Squid fishing around the bay has been good recently for anglers from the shore, kayak, or in the boat. Most of the usual haunts are producing squid, from one side of the bay to the other. There have been some nice squid coming from the top of the bay around Altona and Williamstown, as staff member Ian found out. Ian fished over the weekend with mate Bruce in search of a few squid and possibly a snapper. Ian fished in various locations from Williamstown to Altona and down to St Leonards, with squid coming from all locations. Various jigs worked best, including size 3.0 Gesolas and Yamashita Sutte-R. The most successful depths were around the 4m mark, with the ultra shallow too glassed off during the day. After catching their squid, Ian and Bruce moved out a bit deeper in search of a snapper, but with no avail. They did however land a few good sized flathead and salmon on snatcher style rigs fished with fresh squid. 

Along the southeastern side of the bay, staff member Kozi reports some good numbers of squid coming from Bighton, Beaumaris and Mornington piers. While Brighton can be a bit patchy, darker coloured jigs work well when there hasn't been too much angler traffic along the pier. Staff member Dylan has caught some nice squid to around 1kg from Beaumaris during the week, with dark coloured Yoshikawa jigs in size 3.0 working the best.

Australian salmon have been thick in the bay at the moment, with schools being caught along both east and west sides of the bay. Customer Ryan reports that Beaumaris bay through to Sandringham has been boiling with fish to 2.5kg on some days. While the salmon may not be visible some days, they are more than likely working 'deep' and harassing bait schools that aren't on the surface. Ryan has been out in his kayak and has found a few patches of fish pushing bait towards the surface, where he has been smashing a few with soft plastics. Whitebait imitation soft plastics in the 2 - 4" size have been dynamite, especially in white/pale yellow/pink colours.

Further down along Frankston and Seaford there have also been salmon working along the shoreline. Staff member Kozi has been down on more than one occasion and has done well on fish around 1kg on flickbait style plastics around 3" in length. Days with a strong southwesterly wind have brought the fish right in close to shore.  


Amongst the rough weather, the southern end of Port Phillip has been producing the goods if you're out after calamari or King George whiting. The section of the bay from Sorrento through to St Leonards has been good for whiting and squid, while from Frankston south the squid have been about. James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been experiencing some good squid fishing over the past few weeks in the bay, with the Frankston - Mt Martha area firing up for some nice sized squid. James is a fan of size 2.5 jigs in gold, black, red and green variations, and recently the reds and blacks have been doing the best for him.

Customer Damien has been out squid fishing with a few mates and has found the squidding worth heading out for. Damien has been using Shimano Keimura jigs in both bays and he has been getting on to some nice winter squid. Squid up to around a kilo have been caught, which has provided some fresh food and also some baits for the snapper season ahead. 

The whiting fishing around the southern end of the bay has been good for James from Unreel Fishing Charters, along with Westernport's grassy banks. The fish around the St Leonards area seem to be school fish in the 35 - 40cm size, with a few bigger fish being caught down around Portsea. Fresh scallop, mussel and squid have been very effective on the fish at the moment. 


Some nice early season whiting are being caught across at St Leonards at the moment, with Queenscliff and Portsea not far behind.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been putting clients on to good bags of whiting around the St Leonards area with heaps of fish in the 33 - 38cm range. A few bigger fish around 40cm upwards have also been caught amongst the schools. The best baits recently have been pipi, mussel and squid.