Melbourne's local freshwater fishing has been good over the past month, as we've finally gotten some rain! Many of the creeks have been running low, and the water storage dams have also been down on capacity. We have however started t o get some of our winter rain which has breathed a bit of life back into the system, and in the annual timeline of a trout - prompted them to start their spawn run. Many of the larger rivers around the region have seen congregations of fish pushing their way up to their spawning grounds. While these fish at times can be annoyingly frustrating to try and catch, they will swat a precisely placed lure on their way up river.

Many of the trout rivers within 2 hours drive from the CBD have been producing fish of late as well. The Goulburn river has been running at a low environmental level which if anything has concentrated the fish a bit more. Rainbows to around 800g have been the norm for bait, lure and fly anglers lately. The smaller streams such as Rubicon, Acheron and also the Yarra have been producing fish for all methods too. Straight after a solid downpour a small bunch of scrubbies or troutworms drifted down river is a pretty good way to go. For the lure angler, hardbodies in the 60mm size range are perfect, with high flash golds and aggressive colour schemes working well. Just a reminder that the 2016 trout season closes at midnight on Monday 13th June, up until midnight Friday 2nd September. Trout can still be taken in designated 'sea run' streams and lakes, with all details being found through the following link:


With Winter starting to approach many anglers start to dismiss Murray cod as a cold-water option. This is not actually the case, as Autumn can often provide some of the best fishing for cod throughout the whole year. Murray cod will generally feed up a bit more heavily in Autumn in preparation for late Winter spawning, and anglers can make the most of this.

Customer Tuan fished around the Goulburn Weir recently in search of Murray cod, and he managed some nice fish to 70cm on bardi grubs. Tuan found late afternoon was the most productive time.

Around the Eildon region the trout have started to fire up with the cooler weather and rise in water levels. The lake itself has been fishing well for school sized fish on a variety of lures, as customers Andrew and Rene found out. Andrew and Rene fished the lake in the boat over the Easter weekend and landed a good number of school size fish in the 400g size range. Tassie Devils run off a flatline worked the best around the Big River area. The rivers themselves have been fishing well for trout also, with the Goulburn still producing good sized fish amongst the high levels.

Jason from Bullet Lures has been fishing the Goulburn recently, and he has found some nice sized fish.

Jason has been catching both rainbow and brown trout or various colour Bullet Lures recently, with a new 5cm prototype smashing the trout as well.


In some of the smaller rivers and streams around Eildon, customers Morgan and Jordan have been finding good numbers of fish on the fly. Both Jordan and Morgan have been fishing a mixture of dry and nymph patterns, with fish taking both. A slight lean towards the nymph patterns lately will continue into the Winter months, especially weighted or beadheaded style nymphs.


Some of the fish from the same streams have a variety of markings, from rainbows with blue parr spots right through to dark olive backs and crimson cheeks - to browns with similar brown 'finger spots' right through to almost black backs and leopard spots with patchy red markings.


The Goulburn River has been fishing well over the past few weeks for bait, lure and fly anglers. While earlier in the fortnight the river was regulated at around 500meg and is now running at 2500meg, so angling will be a bit trickier. There are some slower sections of the river in between Thornton and Eildon which can be accessed, and these will be ideal to fish with bait and lure. Fly anglers should be able to fish nymphs through the slower runs also. 

Customer and trout advocate Ross got dressed up in some of his finest threads and hit the river in search of a few trout over the weekend with a mate. While the fishing was tough, Ross managed to land a lovely coloured rainbow from the river on a 75mm hardbody.  

Just a few kilometres downstream of the pondage customer Terry has been catching some nice fish on lures. A mixture of both browns and rainbows up to around 3lb in weight have been taking small shallow running hardbodies. Smaller minnow shaped hardbodies are easy to imitate small galaxia, blackfish and trout that larger trout prey on. The most effective colour on these fish was a chartreuse trout pattern, in a lure that ran to about 2 feet. 


The region around Eildon has had some mixed results for angler recently. The area has seen many people fishing it since trout season has opened up and also from recent stockings done in the pondage. Customers Rene and Andrew went and fished the lake over the weekend in search of a few trout on the troll. The guys caught a few trout to around 500g, with the best method being flatlined tassies. 2 of the new colours fished well for the schooling browns.

The pondage has been hit and miss for anglers over the last week, with some nice fish being caught not long after recent stocking. Baits of dough, maggots and powerbait have been the best when mixed with some fine berley. Some of the recent trout coming from the pondage have been in the 2kg mark. Staff member Dylan fished the Goulburn over the weekend for a quick look around, and while there were lots of anglers around the river was looking good. Running at 500meg the river is at a perfect level for most forms of lure and fly fishing, as it wadable in most spots. Dylan fished a few spots along the river in search of a few trout on hardbodies and ended up with fish to around 2kg. 


Many anglers got out in search of a few trout over the weekend, as the Victorian trout season for streams opened up on Saturday. With most river levels flowing quite high but relatively clear, the fishing wasn't super considering. A few nice fish have been caught up around the Eildon region both in the rivers and also on the pondage. Customer Dado fished the Goulburn out towards Alexandra on Saturday where he found the fishing a bit slow. He did land this lovely rainbow though on his second cast in a new spot, on a pink coloured tassie devil. 

Customer Daniel fished some of the small streams down in South Gippsland on the weekend in search of trout or two on the fly. With river conditions very clear and very cold the fishing was tough, but Daniel did manage a nicely coloured brown about average for the area. A small beadheaded nymph fished below an indicator did the trick.  

Customer Jordan also fished some small water in South gippsland on the weekend on the fly. Jordan had to work hard for the fish that he caught, but in the end of a short session he outwitted 3 nice browns on small dark coloured nymphs. Most of the fish came from small pockets along the edge of faster moving runs. 


While the weather around Melbourne's inland lakes has been as cold as we've seen, the fishing for trout has still been productive. Thermals, a thermos for hot coffee and tea, and a decent selection of lures are some of the essentials for winter trout fishing. The Eildon area has been good, along with the Western lakes such as Bullen Merri, Purrumbete and Toolondo. 

Customer Daniel fished Eildon recently with a group of mates in search of a few trout, with a few boats all out on the lake trying their methods out. The trout were a bit slow on the particular days that the guys were fishing, but trout to around 1kg were still caught on lures. A fair few different lures were used, with 13.5g tassie devils the stand out in the area that the guys were fishing. Pink and orange colour patterns were also the best. 

Customer Monica has been fishing the Eildon pondage recently, and reports that there are some nice fish being caught - with rainbows up to 6lb coming to the bank. Monica has found that for most general fishing. dough baits set under a float are the best option, with many of the bigger rainbow trout aggressively swiping at spoon type lures such as Gillies naturals and Strikepro Bob'n Spoons.

Customers Andrew and Rene also fished Lake Eildon recently, were they had a very slow day. Although they had nothing to write home about, they still caught a few smaller fish - with the new Strikepro Bob'n Spoon in tiger pattern the only lure they had that produced any interest on the troll. Make sure you've got a couple!


The trout fishing around Eildon has been productive over the last few weeks, with the lake and the pondage producing fish. The lake has seen some nice size fish caught as they start to move into the arms and rivers for their spawning runs, with the Jews creek/Big river area producing a few good fish. 

Customer Stephen trolled some tassies around on the downrigger last week and landed a few browns. Most of the fish averaged around 400g in weight with the odd larger fish up to 3lb on the tassies. The frog pattern along with white/orange head were his two best performers.

Customer Ryan fished the pondage over the weekend for a couple of hours where he caught a lovely rainbow on a Rapala Husky Jerk hardbody. Ryan said the fishing was slow but the chunky rainbow he caught made up for the lack of action. He said there were a few fish taken by anglers with powerbait and mudeyes at the Bourke Street section of the pondage. 


The crater lakes around Camperdown in the state's West have been producing some good trout, redfin and chinook salmon for anglers recently. Both Bullen Merri and Purrumbete have been fishing well and should continue to do so through most of winter. Most of the action at the moment seems to be on the chinook salmon in the lakes, with plenty of fish in the 1kg mark. 

Diego from Black Magic Tackle has been fishing the crater lakes using a few different methods recently, including down rigging and flatline trolling. He has had success with most methods, mainly on chinook salmon. Most of the fish have been taking tassie devils trolled both ways. Diego has also been trialling a new prototype lure from Black Magic with great success, which will available shortly.

Customer Eddie fished Bullen Merri last week to land a few nice salmon to around 1.1kg, along with 2 redfin between 37 - 41cm. Eddie caught his fish while drifting along the edges of the lake, with scrubworms and salted whitebait hanging from a paternoster rig.


While most of the rivers in the state are closed for trout fishing, there are still plenty of lake options if you're a keen trout angler. Whether you want to drive 90 minutes from Melbourne, or don't mind a casual 4 hour drive - there is some quality lake fishing to be had throughout most of winter. 

Lake Eildon and the pondage are worth a crack for somewhere close by, as there are plenty of options on the lake, and the pondage is also an excellent spot to try and tempt some of the biggest trout in the area. Customer Zoran fished the pondage over the weekend in search of some nice trout. Zoran managed brown trout to around a kilo, by using a dough baits like powerbait. Long, sensitive rods help when the shy trout are cautiously picking at the baits as well. Lure anglers have seen some nice fish out of the pondage recently as well, with customer Michael catching 2 nice rainbows around the 3lb mark about a week ago from along the Riverside Drive part of the pondage. 

If you don't mind a decent drive, then places like Lake Eucumbene and Jindabyne are worth the effort. Customer Tim returned from a trip to Lake Jindabyne with some mates are reports that good numbers of fish were caught. Tim used all sorts of methods on the trout, with downriggers set around the 30ft mark, along with drop-weight clips and planing boards all producing the goods. Tim said that trout to around 5lb were caught, with a few select colours in 13g Tassie Devils doing the best. 

Speaking of Tassie Devils; 11 brand new colours have just been released into the 13g size range. A few of these colours have been favourites overseas and are now available to the Australian market. We have just received our order of these new colours and have noticed some real winners in the mix. Drop by and check them out if you're a Tassie Devil fan as they won't last long. 


The Eildon region has been providing a bit of variety for visiting anglers, and it's at this time of the year that most of the species in the area can be caught. Water temperatures in the Lake are still warm enough to target natives like cod and yellowbelly, while the lower air temperature gives the trout a bit of breathing space, especially morning and afternoon, or on heavily clouded days. 

Customer Steve fished the Lake last week targeting cod and he found some nice fish around. Steve found that both hybrid lipless crankbaits and also buoyant hardbodies got the attention of the lake's resident cod, along with a few carp. 

For trout anglers up on the lake, early morning sessions trolling around the Eastern end of the lake have been productive. Customer John did exactly this, and caught 12 trout before lunchtime using his favourite tassie devil in colour 450. John fished his tassies on a running rig with small inline single hooks to make sure the trout couldn't throw them. John said that he only had 1 fish throw the hook and he said it looked like the smallest anyway!