The Rough weather that we have received the past fortnight or so has kept most anglers off most waterways, but the keen few have been making the most of the small windows amongst the weather to target a feed of whiting. Both bays have still produced fish with fairly good consistency even though the water temperature has dropped significantly. Whiting like this 47cm model caught by young Zander have still been coming over the sides in both bays, with Westernport the king when it comes to KGW.

In Westernport the weather can be danced around easier if winds and tides are checked prior to fishing, with small breaks in the rain and window providing plenty of action for customer Michael. Michael fished out from Hastings and managed a nice bag of solid whiting fishing inside the Eastern channel and using a mixture of pipi and squid. the outgoing tide was the best time for him.

Customer Jamie has still been doing well on the whiting in WPB also, with smaller patches of fish coming on the bite but nothing to complain about considering the weather. Jamie has been fishing the reefy ground near Reef Island in 5m of water. This area can be frustrating for toadfish and leatherjacket, so small frequent moves to stay on top of the whiting is crucial to keep away from the bycatch. 

Over in Port Phillip the whiting continue to provide action, especially for those fishing the Queenscliff to St Leonards area. This area provides consistent whiting fishing for a fair bit of the year, with plenty of school fish in the area. Customer Josh fished with a few mates in a small weather window in the Queenscliff area and did well. The boys fished between 3-4m of water and found cocktail baits of pipi and squid were the most effective. 


The whiting fishing continues to kick on well into Autumn. Both bays are fishing well for KGW, with a growing number of year-round whiting aficionados following the fish about throughout the seasons. At present the fish are still fairly well spread out in both bays and biting actively. The recent dumping of rain that Melbourne has seen will shift the fish again, with increased freshwater filtering out of creeks and drains. 

The southern end of Port Phillip remains consistent, with Queenscliff and St Leonards being the real hot spots. Customers Josh and Michael fished out from Queenscliff and managed a nice bag of fish. The boys found pipi the hot bait, and 6 - 7m of water amongst the small sand gutters adjacent to reef and weed towards Lonsdale bight.

Across in Westernport the whiting are providing quality fishing for anglers. The region around the middle spit has been an excellent spot to work through, from 2m of water through to around 8m deep. Fishing the small run off gutters and scattered weed with pipi and squid scored a bag of school fish for customer Jamie. 

Also fishing around the middle spit, customers Izzy and John have been working hard on the whiting. While the bites have gotten a touch tougher, they are still catching some bags of nice fish. Fishing fresh squid and pipi and moving deeper as the tides slow has been helping add a few more quality fish to the bag. 





Western Port's run of whiting reports continue in and show no real presence of slowing as we enter Autumn. While the water temperature creeps lower the fish continue to bite as well as ever, with the only real Autumn indicator being the odd angler chasing the fish slightly further south in the port. Speaking of the southern end of the port, and of quality KGW - customer Mark boated a ripper whiting that knocked the genuine kilo mark easily. Mark's 53cm fish weighed 1.1kg and was caught down along the Balnarring/Somers region. That sort of fish is worth money this weekend!

Back up the top of the port customer Chris has been smashing the whiting with his mates. Chris has been fishing out from Warneet and doing well on fish to 46cm on pipi and squid. Chris has also been landing some quality pinkies while chasing the whiting, which we should see more of over the next couple of months.

Up the top end of the port there have been some large fish landed by anglers amongst the school sized whiting. Customer Colin fished out from Blind Bight recently and landed a nice bag of fish with the largest weighed 825g - which will yield some ripper fillets! Colin has been finding the deeper marks around Joe's Island more productive for him with half his bag comprising quality fish like this at times. Californian squid and pipi have been the best baits for him. 

Customers Mark and Cip have also been doing well on the whiting around the Joe's Island region. The boys have been fishing the shallower ground during bigger tides and moving to the deeper patches of cunjie as the tides slow and finding some better fish that way. Mussel and pipi along with fresh squid has been the best baits for the guys. 


The whiting reports from both Westernport and Port Phillip have continued to be excellent. While the height of Summer can provide numbers of smaller fish, there have still been some excellent fish caught if you can weed through the smaller school fish. Customer Trent has been fishing a bit deeper for whiting in Western port during his last few sessions and has been racking up bags of very solid fish out from Newhaven. Larger strips of squid fished as hang baits in the current have been the best baits to filter away all but the bigger fish.

Customer Dale took his young fella out and had some fun on the whiting recently. The boys have done best when fishing around the middle spit in 8m during the start of the start of the run in tide. Pipi and squid have been the best with more numbers going to pipi. 

Customers Mark and Cip have been doing well on the whiting fishing out from Warneet. The guys have been catching good numbers of school fish from 32 to 41cm during the rougher conditions when there haven't been many others out. These conditions while less pleasant have had the fish biting much harder and good quantities of fish have been coming over the side in a short amount of time. Pipi and mussel have been the best two baits when fished on 'dropshot' style hooks. 

Customer Domenic has been doing well on the whiting fishing out from Tootgarook. Domenic has been fishing some of the shallow weed beds and has found smaller patches of nice size fish. Pipi has been the most effective bait for him when in the shallower water. 

Customer Ryan has also been catching some nice bags of fish out from the southern peninsula. Ryan has been fishing in close around Dromana and Safety Beach in 6m of water. Fishing the same area he has found squid and flathead, with small tenderised strips of squid being his favoured bait, especially once pre-cut and soaked in aniseed oil.  


While there have only been small breaks in the weather the past week, there have been some anglers able to get amongst some nice pelagics down along the west coast. Portland bay has been holding good numbers of school bluefin and kingfish from water as shallow as 10m. These fish have been fairly finicky but there are always patches of feeding fish to catch. 

Customers Benny and Damien stayed down at Portland for a few days and had some relaxed fishing, with kings and tuna on the list. While the kingfish were either playing fussy or slamming lures in super shallow water and breaking them off, the tuna were a bit more cooperative. Some patches of fish weren't interested while others would belt the teaser lines and any lure in the spread. Amongst that, the most productive lures were small 4 inch skirts run behind floppy floppy teasers. 

When the weather turns a bit average or chasing flighty tuna and kings about gets old, there are plenty of other options in close to Portland harbour. During a recent trip there customer Mick nailed some thumper whiting like this solid fish. Fishing in close to the harbour and along the scattered North shore reef can see some supersized whiting caught, with fish pushing 50cm not uncommon. Strips of squid are one of the gun baits here too, and while fishing these whiting grounds there are excellent chances that kingfish and even tuna could turn up.


The usual targets have been on offer in Westernport over the past week and fishing well whether it's pier or boat based. Squid, whiting and gummies have been worth the effort, with good sized models in all species available. For the land based angler Flinders pier has been producing some excellent squid if you persist and change jig sink rates and colours. 

Customer Angelo has been doing well on the squid down at Flinders pier over the past few weeks. Angelo has been using a mixture of baited jigs and cast artificial jigs and has found the artificial jigs working better. Size 3.5 have been the best here, with slow sink rates also optimum. UV white, purple and green have all been excellent for mixed conditions. 

Customer Dan has also been getting amongst the squid action, with some quality models caught. Fishing shallow grass beds no deeper than 3m Dan has been catching some good calamari. Smaller jigs in the 2.5-3.0 sizes have been the best, with bright colours like fluro greens and oranges along with white the best at getting the attention of the squid. 

The whiting fishing in the bay still continues to provide plenty of fish for most, with excellent size fish still about. While there have been heaps of small school fish about, the overall quality of fish at present is excellent. Customer Jade fished with some mates north of Hastings during the night and found some excellent whiting feeding hard in the shallower water. The shallows can be an excellent are to look after dark, especially for the larger fish. 

Customer Chris also got out from Hastings recently and bagged a few solid fish near the spit. Chris found that boxed californian squid was the most effective when cut in small slender strips and fished as a hang bait. When fishing these small hang baits ensure that your hook choice is one that won't spin when in strong current. 

For those fishing a bit closer to the Western entrance the gummy fishing has been very good. Fresh baits and finding some good ground have been the two main ingredients. Whether you're offshore or inside the bay, knowing that you're fishing along the correct ground is a critical step. Finding small patches of reef offshore will normally find you a gummy, while the same structure or a channel ledge inside the bay will provide you with the right habitat to fish. Youngster Mike fished with his dad through the entrance over the weekend and landed a nice table sized gummy off a small channel drop. Mike used a fresh hang bait on an oversized circle hook to secure the gummy. 





The whiting fishing has been excellent for virtually all anglers out chasing them in the Port lately. As cliche as it may sound, the whiting have been going well all over the port. If you're fishing for them on some of the isolated grass beds near Corinella they have been fishing well, or if you'd normally chase them from Tortoise head back up to the top of the middle spit they've been firing along here also. Customer Izzy got out on them last week and managed a bag of solid fish out from Hastings. Cocktail baits of pipi and squid were effective when fished on short dropper paternoster rigs. 

Customer Bill fished the top end of the port just recently and although conditions were less than pleasant the fish were will willing the bite. Bill missed the best stage of the tide but still managed a few nice fish in the sloppy conditions. The standout bait for Bill was cubed pieces of yakka of all things. 

Young gun Mike has been doing well up the top end of the port on the whiting. Mike has been chasing them with his dad and during his most recent trip they managed a nice bag of fish in a small sand hole not far from Warneet pier. Fishing the channel here can be good when the rough weather sets in, and for their efforts they managed a few nice flathead as well. Mussel and pipi were the best baits. 








The local land based fishing around the bays has been good considering the nice weather we've had of late. Wether you'd enjoy a feed of flathead, garfish, whiting or squid they are all readily available. One of the more popular species on offer at present are the tasty garfish - which have been active at most of the piers around Port Phillip. Some of the hot spots worth a look have been Mordialloc, Black Rock, Seaford, Frankston and down the peninsula at Dromana and Mornington. Baits of chopped silverfish, banana prawn and maggots have all been good. Getting your float setup correctly ballasted and having a steady trail of fine berley are also some of the finer points to successful gar fishing. 

Staff member Don fished Frankston pier during the week and bagged a nice feed of gars. Tiny pieces of banana prawn fished on narrow gape fly hooks were the most effective when lightly weighted around the edge of the berley trail. 

The northern end of the bay has been fishing well for good table sized flathead and whiting. The shallows have been producing sand flathead to 50cm around any rockfall, gutter or reef ledge. Fishing soft plastics has been the most effective way to snag a flathead, but ensure that you're using a plastic that gives off natural vibration to help the fish hone in on the lure. St Kilda through to Mentone has been the are to try. 

The same areas of the bay down to around Olivers Hill have been producing whiting after dark. Customer Jordan has landed some nice flathead and whiting over the last week around Brighton. The flathead have been caught on 3 inch mullet patterned plastics and the whiting have been liking banana prawn and pipi. Customer Serge also got a nice bag of whiting from the shore around Sandringham on a mixture of squid, banana prawn and pipi. 

The same inshore reef and sand patches have been producing some nice squid after dark. Staff member Dylan fished from the shore from Brighton through to Black Rock last week and landed squid every session, with the quickest 10 squid bag taking about 40 minutes. Size 2.5 jigs are the most consistent in this area, with virtually every colour tried eventually producing a squid or two. 

Down along the bottom of the peninsula over in Westernport, customer Angelo has been catching squid and grass whiting like they're going out of fashion. Angelo has been fishing Flinders pier and has found the squid around 25cm hood length on average. Size 3.5 jigs in natural grass whiting patterns along with blacks and UV whites have been the best for him. The grass whiting have also been active around the pier pylons and grass beds and have been taking a liking to small paternoster rigs baited with either trout worms or small pieces of banana prawn.  


The whiting fishing in Westernport continues to roll on with good numbers of school fish coming in and some larger fish around also. Large numbers of the fish have been in the 34 - 38cm size range, but searching a bit deeper has given anglers a few more here and there above 40cm. Fisherman Mike landed a lovely fish of 45cm during his last fish on the port with his dad.

Mike and his dad fished out from Hastings  They guys found that the single most effective setup were the 'Reedy's Rigs' 'Tinganoster' style rigs in bass yabby and bloodworm patterns. Small pieces of squid and pipis tipped on the hooks were deadly with a nice feed of fish coming home. Customer Jamie has also been doing well on the whiting out from Stony Point with bags of fish to just over 40cm coming from the bank edges and also around the spit during the run out tide. Pipi, mussel and squid have been the best for him.

Customer Chris from the Victoria Police Angling Club has been catching some nice whiting out from Hastings, with deeper water providing the results. Chris has been finding the fish in water 15m or so and has found pipi and squid strips best in the deeper currents. Fishing stiff leader 'snatcher' style rigs has also kept line twist and tangled rigs to a minimum and helped him secure his bag of fish.


Although the weather currently in Melbourne isn't very inspirational - the forecast is looking like some excellent weather over the coming weekend. With the recent rain the bays will be a dirty but the fish like whiting should be firing. Influxes of freshwater really stir the critters up that the whiting prey on, and they should be ready to go by the weekend. Westernport's KGW have been fishing well in all areas, with the main hot zones between Tyabb and Stony Point - be it around the middle spit or on the banks. Young gun Fisherman Mike got out and on them recently with his Dad. The guys launched at Hastings and fished the banks both north and south and landed some. Mike and his Dad are only new to Westernport's whiting fishing and took on some tips and tricks and landed a few nice fish on pipi and squid.

Fishing nearby water customer Izzy and Brett from 'Reedy's Rigs' had a good session, with a KGW bagout in only a few hours. Fishing the ultra shallow water before first light with a bit of surface chop the fish were biting hard and they were done and dusted not long after sunrise. The use of a GPS and sounder to pinpoint small sand patches and drops amongst the weed enabled locating the correct ground and fish was much easier. Fishing bass yabbies on the Reedy's 'Tinganoster' rigs was deadly - with wide gap hooks ensuring the fish stayed hooked. If you're wondering what a 'Tinganoster' rig looks like - we have these and the deadly 'Ultra' rigs in store.