Well it's been a fairly slow start to the snapper season in Port Phillip Bay, as most would agree. The fish have been scattered and the bulk of the catches have been coming from the northern end of the bay between Altona deep and Brighton. Over the last week or so the fish have pushed a bit further south and the mud out off Carrum is starting to see a few more reports. As we reach the peak of the warm weather over the next week the reports should get better and better.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been following the fish around a bit and while the top of the bay around P is still producing fish, there are more and more fish between Carrum - Black Rock every day. Most of James' captures over the last few days have been in the Aspendale 14 - 18m area through to 16m off Black Rock. Pilchards are proving ever reliable.

Customer Mark has also been finding the fish out from Carrum. Mark has had fish to 5kg over the past week, with depths of 12 - 18m all holding fish. Some of these groups haven't been feeding but once you find the right patch of fish pretty soon you'll know that they're feeding. Pillies again have been the go-to.





Port Phillip Bay has really hit it's straps over the last few weeks on the snapper front. The temperature of the bay has risen to the hover around the same as bass strait and this is the trigger that really sets the snapper off. Over the last few weeks there have been fish caught all over the bay, from 10m through to 21m. At present the more consistent areas seem to be the 17 - 20m ground out from Mornington - Mordialloc, with the deeper parts out towards P2 in the north of the bay producing fish as well.

Baits of all sorts have been working with scad, whiting, saucy, cuttlefish, gar, salmon, couta, pilchard and squid all producing fish  - but that being said it is very wise to take a selection and definitely make sure there are some pillies and squid in that mix, along with pilchard and squid scented berley pellets. There have been too many fish caught to list each and every one, so from here on we will let the pictures do the talking. 


The last couple of weeks there has been a good run of school sized snapper moving around the bay, which excellent numbers being caught from the shore. Most of the fish have been in the 1 - 3.5kg size, but there have still been a good amount of fish from 5kg + being landed from the piers and rock walls. Most of these spots have fished best during a rough southwesterly wind, which can be uncomfortable and difficult to fish in - but these are the conditions that bring the fish close enough to the shoreline to be caught. These onshore conditions also stir up the bottom which creates food for the hungry fish so it is a good time to target a snapper with your two feet still on land. 

Staff member Kozi has been targeting the snapper from the shore up around the St Kilda/Brighton section of the bay, where he has seen fish to 4kg. Most of the fish have been caught after dark, with a mixture of baits working well. Locally caught squid and also pilchard has been effective, and Kozi has been fishing a simple running rig with 5/0 circle hook with these baits. 

Customer Ahmad has also been fishing from the eastern shoreline of the bay where he has been doing well on snapper up to 5kg. Ahmad has been fishing from both rock walls and piers, mixing it up when the fish move about. Ahmad has found that the most effective baits recently have been pilchard, squid and also harder baits like yakka and salmon. Cocktail baits with yakka or salmon have been good on the larger sized fish, keeping the small pickers away. Customer Jun also caught a very nice snapper from the shore recently. Jun has been fishing from the piers around Mordialloc and he landed a lovely fish at night just recently. Jun caught the one fish on pilchard, estimated at around 6kg. 



The top end of the bay is still fishing well, and producing some big fish. There have been lots of fish around the 5kg mark, with quite a few up around 8kg. Customer Stephen bagged this awesome 104cm/10.5kg snapper on Tuesday morning fishing out from St Kilda. Stephen and his companion caught 6 fish all up, ranging from 34cm to the 10kg monster - with pilchards working the best.


Customers Serhan, Adam, Fatih and Martin fished out from Williamstown in 10m of water and got onto some nice sized snapper early in the week. The best bait for the guys was squid .



The northern end of Port Phillip Bay has seen an awesome run of snapper over the last 10 days, with many fish over 5kg in weight. Fish to 10kg have been caught by anglers in boats and also from the shoreline and pier, from Altona right around to St Kilda.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has had a couple of sessions in the top of the Bay with customers, and reports of some good fish around. Young Colwyn holds up a ripper that was caught in just 4m of water on pilchard at night, out from Port Melbourne.

Customer Tamer from Craigieburn scored an awesome fish of 7.5kg out from Altona late last week. Tamer was fishing in 18m of water and caught the ripper on Silver whiting.


With the rough weather Melbourne has had recently, there hasn't been much chance for anglers to tangle with snapper out in the boat. The rough conditions have made for some excellent snapper fishing from the shore however, with most piers and shorelines producing snapper at one stage or another. There have been more fish in the northern end of the bay at the minute though, with fish spread out around St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Altona and down to Black Rock.

Customer Ryan caught his first ever land based snapper from the shoreline up near Port Melbourne recently, with a lovely fish over just over 5kg to open his land based account. Ryan also caught salmon to 2.5kg during the same session using baits of pilchard and squid.


The rough weather has brought the snapper on the bite along the Eastern side of Port Phillip lately. The region from Port Melbourne down through to Sandringham has been holding plenty of fish in the shallows, with fish to 5kg present.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has found the snapper fishing in close to be good, with plenty of good size pinkies around along with a few larger fish to 5kg. James' customers have been having a ball on the fish in the shallow water, with most sessions coming from around 6m of water. Pilchard and squid have been the best baits for this time of year.

Customer Lee has also been fishing around the same area where he caught snapper to 3.2kg earlier during the week, with pilchard on twin snelled rigs doing the damage. Again around the 6m depth has been productive for him.


This week the pinkies along the North-Eastern section of the bay have been better, with some nice fish getting caught by angler fishing around the Black Rock and Brighton area. The area from St Kilda down to Ricketts Point has been fishing well for the pinkies along the scattered patches of reef and rubble. There are plenty of fish around the 1.5kg mark for anglers prepared to work their way through the smaller fish.

Baits of squid are best at the minute to get through the smaller pickers that would normally steal pillies and softer baits off the hook in no time at all. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been getting customers into some lovely pan sized pinkies with a few much better fish mixed in. As James found just recently, the better fish have been more active around last light and on into the darkness.