A good fish to help tune your lure or even bait fishing abilities up while being close to home are redfin. The good thing about the 'reddies' is they're just about found in any wetland or lake around the suburbs of Melbourne, and at the moment most of the lakes are firing. The slight warmer weather has the reddies going nuts, whether you're fishing Rowville Lakes or Devilbend Reservoir. Lure choices will vary on the water you're fishing, like this slim hardbodied minnow for amongst the shallow weed through to deep sinking plastics and vibes.

James Rogers has been fishing with his son around some of his local lakes, and has found that the reddies have been taking a liking to small vibe styles lures. This Yakamito Lancet is a very good juvenile redfin imitation and most of the larger school redfin are cannibalistic so they will happily eat their own. James said small hops of this lure while close to the lake bottom got the bite just about every cast.


Many of the local stocked lakes have been producing trout over the past few weeks with Karkarook, Pakenham, Emerald and Rowville all worth a shot. Fishing coarse methods (maggots and berley in short) has been the most effective way to catch one of these yearling rainbows. If you do want to learn more about ways in which you can make the most of these fisheries then pop into the store, like customer Joszef did. Joszef picked up a few coarse fishing essentials and took off, and came back to the shop about an hour later - he had already landed a couple of nice rainbows and a crucian carp from Emerald lake. 


Customer Jordan has also been making the most of the feisty urban lake rainbows recently. Being a 'trout-nut' and not having any rivers to fish, Jordan has been catching the rainbows on fly to keep his casting arm nice and loose. Jordan has found that small damsel or dragonfly nymph patterns have been the most effective lately. These fish will also take small lures such as bullet minnows or micro soft plastics for the spin fisherman.


Melbourne's local freshwater fishing has been good over the past month, as we've finally gotten some rain! Many of the creeks have been running low, and the water storage dams have also been down on capacity. We have however started t o get some of our winter rain which has breathed a bit of life back into the system, and in the annual timeline of a trout - prompted them to start their spawn run. Many of the larger rivers around the region have seen congregations of fish pushing their way up to their spawning grounds. While these fish at times can be annoyingly frustrating to try and catch, they will swat a precisely placed lure on their way up river.

Many of the trout rivers within 2 hours drive from the CBD have been producing fish of late as well. The Goulburn river has been running at a low environmental level which if anything has concentrated the fish a bit more. Rainbows to around 800g have been the norm for bait, lure and fly anglers lately. The smaller streams such as Rubicon, Acheron and also the Yarra have been producing fish for all methods too. Straight after a solid downpour a small bunch of scrubbies or troutworms drifted down river is a pretty good way to go. For the lure angler, hardbodies in the 60mm size range are perfect, with high flash golds and aggressive colour schemes working well. Just a reminder that the 2016 trout season closes at midnight on Monday 13th June, up until midnight Friday 2nd September. Trout can still be taken in designated 'sea run' streams and lakes, with all details being found through the following link:



With the school holidays coming up next week, DEPI Victoria have stocked a number of local suburban lakes with yearling rainbow trout so that kids of all ages can access some decent fun fishing that is close to home. For a complete list of lakes that have been stocked please follow the link below.


While these trout may be small and feisty and can be caught lure, fly and bait-fishing; they aren't complete knockovers, especially if you are using the wrong gear or methods. The single most effective method for catching these fish is 'simplified coarse fishing'. The use of specific berley mixtures, rigs and baits will just about ensure success at any location. If you're unsure about any of the methods used we can show you in store as without proper explanation it can sound confusing. 

Staff member George and his mate Pero used this 'simplified' method of coarse fishing down at Karkarook Park Lake just recently to land their 10 trout in a short time. George said that the fish would bite very timidly and any resistance against them would force them to drop the bait and move off. In this scenario very light tipped 'feeder' style rods and the most effective tool for hooking these type of subtle biting fish. 

Staff member Don also took his young twins down to Karkarook Park Lake for a bit of fun on the trout this week, and using the same light line method of fishing the twins were unstoppable. Even a 2lb carp came along and took one of the baits, which became soup for one of Don's European friends.

In a suburban wetland not too far away, fishing nut Jordan has been honing his skills and tactics on some redfin while the weather has been average. Jordan has been using a variety of methods including weedless soft plastic rigs to entice the reddies from out of the reeds and grass. The good thing about this form of fishing is that virtually every wetland or suburban lake around Melbourne will have these fish in them. A good way to practice your skills close to home  



Even though trout streams are off-limits until September, the local family fishing lakes around Melbourne have been worth fishing if you need a trout fix. Karkarook, Emerald, Casey Fields and Rowville have all been fishing well lately with some recently stocked rainbow trout on the hit list. There has definitely been a proper technique to catching these fish consistently with anglers just 'taking a punt' most often going home fishless. Preparation of trout-specific berley and the correct rigging technique, along with a bit of patience will see you tackling with some feisty little rainbows. 

Staff member Don took his twin boys down to a couple of the family lakes recently and had no trouble catching a heap of trout using the proper methods. He did notice a few anglers struggling with incorrect presentation or bait but after a good explanation in the store these anglers were out catching the week after.

Customers George and Kristina fished Emerald lake during the school holidays where they caught some trout. Using a light paternoster rig and Gulp trout nuggets they caught 5 rainbows in a couple of hours.

Close by some of the local wetlands and suburban lakes have been keeping people busy with catches of redfin. Customers Kozi and Yuta have been casting lures in some of the local dams and wetlands for redfin up to about 400g. Yuta made up his own lure using a vodka cruiser bottletop and it tricked a couple of fish, but now has to live down the fact that everyone knows he drinks cruisers...



There has still been some good freshwater fishing despite the hot weather around Melbourne, with some of the cooler trout streams and lakes producing along with local urban lakes. Customer Peter took his daughter Kristina down to Emerald Lake to fish for the rainbow trout and she was rapt in catching one of her own. The nice rainbow took a Powerbait nugget in Rainbow colour fished on the bottom. Staff member Kozi has been fishing some of the locally stocked lakes for redfin recently, and while most of the fish have been fairly small there has been no shortage of them to catch. Kozi has found Karkarook to be one of the better ones recently, with soft plastics working well. 2.5 inch Zman grubs in the bloodworm colour have caught most of his fish when fished on a 1/20th jighead.


Up around Eildon the Goulburn River has been fishing ok for trout but water levels are fairly high and the are well spread out. Jason from bullet lures has been catching a few nice browns in the river up around Alexandra on the redfin coloured bullet lure. Customer Daniel spent a few days on Lake Eildon in search of yellowbelly, but with lots of boat activity that plan was soon out the window. A backup plan of his was to search for feeding carp and present flies to them. Around some of the calmer bays and points the carp were active enough to cast wets like wooly buggers and matukas in front of them with good success. Using a #7 outfit to combat the wind, carp to around 6kg were caught and dispatched.


The local options for freshwater fisherman are good at the moment, with pretty much most species worth targeting around Melbourne. Water conditions for high stream trout are good, and most suburban lakes and dams are fishing well for redfin. Now is one of the better times of the year fishing-wise, with lots of options on the cards. Customers Rene and Andrew fished over at Highland Lakes recently to have a crack at some nice trout on the fly gear. The guys had a good day, landing some nice rainbows up to around 4lb using a few various mayfly patterns, with a small dark coloured emerger being the most effective.

Staff member Kozi went to check out Karkarook Park during the week in search of a few reddies using plastics and hardbodies. Kozi had a walk around and caught a few smaller fish on a mixture of lures, with the most productive being a small 2.5'' single tail grub in motor oil colour. Seeing the fishing was a bit slow, Kozi also decided he would brush up on his selfie taking skills while by the lake as well. 

Customer Morgan decided he needed to get out and have a look at the Yarra during the week, with his fly rod in tow of course. Morgan was greeted by a gently moving river with ideal flow and clarity, so he jumped in and started stalking the pools. Morgan waited and watched until a few trout showed themselves, sipping insects from the surface. After a few fly changes, Morgan presented one of his hand tied offerings into the pool and saw the fish sip his fly off the surface. Morgan was stoked to say the least, catching fussy trout on flies that he tied up.

Staff member Dylan went for a fish on the weekend in the rivers up around Eildon. Dylan had a look at the Goulburn, but at 10,500ML/day the river is very tough to fish for the average angler. The smaller streams in the area are running slightly high but at a fishable level for spin and fly anglers. Dylan had a walk around some of the smaller streams in the afternoon armed with the fly rod and managed to land a few small rainbows by fishing small pheasant tail nymph patterns, and the odd nice brown later on in the afternoon on dries like royal wulffs. 


For anglers wanting to catch a few trout locally there have been some good options. With school holidays coming up, most of the 'family fishing lakes' have been topped up with rainbow trout. Lakes like Casey Fields, Karkarook Park and Caulfield Lake are fairly close to the suburbs and an easy drive for families to go and enjoy the sun. Staff member George has been fishing some of the local stocked lakes recently, and has found that the fish are biting well. George has caught plenty of rainbow trout on specialist rigs in these lakes, with bait and berley selection being crucial. Powerbait has been super effective when fished on small trebles on the lake floor, in conjunction with a berley mixture. Fine grit berley and trout specialist pellets have been excellent in keeping the fish around the bait, especially when thrown out and also mixed into feeder cages. 

For a short drive out of the suburbs, most of the local rivers and creeks have been producing small trout for lure and fly anglers. Customer Jordan has been hunting around in some fairly local streams in search of trout on the fly and few fish have been about. Jordan has found some nicely marked brown trout in deeper runs and pools of the rivers, with small dark coloured nymphs getting the results. 


For anglers fishing locally, some of the waterways in the area have been producing trout and redfin. Rowville Lakes, Karkarook Park and Lilydale Lake have all been ok for anglers using the right methods. 

Customer Jordan has been catching some cracker redfin in some of the local waterways on a mixture of methods; including lure and fly. Jordan has found smelt imitation flies to be successful on the redfin, along with Bullet lures in the 'mozzy minnow' colour. Some of Jordan's larger fish have been in the mid 40cm size range.

Up the road at Eildon, customer Darren has been trying his luck on the pondage. Darren has found that powerbait has been the most successful, with the 'rainbow' colour in particular. Darren has found success in fishing the powerbait on a fine gauge size 18 treble hook and running sinker rig - where the bait tends to suspend just off the bottom where the fish can see it. Using this method Darren has caught trout to around 1.5kg over the last week. 



With a few cooler days still mixed most of the local stocked lakes haven't been too bad for catching a few trout. Customer George has been fishing some of the local stocked trout lakes lately for a bit of fun on the fly and spin gear. George has been catching some larger than average rainbow trout using a few different variations of the Wooly Bugger flies, and also on small shallow hardbodies in the 50 - 70mm size.

Customer Monica has also seen some success at local lakes such as Karkarook Park by using Rainbow coloured Berkley Powerbait fished on a small ultralight treble. This rig type is deadly on stocked trout when used in conjunction with zealcol Trout Pellets.

At Rowville Lakes customer Trevor reports that the roach were going mad last week, with 31 caught between him and his son on a mixture of corn and maggot baits set under a float. The same rig also saw a massive 31lb carp caught by his mate too.