A good fish to help tune your lure or even bait fishing abilities up while being close to home are redfin. The good thing about the 'reddies' is they're just about found in any wetland or lake around the suburbs of Melbourne, and at the moment most of the lakes are firing. The slight warmer weather has the reddies going nuts, whether you're fishing Rowville Lakes or Devilbend Reservoir. Lure choices will vary on the water you're fishing, like this slim hardbodied minnow for amongst the shallow weed through to deep sinking plastics and vibes.

James Rogers has been fishing with his son around some of his local lakes, and has found that the reddies have been taking a liking to small vibe styles lures. This Yakamito Lancet is a very good juvenile redfin imitation and most of the larger school redfin are cannibalistic so they will happily eat their own. James said small hops of this lure while close to the lake bottom got the bite just about every cast.



The Goulburn River has been good to anglers fishing lures along the undercut edges recently, as it is still running quite high. Baitfishing in fast flows has still been quite tough, but lure casting has been good. Customer Mick ventured up to the Goulburn after some lure advice in the shop, and in a quiet afternoon's fishing Mick managed to land 2 stream sized rainbows and also a thumper brown at 1.8kg. Mick found that a couple of the lures recommended worked a treat and got his a couple of fish.

Not too far out of the suburbs customer Jordan has been at it again, catching local stream browns on the fly. Jordan has been fishing small creeks and has found plenty of reasonable sized fish waiting in runs and pockets. Jordan has found a mixture of both nymph and dries to be effective. Small dark coloured nymphs in size 14 have been good, while Parachute Adams and Wulff varieties have been taking fish sipping off the surface.

Customer Morgan fished in a couple of smaller rivers up around Healesville over the weekend with his girlfriend after a couple of trout. The pair fly fished the rivers using both nymphs and dries and caught a few average stream fish on both presentations.

A bit closer to home staff member Don took his twins down to a local dam after work for a flick with redfin in mind. His twin boys have been taught to cast and work a lure, and pretty much bring the fish in all by themselves. Don, being the expert at rigging plastics straight - made sure the lures were swimming correctly for them and off they went. Young Jackson was pretty happy with himself here posing with a chunky redfin.

Customer Adrian had another fish during the week down at Devilsbend Reservoir in search of some bigger redfin. Adrian found a small patch of surface activity around some snags on the bank and had a few casts with a shallow twitchbait, and pulled out some nice fat redfin. He caught a few in the same spot then continued walking to catch more in another area.


There is some decent trout fishing close enough to Melbourne for anglers not wanting to drive too far. Many urban lakes have been stocked with trout within the last few weeks, which is perfect timing for school holidays. A few good options are Karkarook Park in Moorabbin, along with Devilsbend Reservoir on the Mornington Peninsula. Both lakes have redfin and trout in them, but most anglers target the trout. Young customer Callen fished with his Dad down at Devilsbend just recently, where the guys threw all sorts of lures out. With fish frustratingly following all the way to the banks, Callen changed to one of his lures that he made himself. Within 2 casts Calen was on, and he ended up landing a nice rainbow of around 700g.

There are some streams within around the same distance from the suburbs that carry small numbers of wild trout for anglers to trick and trick on lure or fly. These streams are only small, and aren't so much suited to bait fishing - but can be fun on lure and fly. Staff member Dylan went out over the weekend for a quick session on some local rivers to try and entice a fish on the fly. With plenty of water pushing down the streams the fishing was fairly tough, but a few small rainbows were caught fishing small nymphs through the runs. Dylan found that black bead head nymphs were the most productive.

Customer Jordan also fished for trout on the fly on the weekend, with the Yarra River his intended destination. Jordan found the river running fairly well but not as discoloured as it's usual self. Jordan fished out above Warburton in search of a trout and in a short time he landed a few smaller fish and had a better size brown jump off. Jordan fished a small nymph under an indicator and found this got their attention. 


Some of the local stocked lakes have been producing the odd trout for anglers out braving the weather. With lots of wind and rain, the water has been stirred up quite a bit which has given the trout some easy food.

Customer Shaun has made the most of these opportunities and has caught a couple of fish up around the 8lb mark lately, with the micro bullet lures doing most of the damage.

The bullet lures are a small profiled sinking crankbait that are perfect 'snack' size for any trout...as this Devilsbend brown agrees!


If you like catching redfin, and good size redfin then Winter is the best time to get out there and give them a shot! The cooler months of the year tend to be better for the larger fish whether you chase them on lures or bait. Some good areas to chase them in the cooler months are lakes such as Eildon and Blue Rock, with the Western lakes like Fyans and Wartook also worth a shot to land a cracker.

If you're more local to Melbourne then fear not, as most wetland and drainage channels and urban lakes will have these stripey suckers in there too. If you're about trying to catch a larger fish, then don't be afraid to upsize your lure or bait as they have a large mouth. Lures as big as 90mm will catch the bigger fish and still hook a few of the smaller guys as well.

Customer Brendan was in the area on Wednesday and fancied getting stuck into a few reddies. He went and had a look out at Devilsbend Reservoir during the afternoon and soon got stuck into a few nice fish. Soft plastics like the Zman grubs did the trick on them, with the last bit of daylight being prime time.