While the southern bluefin tuna fishing can be good in western Victoria, the attraction of jumbo bluefin is what lures gamefisherman to Tasmania. Many of the fish caught around these southern waters are 100kg+ 'barrels' as these fish are regularly caught within a few kilometres from the shoreline. Customer Frank ventured down to the Apple Isle only a couple of weeks ago in search of his own 'barrel' and wasn't disappointed. Frank fished out from Eaglehawk Neck on the southeastern coast of Tasmania and was lucky enough to hook a jumbo sized tuna on his 50W Tiagra. After a 2 hour fight the fish was boated and weighed in at around 120kg. The big fish took a Rapala XRAP 30.


Black Magic representative Diego sent us some photos from his latest squid session while on the road in Tasmania. During a short session from the shore, Diego managed to land some crackers. Size 3.0 Black Magic jigs in the camo-red colour worked best.


While most anglers have been fishing western Victoria for the SBT, there have been a good number of anglers fishing the south-eastern coast of Tasmania at Eaglehawk neck. Customer Joe fished last week around the ‘Hippo’ – Hippolyte rocks, where SBT to 30kg were caught on Halco laser pro hardbodies – with the King Brown colour being the best.

Another local angler, Andrew managed quite a rare catch out from Eaglehawk neck while targeting SBT. Using a 24kg Penn Senator outfit, Andrew landed this 225kg broadbill swordfish, which is an awesome swordfish for anywhere, let alone the second ever landed on rod and reel in Tasmania.