Most of the Gippsland estuaries have started slowing down over the past month or so as the water starts to cool down. Bream, flathead and most other species are still being caught but not in the numbers compared to the warmer months of the year. This time of year however can be good for quality size bream, with some of the larger fish feeding up before the winter pre-spawn.

Staff member Dylan has been paddling around some of the eastern estuaries recently, where some nice flathead and bream have been caught. Most of the larger flathead have been sitting on the flats late in the afternoons with some sun to warm the water, while a lot of bream have been caught fishing shallow drop offs and ledges with small hardbodies.

Customer Brett fished out in the Gippsland lakes recently in search of some bream, with a few nice school fish around and eating the lures. Most of the fish were hovering either side of 30cm, and were hitting small hardbodies like Daiwa Double Clutch 60's with gusto. Slightly warmer water temperatures have had these fish feeding right up along bankside structure still.


The Eastern estuaries of Gippsland have been fishing well for bread and butter species such as bream and flathead. The estuary of Mallacoota has been a bit inconsistent as a whole, but still big enough for most anglers to find some quality fish. Customer Ryan fished Mallacoota in his kayak recently and had some fun with some nice model black and yellowfin bream caught on lures. During overcast and rainy weather conditions Ryan found the bream to be more inclined to hit the lures when compared to bright sunny weather. 

Amongst the bream there have also been some quality dusky flathead caught as well. Customer John fished the Gypsy Point area and caught flathead to 68cm like this ripper. John used a reasonable piece of tailor fillet to catch and release this nice fish. The Gypsy Point section of the estuary has also been producing some nice size bream for anglers using baits like sandworm and prawn around the deeper water.



While a lot of people don't seem to think there's much happening on the fishing front over the winter months - it can be the best time of the year to target fish like bream. There an still be some very tough days when chasing them, and a bit of ground work to locate the fish - but once they are found they are generally found in good numbers. Most often than not the fish are located in the deeper sections of the waterway during the colder months, so that is a good place to start looking. Customers Thao and Nick fished around the estuary of Mallacoota during the week with a few mates with bream being the main target. 

Both of the boys caught some nice fish to just over the 40cm mark using various different lures. Most of the bream were found in small schools and responded to lures being fished deep and slow. The most productive styles of lures were plastic and metal vibes along with Cranka crabs.

Thao and Nick also kept a feed of flatties in the 45cm size range while out targeting the bream. Dusky flathead this size are a very common by-catch while targeting bream in the eastern estuaries, and are perfect size for a couple of fillets.



A lot of the estuaries out in Gippsland have been fishing well for species like bream and flathead, and they should continue throughout winter. Recently the eastern section of the state has received a fair bit of rainfall, and most of the smaller systems are in semi-flood mode, with dirty water. These systems will still fish well, as the fish will concentrate themselves towards saltier water. Finding these pockets can be time consuming and frustrating but worth it in the end.

Customers Dave and Marcos fished the estuary system of Mallacoota over the weekend in search of a few bream on lures. The boys were confronted by slightly discoloured, cold water but that didn't stop them catching fish. The hot technique for the trip was to fish vibes along the contour lines and drop offs, and in doing so they landed some nice black bream to 41cm, and yellowfin bream to 37cm. 



With some warm weather forecast the Summer species should be fairly active over the weekend, especially fish like yellowtail kingfish. Customer Simon fished down at Mallacoota recently where he got into a few kingies offshore. Simon found that most of the fish he caught were located in 15 to 30m of water hard against baitballs. Simon found the most productive method was to locate the school and feed a livebait or jig down and hook up then drop another jig down once the hooked fish was nearing the surface. This tactic resulted in multiple hookups on these fish. If you are planning on targeting the kingies locally over the weekend, make sure you drop by and stock up on an assortment of jigs. Shimano's Butterfly Flat-falls are an excellent option for local fish as the are compact in size and drop fast in deep or fast moving water, while maintaining an enticing slide and flutter as they fall.

Down in South Gippsland customer Shannon fished from the shore in around Port Albert targeting flatties. She fished from Rutter's jetty with her outfit that was purchased from the shore only a week earlier. Using a small size 1 circle hook baited with squid, she managed to land this lovely flathead of 54cm. She also made sure to mention that this fish was 10cm bigger than her Dad's biggest flattie.

Also in the same area, customer Anthony chased a few flathead in the estuary. Anthony found some nice water for chasing flathead and he anchored up and started using bluebait. Anthony managed to get a nice bag of flatties from the area and all on the bluebait, with most of the fish coming on the run out tide.



Customer Stuart has been holidaying down at Mallacoota in Eastern Gippsland where he has been having some fun chasing the bream and other estuary species around. Stuart has been catching plenty of good fish on both hard and soft baits. A lot of the bream have been coming from secondary drop offs in the system, with small metal vibes accounting for a lot of fish, with UV green colours being the real killer. Stu has been using scent on all of his lures, to give the fish extra time to eat the lure before striking.

Customer Chez fished offshore from Bermagui with some mates over the Christmas period with marlin the target. The boys managed 2 fish, 80kg and 85kg. Both fish were caught on small skirts in slimey mackerel and small tuna colour combinations. 


The Gippsland estuaries and rivers are starting to really fish well for bream. The Gippsland lakes around Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance has been fishing well for bream, mullet and luderick for both bank and boat based anglers. Baits of prawn, chicken gut and worm have been the best for all three species. Further East, Mallacoota has been fishing well for the bream and some large flathead are starting to move around as well. 

Customer Paul fished Mallacoota for a weekend just recently in search of a few big bream, and there were some nice fish caught. Paul and mates fished both top and bottom lakes, along with the upper reaches of the river to really see if they could track down a few fish. Most of the fish were caught along the lake margins and edges, using various lures including suspending hardbodies, vibes and also plastics. As you can see by the picture of all the lures that were used - there's no such thing as too many lures!


The Gippsland lakes area and eastern Gippsland has been fishing well for both bream and flathead recently, with most systems producing some nice fish. Customer Barry had a trip down to eastern Gippsland in search of a few bream recently. Barry fished around Bemm River in the boat for the bream, where he ended up catching some nice fish. Barry found that small shrimp and yabbies were the best baits when fished on a small shiner style hook and running rig. Barry also said that fine grit berley was a key ingredient in keeping the fish around. 

Jason from Bullet Lures has spent a bit of time down in Gippsland around Mallacoota using his lures for estuary fish like bream and flathead. Jason found that the Bullet Minnow was super effective this time around on both species, both in the boat and from the shore. Most of the colours worked well, with the flathead preferring brighter profiles while the bream seemed to like the more natural minnow patterns. Jsaon even found that his lures worked when fished off the jetties at night.


The estuaries out in Gippsland are starting to warm up with fish activity as the weather starts to get better.

Customer Jake fished out at Mallacoota for a dusky flathead catch and release competition recently where he landed fish like this 70cm+ fish. Jake found that slowly working large paddle tailed soft plastics like Nories spoontail shads over the shallows got the attention of some of the better fish.

The bream fishing has still been a bit patchy; with more rain than usual for this time of year affecting the salinity of many of the rivers. Most of the bream have remained schooled up due to this, with the odd fish getting caught along the edges during a spell of warm weather. Hopefully in a few weeks time the fishing should become a little bit more consistent.


The estuaries of Marlo and Mallacoota are producing some awesome bream fishing at the moment. The fishing has been good for both bait and lure fisherman but it is mainly the lure anglers who are getting the results. Most of the bream in these estuaries are fairly concentrated in preparation for their spawning movements, and they can take a little bit to find. When a decent school is found however they can be in their thousands!

Customer Paul fished the estuary systems of Mallacoota and Marlo over the last week where he has caught some solid bream along with the odd flathead. Paul has found most of the fish are found in the deeper sections of the estuaries and they are responding well to small soft plastics along with plastic and metal vibes.