Melbourne's local freshwater fishing has been good over the past month, as we've finally gotten some rain! Many of the creeks have been running low, and the water storage dams have also been down on capacity. We have however started t o get some of our winter rain which has breathed a bit of life back into the system, and in the annual timeline of a trout - prompted them to start their spawn run. Many of the larger rivers around the region have seen congregations of fish pushing their way up to their spawning grounds. While these fish at times can be annoyingly frustrating to try and catch, they will swat a precisely placed lure on their way up river.

Many of the trout rivers within 2 hours drive from the CBD have been producing fish of late as well. The Goulburn river has been running at a low environmental level which if anything has concentrated the fish a bit more. Rainbows to around 800g have been the norm for bait, lure and fly anglers lately. The smaller streams such as Rubicon, Acheron and also the Yarra have been producing fish for all methods too. Straight after a solid downpour a small bunch of scrubbies or troutworms drifted down river is a pretty good way to go. For the lure angler, hardbodies in the 60mm size range are perfect, with high flash golds and aggressive colour schemes working well. Just a reminder that the 2016 trout season closes at midnight on Monday 13th June, up until midnight Friday 2nd September. Trout can still be taken in designated 'sea run' streams and lakes, with all details being found through the following link:


The Yea river has been producing some nice trout for customer Ben lately, with fish like this ripper brown trout of 52cm caught on a sinking bullet minnow in the spawning brown trout pattern. Ben also caught a few smaller fish in the same stretch of river on a Rapala CD3's in the brown trout colour.

The Yea river runs into the Goulburn and is accessible from a popular spot at Ghin Ghin Road, just north of Yea itself. The Yea holds some quality trout as shown by Ben's results, and some good redfin as well.

The water can often be a bit more coloured in this region so using more aggressive patterned lures can be beneficial, along with scent.