a few of them and has found that a traditional running Westernport rig has been the most effective - along with freshly caught baits of squid, mackerel and salmon.


While the water is a touch murky, Westernport Bay is still producing some mega Squid; both up along the Northern banks and also down South around Flinders.  The southern section of the bay is probably a slightly higher chance at the minute with better water clarity.  Good customer Bob went out and had a fish around Somers, and found some thumpers like this 48cm hood length ripper.  Size 3.5 Shimano Keimuras were his jig of choice.