West gippsland is a fairly large area with lots of freshwater fishing options. At the moment there have still been some nice trout to be in the local rivers, while some of the dams in the area can produce some good results on carp, redfin, trout and Australian bass. Customer Jordan has been flyfishing some of the rivers in the region during the week to land some nice brown trout to about 500g. Jordan has mainly been fishing nymphs on the local trout, with a couple also taking wet flies.

Customers Rene and Brad fished down at Blue Rock dam recently using their Old Town canoe. The guys had a bit of fun with redfin and bass in the dam using a variety of lures like Gillies wide body jigs. Customer Mick took a few of his mates down to Lake Wellington near Sale recently in search of some carp. Fishing the lake and also the Avon river the guys caught some chunky carp which they took home to use for a European fish soup. The best rig for the carp was a small ball sinker fished right down to a number 6 baitholder hook loaded with a bunch of juicy troutworms. 



Customer Jordan has been away in the United States for a couple of months and has recently returned. While he was away and staying in Santa Monica in California, he found a small urban lake close by to where he was staying. Jordan got talking to some locals who were fishing it and he quickly found out that the lake contained largemouth bass, one of the most iconic fish in the USA. Being prepared with a travel rod, Jordan returned and started fishing for the bass. One of the locals remarked that the fish were 'bedding' and not normally as aggressive as they usually are, so a finesse tactic was going to be the best approach. 

Jordan adopted an American technique of 'dropshotting' which is effectively fishing a soft plastic suspended on an in-line paternoster rig. Use of the correct shape hook is also critical for this technique, which involves keeping the soft plastic suspended right in front of the fish's strike zone and 'shaking' the plastic to get a bite. Jordan did well with this technique and managed to land around 5 bass in the time he was fishing the lake. The plastic of choice was a 7'' floating worm pattern, with the odd fish also caught by locals on massive 10'' swimbaits as well. Dropshotting is a technique that also works here is Australia for numerous different fish species as it enables the angler to keep the lure right in the fish's face at all times. Give it a go!


The next few months are the best time to get out and fish for our freshwater natives like yellowbelly. Once December rolls around the Murray cod season will open up again and these fish should be back on the bite. Staff member Harley fished with a mate at some local dams during the week that has been stocked with yellowbelly, bass, and the odd Murray cod. Harley and his mate worked the series of dams and overflows in search of some yellowbelly. The first dam Harley fished resulted in a nice bass on his lipless vibration bait.

The second dam that the guys fished was loaded with yellowbelly. In a few short hours, the guys caught over 20 yellowbelly and one lone Murray cod which were all released unharmed. The small lipless vibration baits were the most effective when hopped slowly along the bottom. Yabby and juvenile yellowbelly colours worked the best in this water.


Now is one of the better times to be out freshwater fishing around Melbourne. We aren't quite in the deathly cold of winter, but most of the freshwater species like trout are still active. Within around 90 minutes from the suburbs there is some great fishing. Staff member Dylan has been walking the rivers up around Eildon recently, where some nice fish are on offer. Last weekend he took his Dad out to see if he could manage a few and the fishing was good. Some lovely trout were caught on small floating hardbodied lures in the streams.

Jason from Bullet Lures has also had a few good trips on the Goulburn recently. Jason has been fishing the section of river further down towards Seymour, where his Bullet Minnows have been doing the job on the trout. Jason has caught both brown and rainbow trout on his last trips, with the brighter colours like pink tiger and fire tiger getting the attention of the local fish. 

Customers Andrew and Rene enjoy their freshwater fishing and recently they ventured down to Blue Rock Lake, about 90 minutes from the suburbs. The guys decided to have a bit of a trout to see what was happening in the area, and they managed to catch, trout, redfin and bass on small deep running hardbodies. Some of the redfin that were caught were good size for the lake, while most of the bass are in the 25cm size. The bass and trout were released, with a few redfin fillets to take home. Just remember there are horsepower restrictions at Blue Rock Lake if you are going to venture down.


The local freshwater has been fishing well on the fly gear for a few customers lately. Morgan went out to christen his new outfit on the Yarra River up around Warburton, where he managed a couple of nice patterned brown trout. Morgan was fishing a wet pattern when he caught the trout. Customer Jordan also took his fly gear out to some local lakes in search of redfin. He caught a few reddies with the largest measuring about 42cm. 

Staff member Dylan took his kayak down to gippsland to search some freshwater for redfin, trout and bass. With plenty of nice scenery, the slow fishing was never too much of an issue. Small redfin and bass were keen enough to tackle some reasonably large lures and get a bend in the rod.